How to use applyOptions method of com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.FuelManager class

Best Fuel code snippet using com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.FuelManager.applyOptions


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...64 /**65 * Make a request using [method] to [path] with [parameters]66 *67 * @see FuelManager.instance68 * @see FuelManager.applyOptions69 *70 * @param method [Method] the HTTP method to make the request with71 * @param path [String] the absolute url or relative to [FuelManager.instance] basePath72 * @param parameters [Parameters?] list of parameters73 *74 * @return [Request] the request75 */76 override fun request(method: Method, path: String, parameters: Parameters?): Request {77 val request = request(Encoding(78 httpMethod = method,79 urlString = path,80 baseUrlString = basePath,81 parameters = if (parameters == null) baseParams else baseParams + parameters82 ).request)83 return applyOptions(request)84 }85 /**86 * Make a request using [method] to [convertible]'s path with [parameters]87 *88 * @see FuelManager.instance89 * @see RequestFactory(Method, String, Parameters?)90 *91 * @param method [Method] the HTTP method to make the request with92 * @param convertible [PathStringConvertible]93 * @param parameters [Parameters?] list of parameters94 *95 * @return [Request] the request96 */97 override fun request(method: Method, convertible: PathStringConvertible, parameters: Parameters?): Request =98 request(method, convertible.path, parameters)99 /**100 * Make a request using from [convertible]101 *102 * @param convertible [RequestConvertible] the instance that can be turned into a [Request]103 * @return [Request] the request104 */105 override fun request(convertible: RequestConvertible): Request = applyOptions(convertible.request)106 /**107 * Create a [method] [Request] to [path] with [parameters], which can download to a file108 *109 * @param path [String] the absolute or relative to [FuelManager.instance]' base-path path110 * @param method [Method] the method to download with, defaults to [Method.GET]111 * @param parameters [Parameters] the optional parameters112 * @return [DownloadRequest] the request (extended for download)113 */114 override fun download(path: String, method: Method, parameters: Parameters?): DownloadRequest {115 val request = Encoding(116 httpMethod = method,117 urlString = path,118 baseUrlString = basePath,119 parameters = if (parameters == null) baseParams else baseParams + parameters120 ).request121 return applyOptions(request).download()122 }123 /**124 * Create a [method] [Request] to [path] with [parameters], which can upload blobs and Data Parts125 *126 * @param path [String] the absolute or relative to [FuelManager.instance]' base-path path127 * @param method [Method] the method to upload with, defaults to [Method.POST]128 * @param parameters [Parameters] the optional parameters129 * @return [UploadRequest] the request (extended for upload)130 */131 override fun upload(path: String, method: Method, parameters: Parameters?): UploadRequest {132 val request = Encoding(133 httpMethod = method,134 urlString = path,135 baseUrlString = basePath,136 parameters = if (parameters == null) baseParams else baseParams + parameters137 ).request138 return applyOptions(request).upload()139 }140 fun addRequestInterceptor(interceptor: FoldableRequestInterceptor): FuelManager {141 requestInterceptors += interceptor142 return this143 }144 fun addResponseInterceptor(interceptor: FoldableResponseInterceptor): FuelManager {145 responseInterceptors += interceptor146 return this147 }148 fun removeRequestInterceptor(interceptor: FoldableRequestInterceptor): FuelManager {149 requestInterceptors -= interceptor150 return this151 }152 fun removeResponseInterceptor(interceptor: FoldableResponseInterceptor): FuelManager {153 responseInterceptors -= interceptor154 return this155 }156 fun removeAllRequestInterceptors(): FuelManager {157 requestInterceptors.clear()158 return this159 }160 fun removeAllResponseInterceptors(): FuelManager {161 responseInterceptors.clear()162 return this163 }164 private fun applyOptions(request: Request): Request {165 // Sets base headers ONLY if they are not set166 val unsetBaseHeaders = request.headers.keys.fold(Headers.from(baseHeaders.orEmpty())) {167 result, it -> result.remove(it); result168 }169 return request.header(unsetBaseHeaders).apply {170 executionOptions = RequestExecutionOptions(171 client = client,172 socketFactory = socketFactory,173 hostnameVerifier = hostnameVerifier,174 callbackExecutor = callbackExecutor,175 requestTransformer = requestInterceptors.foldRight({ r: Request -> r }) { f, acc -> f(acc) },176 responseTransformer = responseInterceptors.foldRight({ _: Request, res: Response -> res }) { f, acc -> f(acc) },177 executorService = executorService178 ).also { executor ->...

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1 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.FuelManager2 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.Request3 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.Response4 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.ResponseDeserializable5 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.requests.CancellableRequest6 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.requests.DefaultRequest7 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.requests.DownloadRequest8 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.requests.UploadRequest9 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.requests.suspend10 import com.github.kittinunf.fuel.core.serialization.Deserializable11 import com.github.kittinunf.result.Result12 fun main() {13 FuelManager.instance.applyOptions {14 }15 val (request, response, result) = Fuel.get("/get").responseString()16 println(request)17 println(response)18 println(result)19 }

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