How to use createEndpoint method of de.codecentric.hikaku.converters.micronaut.MicronautConverterprivate class

Best Hikaku code snippet using de.codecentric.hikaku.converters.micronaut.MicronautConverterprivate.createEndpoint


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1import de.codecentric.hikaku.endpoints.Body2import de.codecentric.hikaku.endpoints.ContentType3import de.codecentric.hikaku.endpoints.Endpoint4import de.codecentric.hikaku.endpoints.HttpMethod5import de.codecentric.hikaku.endpoints.Response6import org.junit.jupiter.api.Assertions.assertEquals7import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test8private class MicronautConverterTest {9 fun `convert Micronaut controller to Hikaku specification`() {10 val specification = MicronautConverter().convert(11 assertEquals(12 setOf(13 Endpoint(14 produces = setOf(ContentType.APPLICATION_JSON),15 parameters = emptySet(),16 responses = setOf(17 Response(18 body = Body(

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