How to use textOrAltFromCallExpr method of outline Package

Best Ginkgo code snippet using outline.textOrAltFromCallExpr


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...124 n.Nodes = make([]*ginkgoNode, 0)125 switch identName {126 case "It", "Measure", "Specify":127 n.Spec = true128 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)129 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName130 case "Entry":131 n.Spec = true132 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)133 return &n, tablePackageName != nil && *tablePackageName == packageName134 case "FIt", "FMeasure", "FSpecify":135 n.Spec = true136 n.Focused = true137 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)138 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName139 case "FEntry":140 n.Spec = true141 n.Focused = true142 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)143 return &n, tablePackageName != nil && *tablePackageName == packageName144 case "PIt", "PMeasure", "PSpecify", "XIt", "XMeasure", "XSpecify":145 n.Spec = true146 n.Pending = true147 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)148 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName149 case "PEntry", "XEntry":150 n.Spec = true151 n.Pending = true152 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)153 return &n, tablePackageName != nil && *tablePackageName == packageName154 case "Context", "Describe", "When":155 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)156 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName157 case "DescribeTable":158 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)159 return &n, tablePackageName != nil && *tablePackageName == packageName160 case "FContext", "FDescribe", "FWhen":161 n.Focused = true162 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)163 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName164 case "FDescribeTable":165 n.Focused = true166 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)167 return &n, tablePackageName != nil && *tablePackageName == packageName168 case "PContext", "PDescribe", "PWhen", "XContext", "XDescribe", "XWhen":169 n.Pending = true170 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)171 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName172 case "PDescribeTable", "XDescribeTable":173 n.Pending = true174 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)175 return &n, tablePackageName != nil && *tablePackageName == packageName176 case "By":177 n.Text = textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce, undefinedTextAlt)178 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName179 case "AfterEach", "BeforeEach":180 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName181 case "JustAfterEach", "JustBeforeEach":182 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName183 case "AfterSuite", "BeforeSuite":184 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName185 case "SynchronizedAfterSuite", "SynchronizedBeforeSuite":186 return &n, ginkgoPackageName != nil && *ginkgoPackageName == packageName187 default:188 return nil, false189 }190}191// textOrAltFromCallExpr tries to derive the "text" of a Ginkgo spec or192// container. If it cannot derive it, it returns the alt text.193func textOrAltFromCallExpr(ce *ast.CallExpr, alt string) string {194 text, defined := textFromCallExpr(ce)195 if !defined {196 return alt197 }198 return text199}200// textFromCallExpr tries to derive the "text" of a Ginkgo spec or container. If201// it cannot derive it, it returns false.202func textFromCallExpr(ce *ast.CallExpr) (string, bool) {203 if len(ce.Args) < 1 {204 return "", false205 }206 text, ok := ce.Args[0].(*ast.BasicLit)207 if !ok {...

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