How to use generateBootstrap method of generators Package

Best Ginkgo code snippet using generators.generateBootstrap


Source:bootstrap_command.go Github


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...37{{bold}}ginkgo bootstrap{{/}} generates this boilerplate for you in a file named X_suite_test.go where X is the name of the package under test.`,38		DocLink: "generators",39		Flags:   flags,40		Command: func(_ []string, _ []string) {41			generateBootstrap(conf)42		},43	}44}45type bootstrapData struct {46	Package       string47	FormattedName string48	GinkgoImport  string49	GomegaImport  string50	GinkgoPackage string51	GomegaPackage string52}53func generateBootstrap(conf GeneratorsConfig) {54	packageName, bootstrapFilePrefix, formattedName := getPackageAndFormattedName()55	data := bootstrapData{56		Package:       determinePackageName(packageName, conf.Internal),57		FormattedName: formattedName,58		GinkgoImport:  `. ""`,59		GomegaImport:  `. ""`,60		GinkgoPackage: "",61		GomegaPackage: "",62	}63	if conf.NoDot {64		data.GinkgoImport = `""`65		data.GomegaImport = `""`66		data.GinkgoPackage = `ginkgo.`67		data.GomegaPackage = `gomega.`...

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Source:generate.go Github


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...16	""17)18var (19	overwrite         bool20	generateBootstrap bool21	generateSchema    bool22	generateCrud      bool23	generateAdmin     bool24	generateData      bool25	generateAuth      bool26	generateUtils     bool27	generateVuetify   bool28	generateSeeder    bool29	verbose           bool30)31var generateCmd = &cobra.Command{32	Use:     "generate",33	Aliases: []string{"init"},34	Run: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) {35		out := output.New(verbose)36		r, err := util.LoadRecipe("gocipe.json")37		if err != nil {38			log.Fatalln("[loadRecipe]", err)39		}40		application.Generate(out, r, overwrite)41		if generateBootstrap {42			bootstrap.Generate(out, r)43		}44		if generateData {45			data.Generate(out, r)46		}47		if generateSchema {48			schema.Generate(out, r)49		}50		if generateSeeder {51			seeder.Generate(r)52		}53		if generateCrud {54			crud.Generate(out, r)55		}...

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