How to use write method of io.kotest.extensions.junitxml.JunitXmlReporter class

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...27import kotlin.time.DurationUnit28@Deprecated("Now called JunitXmlReporter. Deprecated since 4.6.")29typealias JunitXmlListener = JunitXmlReporter30/**31 * A JUnit xml legacy format writer.32 *33 * This implementation handles nesting, whereas the junit implementation will only output for leaf tests.34 *35 * @param includeContainers when true, all intermediate tests are included in the report as36 * tests in their own right. Defaults to false.37 *38 * @param useTestPathAsName when true, the full test path will be used as the name. In other39 * words the name will include the name of any parent tests as a single string.40 */41class JunitXmlReporter(42 private val includeContainers: Boolean = false,43 private val useTestPathAsName: Boolean = true,44 private val outputDir: String = "test-results/test"45) : PrepareSpecListener, FinalizeSpecListener {46 companion object {47 const val DefaultBuildDir = "./build"48 // sets the build directory, to which test-results will be appended49 const val BuildDirKey = ""50 const val AttributeName = "name"51 }52 private val formatter = getDisplayNameFormatter(ProjectConfiguration().registry, ProjectConfiguration())53 private var marks = ConcurrentHashMap<KClass<out Spec>, Long>()54 private fun outputDir(): Path {55 val buildDir = System.getProperty(BuildDirKey)56 return if (buildDir != null)57 Paths.get(buildDir).resolve(outputDir)58 else59 Paths.get(DefaultBuildDir).resolve(outputDir)60 }61 override suspend fun prepareSpec(kclass: KClass<out Spec>) {62 marks[kclass] = System.currentTimeMillis()63 }64 private fun filterResults(results: Map<TestCase, TestResult>) = when (includeContainers) {65 true -> results66 false -> results.filter { it.key.type == TestType.Test }67 }68 override suspend fun finalizeSpec(kclass: KClass<out Spec>, results: Map<TestCase, TestResult>) {69 val start = marks[kclass] ?: System.currentTimeMillis()70 val duration = System.currentTimeMillis() - start71 val filtered = filterResults(results)72 val document = Document()73 val testSuite = Element("testsuite")74 testSuite.setAttribute("timestamp", ISO_LOCAL_DATE_TIME.format(getCurrentDateTime()))75 testSuite.setAttribute("time", (Duration.milliseconds(duration).toDouble(DurationUnit.SECONDS)).toString())76 testSuite.setAttribute("hostname", hostname())77 testSuite.setAttribute("errors", filtered.filter { it.value.isError }.size.toString())78 testSuite.setAttribute("failures", filtered.filter { it.value.isFailure }.size.toString())79 testSuite.setAttribute("skipped", filtered.filter { it.value.isIgnored }.size.toString())80 testSuite.setAttribute("tests", filtered.size.toString())81 testSuite.setAttribute(AttributeName, formatter.format(kclass))82 document.addContent(testSuite)83 { (testcase, result) ->84 val name = when (useTestPathAsName) {85 true -> formatter.formatTestPath(testcase, " -- ")86 false -> formatter.format(testcase)87 }88 val e = Element("testcase")89 e.setAttribute(AttributeName, name)90 e.setAttribute("classname", e.setAttribute("time", result.duration.toDouble(DurationUnit.SECONDS).toString())92 when (result) {93 is TestResult.Error -> {94 val err = Element("error")95 result.errorOrNull?.let {96 err.setAttribute("type", err.setText(it.message)98 }99 e.addContent(err)100 }101 is TestResult.Failure -> {102 val failure = Element("failure")103 result.errorOrNull?.let {104 failure.setAttribute("type", failure.setText(it.message)106 }107 e.addContent(failure)108 }109 else -> Unit110 }111 testSuite.addContent(e)112 }113 write(kclass, document)114 }115 private fun write(kclass: KClass<*>, document: Document) {116 val path = outputDir().resolve("TEST-" + formatter.format(kclass) + ".xml")117 path.parent.toFile().mkdirs()118 val outputter = XMLOutputter(Format.getPrettyFormat())119 val writer = Files.newBufferedWriter(path, StandardOpenOption.TRUNCATE_EXISTING, StandardOpenOption.CREATE)120 outputter.output(document, writer)121 writer.flush()122 writer.close()123 }124 private fun hostname(): String? {125 return try {126 InetAddress.getLocalHost().hostName127 } catch (e: UnknownHostException) {128 null129 }130 }131 private fun getCurrentDateTime(): LocalDateTime {132 return }134}...

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1val writeMethod = junitXmlReporterClass.getDeclaredMethod("write",, File("junit-report.xml"))3val writeMethod = junitXmlReporterClass.getDeclaredMethod("write",, File("junit-report.xml"))5@kotest.Tag("integration")6@kotest.Tag("integration")7val junitXmlReporter = JunitXmlReporter()8val writeMethod = junitXmlReporterClass.getDeclaredMethod("write",, File("junit-report.xml"))10@kotest.Tag("integration")11@kotest.Tag("integration")12val junitXmlReporter = JunitXmlReporter()13val writeMethod = junitXmlReporterClass.getDeclaredMethod("write",, File("junit-report.xml"))15@kotest.Tag("integration")16@kotest.Tag("integration")17val junitXmlReporter = JunitXmlReporter()18val writeMethod = junitXmlReporterClass.getDeclaredMethod("write",, File("junit-report.xml"))20@kotest.Tag("integration")21@kotest.Tag("integration")22val junitXmlReporter = JunitXmlReporter()23val writeMethod = junitXmlReporterClass.getDeclaredMethod("write",, File("junit-report.xml"))25@kotest.Tag("integration")26@kotest.Tag("integration")27val junitXmlReporter = JunitXmlReporter()

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