How to use BackpropagateUnfocus method of outline Package

Best Ginkgo code snippet using outline.BackpropagateUnfocus


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...61 }62 }63 })64}65// BackpropagateUnfocus propagates the Focused property through the subtree66// rooted at n. It applies the rule described in the Ginkgo docs:67// > Nested programmatically focused specs follow a simple rule: if a68// > leaf-node is marked focused, any of its ancestor nodes that are marked69// > focus will be unfocused.70func (n *ginkgoNode) BackpropagateUnfocus() {71 focusedSpecInSubtreeStack := []bool{}72 n.PostOrder(func(thisNode *ginkgoNode) {73 if thisNode.Spec {74 focusedSpecInSubtreeStack = append(focusedSpecInSubtreeStack, thisNode.Focused)75 return76 }77 focusedSpecInSubtree := false78 for range thisNode.Nodes {79 focusedSpecInSubtree = focusedSpecInSubtree || focusedSpecInSubtreeStack[len(focusedSpecInSubtreeStack)-1]80 focusedSpecInSubtreeStack = focusedSpecInSubtreeStack[0 : len(focusedSpecInSubtreeStack)-1]81 }82 focusedSpecInSubtreeStack = append(focusedSpecInSubtreeStack, focusedSpecInSubtree)83 if focusedSpecInSubtree {84 thisNode.Focused = false...

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...56 return &outline{[]*ginkgoNode{}}, nil57 }58 // Derive the final focused property for all nodes. This must be done59 // _before_ propagating the inherited focused property.60 root.BackpropagateUnfocus()61 // Now, propagate inherited properties, including focused and pending.62 root.PropagateInheritedProperties()63 return &outline{root.Nodes}, nil64}65type outline struct {66 Nodes []*ginkgoNode `json:"nodes"`67}68func (o *outline) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {69 return json.Marshal(o.Nodes)70}71// String returns a CSV-formatted outline. Spec or container are output in72// depth-first order.73func (o *outline) String() string {74 return o.StringIndent(0)...

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