How to use seal method of io.kotest.core.spec.DslDrivenSpec class

Best Kotest code snippet using io.kotest.core.spec.DslDrivenSpec.seal


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...106 /**107 * Creates an instance of the given [SpecRef], notifies users of the instantiation event108 * or instantiation failure, and returns a Result with the error or spec.109 *110 * After this method is called the spec is sealed.111 */112 private suspend fun createInstance(ref: SpecRef): Result<Spec> =113 ref.instance(context.configuration.registry)114 .onFailure { extensions.specInstantiationError(ref.kclass, it) }115 .flatMap { spec -> extensions.specInstantiated(spec).map { spec } }116 .onSuccess { if (it is DslDrivenSpec) it.seal() }117}118interface SpecExecutorDelegate {119 suspend fun execute(spec: Spec): Map<TestCase, TestResult>120}121@ExperimentalKotest122internal expect fun createSpecExecutorDelegate(123 listener: TestEngineListener,124 defaultCoroutineDispatcherFactory: CoroutineDispatcherFactory,125 configuration: ProjectConfiguration,126): SpecExecutorDelegate...

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Source:DslDrivenSpec.kt Github


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...16 /**17 * Contains the [RootTest]s that have been registered on this spec.18 */19 private var rootTests = emptyList<RootTest>()20 private var sealed = false21 private val globalExtensions = mutableListOf<Extension>()22 /**23 * Marks that this spec has been instantiated and all root tests have been registered.24 * After this point, no further root tests are allowed to be defined.25 */26 fun seal() {27 sealed = true28 }29 override fun rootTests(): List<RootTest> {30 return rootTests31 }32 override fun globalExtensions(): List<Extension> {33 return globalExtensions.toList()34 }35 override fun add(test: RootTest) {36 if (sealed) throw InvalidDslException("Cannot add a root test after the spec has been instantiated: ${}")37 rootTests = rootTests + test38 }39 /**40 * Include the tests and extensions from the given [TestFactory] in this spec.41 * Tests are added in order from where this include was invoked using configuration and42 * settings at the time the method was invoked.43 */44 fun include(factory: TestFactory) {45 factory.tests.forEach { add(it.copy(factoryId = factory.factoryId)) }46 register(factory.extensions)47 }48 /**49 * Includes the tests from the given [TestFactory] in this spec or factory, with the given50 * prefixed added to each of the test's name....

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