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...75 return nil, "", errors.New("negative type is set, but phase isn't")76 }77 return &meta, str, nil78}79func runTC39Test(base, name, src string, meta *tc39Meta, t testing.TB, ctx *tc39TestCtx) {80 vm := New()81 err, early := runTC39Script(base, name, src, meta.Includes, ctx, vm)82 if err != nil {83 if meta.Negative.Type == "" {84 t.Fatalf("%s: %v", name, err)85 } else {86 if meta.Negative.Phase == "early" && !early || meta.Negative.Phase == "runtime" && early {87 t.Fatalf("%s: error %v happened at the wrong phase (expected %s)", name, err, meta.Negative.Phase)88 }89 var errType string90 switch err := err.(type) {91 case *Exception:92 if o, ok := err.Value().(*Object); ok {93 if c := o.Get("constructor"); c != nil {94 if c, ok := c.(*Object); ok {95 errType = c.Get("name").String()96 } else {97 t.Fatalf("%s: error constructor is not an object (%v)", name, o)98 }99 } else {100 t.Fatalf("%s: error does not have a constructor (%v)", name, o)101 }102 } else {103 t.Fatalf("%s: error is not an object (%v)", name, err.Value())104 }105 case *CompilerSyntaxError:106 errType = "SyntaxError"107 case *CompilerReferenceError:108 errType = "ReferenceError"109 default:110 t.Fatalf("%s: error is not a JS error: %v", name, err)111 }112 if errType != meta.Negative.Type {113 vm.vm.prg.dumpCode(t.Logf)114 t.Fatalf("%s: unexpected error type (%s), expected (%s)", name, errType, meta.Negative.Type)115 }116 }117 } else {118 if meta.Negative.Type != "" {119 vm.vm.prg.dumpCode(t.Logf)120 t.Fatalf("%s: Expected error: %v", name, err)121 }122 }123}124func runTC39File(base, name string, t testing.TB, ctx *tc39TestCtx) {125 if skipList[name] {126 t.Logf("Skipped %s", name)127 return128 }129 p := path.Join(base, name)130 meta, src, err := parseTC39File(p)131 if err != nil {132 //t.Fatalf("Could not parse %s: %v", name, err)133 t.Errorf("Could not parse %s: %v", name, err)134 return135 }136 if meta.Es5id == "" {137 //t.Logf("%s: Not ES5, skipped", name)138 return139 }140 hasRaw := meta.hasFlag("raw")141 if hasRaw || !meta.hasFlag("onlyStrict") {142 //log.Printf("Running normal test: %s", name)143 //t.Logf("Running normal test: %s", name)144 runTC39Test(base, name, src, meta, t, ctx)145 }146 if !hasRaw && !meta.hasFlag("noStrict") {147 //log.Printf("Running strict test: %s", name)148 //t.Logf("Running strict test: %s", name)149 runTC39Test(base, name, "'use strict';\n"+src, meta, t, ctx)150 }151}152func (ctx *tc39TestCtx) runFile(base, name string, vm *Runtime) error {153 prg := ctx.prgCache[name]154 if prg == nil {155 fname := path.Join(base, name)156 f, err := os.Open(fname)157 if err != nil {158 return err159 }160 defer f.Close()161 b, err := ioutil.ReadAll(f)162 if err != nil {163 return err164 }165 str := string(b)166 prg, err = Compile(name, str, false)167 if err != nil {168 return err169 }170 ctx.prgCache[name] = prg171 }172 _, err := vm.RunProgram(prg)173 return err174}175func runTC39Script(base, name, src string, includes []string, ctx *tc39TestCtx, vm *Runtime) (err error, early bool) {176 early = true177 err = ctx.runFile(base, path.Join("harness", "assert.js"), vm)178 if err != nil {179 return180 }181 err = ctx.runFile(base, path.Join("harness", "sta.js"), vm)182 if err != nil {183 return184 }185 for _, include := range includes {186 err = ctx.runFile(base, path.Join("harness", include), vm)187 if err != nil {188 return189 }190 }191 var p *Program192 p, err = Compile(name, src, false)193 if err != nil {194 return195 }196 early = false197 _, err = vm.RunProgram(p)198 return199}200func runTC39Tests(base, name string, t *testing.T, ctx *tc39TestCtx) {201 files, err := ioutil.ReadDir(path.Join(base, name))202 if err != nil {203 t.Fatal(err)204 }205 for _, file := range files {206 if file.Name()[0] == '.' {207 continue208 }209 if file.IsDir() {210 runTC39Tests(base, path.Join(name, file.Name()), t, ctx)211 } else {212 if strings.HasSuffix(file.Name(), ".js") {213 runTC39File(base, path.Join(name, file.Name()), t, ctx)214 }215 }216 }217}218func TestTC39(t *testing.T) {219 if testing.Short() {220 t.Skip()221 }222 if _, err := os.Stat(tc39BASE); err != nil {223 t.Skipf("If you want to run tc39 tests, download them from and put into %s. The last working commit is 1ba3a7c4a93fc93b3d0d7e4146f59934a896837d. (%v)", tc39BASE, err)224 }225 ctx := &tc39TestCtx{226 prgCache: make(map[string]*Program),227 }228 //_ = "breakpoint"229 //runTC39File(tc39BASE, "test/language/types/number/8.5.1.js", t, ctx)230 //runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language", t, ctx)231 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/expressions", t, ctx)232 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/arguments-object", t, ctx)233 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/asi", t, ctx)234 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/directive-prologue", t, ctx)235 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/function-code", t, ctx)236 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/eval-code", t, ctx)237 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/global-code", t, ctx)238 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/identifier-resolution", t, ctx)239 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/identifiers", t, ctx)240 //runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/literals", t, ctx) // octal sequences in strict mode241 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/punctuators", t, ctx)242 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/reserved-words", t, ctx)243 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/source-text", t, ctx)244 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/statements", t, ctx)245 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/types", t, ctx)246 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/language/white-space", t, ctx)247 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/built-ins", t, ctx)248 runTC39Tests(tc39BASE, "test/annexB/built-ins/String/prototype/substr", t, ctx)249}...

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1import (2func main() {3 vm := otto.New()4 vm.Run(`5 tc39 = {6 runTC39Test: function (test) {7 console.log(test);8 }9 };10 value, err := vm.Get("tc39")11 if err != nil {12 panic(err)13 }14 tc39, err := value.Export()15 if err != nil {16 panic(err)17 }18 fmt.Println(tc39.(map[string]interface{})["runTC39Test"].(func

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