How to use violation method of io.kotest.assertions.json.schema.matchSchema class

Best Kotest code snippet using io.kotest.assertions.json.schema.matchSchema.violation


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...45 { "expected null to match schema: " },46 { "expected not to match schema, but null matched JsonNull schema" }47 )48 val tree = toJsonTree(value)49 val violations = validate("$", tree.root, schema.root)50 return MatcherResult(51 violations.isEmpty(),52 { violations.joinToString(separator = "\n") { "${it.path} => ${it.message}" } },53 { "Expected some violation against JSON schema, but everything matched" }54 )55 }56}57@ExperimentalKotest58private fun validate(59 currentPath: String,60 tree: JsonNode,61 expected: JsonSchemaElement,62): List<SchemaViolation> {63 fun propertyViolation(propertyName: String, message: String) =64 listOf(SchemaViolation("$currentPath.$propertyName", message))65 fun violation(message: String) =66 listOf(SchemaViolation(currentPath, message))67 return when (tree) {68 is JsonNode.ArrayNode -> {69 if (expected is JsonSchema.JsonArray)70 tree.elements.flatMapIndexed { i, node ->71 validate("$currentPath[$i]", node, expected.elementType)72 }73 else violation("Expected ${expected.typeName()}, but was array")74 }75 is JsonNode.ObjectNode -> {76 if (expected is JsonSchema.JsonObject) {77 val extraKeyViolations =78 if (!expected.additionalProperties)79 tree.elements.keys80 .filterNot { it in }81 .flatMap {82 propertyViolation(it, "Key undefined in schema, and schema is set to disallow extra keys")83 }84 else emptyList()85 extraKeyViolations + { (propertyName, schema) ->86 val actual = tree.elements[propertyName]87 if (actual == null) {88 if (expected.requiredProperties.contains(propertyName)) {89 propertyViolation(propertyName, "Expected ${schema.typeName()}, but was undefined")90 } else {91 emptyList()92 }93 } else validate("$currentPath.$propertyName", actual, schema)94 }95 } else violation("Expected ${expected.typeName()}, but was object")96 }97 is JsonNode.NullNode -> TODO("Check how Json schema handles null")98 is JsonNode.NumberNode ->99 when (expected) {100 is JsonSchema.JsonInteger -> {101 if (tree.content.contains(".")) violation("Expected integer, but was number")102 else expected.matcher?.let {103 val matcherResult = it.test(tree.content.toLong())104 if (matcherResult.passed()) emptyList() else violation(matcherResult.failureMessage())105 } ?: emptyList()106 }107 is JsonSchema.JsonDecimal -> {108 expected.matcher?.let {109 val matcherResult = it.test(tree.content.toDouble())110 if (matcherResult.passed()) emptyList() else violation(matcherResult.failureMessage())111 } ?: emptyList()112 }113 else -> violation("Expected ${expected.typeName()}, but was ${tree.type()}")114 }115 is JsonNode.StringNode ->116 if (expected is JsonSchema.JsonString) {117 expected.matcher?.let {118 val matcherResult = it.test(tree.value)119 if (matcherResult.passed()) emptyList() else violation(matcherResult.failureMessage())120 } ?: emptyList()121 } else violation("Expected ${expected.typeName()}, but was ${tree.type()}")122 is JsonNode.BooleanNode ->123 if (!isCompatible(tree, expected))124 violation("Expected ${expected.typeName()}, but was ${tree.type()}")125 else emptyList()126 }127}128private class SchemaViolation(129 val path: String,130 message: String,131 cause: Throwable? = null132) : RuntimeException(message, cause)133private fun isCompatible(actual: JsonNode, schema: JsonSchemaElement) =134 (actual is JsonNode.BooleanNode && schema is JsonSchema.JsonBoolean) ||135 (actual is JsonNode.StringNode && schema is JsonSchema.JsonString) ||136 (actual is JsonNode.NumberNode && schema is JsonSchema.JsonNumber)...

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