How to use classgraph method of io.kotest.framework.discovery.DiscoveryResult class

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1@file:Suppress("unused")2package io.kotest.framework.discovery3import io.github.classgraph.ClassGraph4import io.github.classgraph.ClassInfo5import io.kotest.core.extensions.DiscoveryExtension6import io.kotest.core.internal.KotestEngineProperties7import io.kotest.core.spec.Spec8import io.kotest.mpp.log9import io.kotest.mpp.syspropOrEnv10import java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap12import kotlin.reflect.KClass13//import kotlin.script.templates.standard.ScriptTemplateWithArgs14/**15 * Contains the results of a discovery request scan.16 *17 * @specs these are classes which extend one of the spec types18 * @scripts these are kotlin scripts which may or may not contain tests19 */20data class DiscoveryResult(21 val specs: List<KClass<out Spec>>,22 val scripts: List<KClass<*>>,23 val error: Throwable?, // this error is set if there was an exception during discovery24) {25 companion object {26 fun error(t: Throwable): DiscoveryResult = DiscoveryResult(emptyList(), emptyList(), t)27 }28}29/**30 * Scans for tests as specified by a [DiscoveryRequest].31 *32 * [DiscoveryExtension] `afterScan` functions are applied after the scan is complete to33 * optionally filter the returned classes.34 */35class Discovery(private val discoveryExtensions: List<DiscoveryExtension> = emptyList()) {36 private val requests = ConcurrentHashMap<DiscoveryRequest, DiscoveryResult>()37 // the results of a classpath scan, lazily executed and memoized.38 private val scanResult = lazy { classgraph().scan() }39 // filter functions40 //private val isScript: (KClass<*>) -> Boolean = { }41 private val isSpecSubclassKt: (KClass<*>) -> Boolean = { }42 private val isSpecSubclass: (Class<*>) -> Boolean = { }43 private val isAbstract: (KClass<*>) -> Boolean = { it.isAbstract }44 private val fromClassPaths: List<KClass<out Spec>> by lazy { scanUris() }45 /**46 * Returns a function that applies all the [DiscoveryFilter]s to a given class.47 * The class must pass all the filters to be included.48 */49 private fun filterFn(filters: List<DiscoveryFilter>): (KClass<out Spec>) -> Boolean = { kclass ->50 filters.isEmpty() || filters.all { it.test(kclass) }51 }52 /**53 * Returns a function that applies all the [DiscoverySelector]s to a given class.54 * The class must pass any one selector to be included.55 */56 private fun selectorFn(selectors: List<DiscoverySelector>): (KClass<out Spec>) -> Boolean = { kclass ->57 selectors.isEmpty() || selectors.any { it.test(kclass) }58 }59 fun discover(request: DiscoveryRequest): DiscoveryResult =60 requests.getOrPut(request) { doDiscovery(request).getOrElse { DiscoveryResult.error(it) } }61// /**62// * Scans the classpaths for kotlin script files.63// */64// private fun discoverScripts(): List<KClass<out ScriptTemplateWithArgs>> {65// log { "Discovery: Running script scan" }66// return scanResult.value67// .allClasses68// .filter { it.extendsSuperclass( }69// .map { it.load(false) }70// .filter(isScript)71// .filterIsInstance<KClass<out ScriptTemplateWithArgs>>()72// }73 /**74 * Loads a class reference from a [ClassInfo].75 *76 * @param init false to avoid initializing the class77 */78 private fun ClassInfo.load(init: Boolean): KClass<out Any> =79 Class.forName(name, init, private fun doDiscovery(request: DiscoveryRequest): Result<DiscoveryResult> = runCatching {81 val specClasses =82 if (request.onlySelectsSingleClasses()) loadSelectedSpecs(request) else fromClassPaths83 val filtered = specClasses84 .asSequence()85 .filter(selectorFn(request.selectors))86 .filter(filterFn(request.filters))87 // all classes must subclass one of the spec parents88 .filter(isSpecSubclassKt)89 // we don't want abstract classes90 .filterNot(isAbstract)91 .toList()92 log { "After filters there are ${filtered.size} spec classes" }93 log { "[Discovery] Further filtering classes via discovery extensions [$discoveryExtensions]" }94 val afterExtensions = discoveryExtensions95 .fold(filtered) { cl, ext -> ext.afterScan(cl) }96 .sortedBy { it.simpleName }97 log { "After discovery extensions there are ${afterExtensions.size} spec classes" }98 val scriptsEnabled = System.getProperty(KotestEngineProperties.scriptsEnabled) == "true" ||99 System.getenv(KotestEngineProperties.scriptsEnabled) == "true"100// val scripts = when {101// scriptsEnabled -> discoverScripts()102// else -> emptyList()103// }104 if (scanResult.isInitialized()) runCatching { scanResult.value.close() }105 log { "Discovery result [${afterExtensions.size} specs; scripts]" }106 DiscoveryResult(afterExtensions, emptyList(), null)107 }108 /**109 * Returns whether this is a request that selects single classes110 * only. Used to avoid full classpath scans when not necessary.111 */112 private fun DiscoveryRequest.onlySelectsSingleClasses(): Boolean =113 selectors.isNotEmpty() &&114 selectors.all { it is DiscoverySelector.ClassDiscoverySelector }115 /**116 * Returns a list of [Spec] classes from discovery requests that only have117 * selectors of type [DiscoverySelector.ClassDiscoverySelector].118 */119 private fun loadSelectedSpecs(request: DiscoveryRequest): List<KClass<out Spec>> {120 log { "Discovery: Loading specified classes..." }121 val start = System.currentTimeMillis()122 // first filter down to spec instances only, then load the full class123 val loadedClasses = request124 .selectors125 .asSequence()126 .filterIsInstance<DiscoverySelector.ClassDiscoverySelector>()127 .map { Class.forName(it.className, false, }128 .filter(isSpecSubclass)129 .map { Class.forName( }130 .filterIsInstance<KClass<out Spec>>()131 .toList()132 val duration = System.currentTimeMillis() - start133 log { "Discovery: Loading of selected classes completed in ${duration}ms" }134 return loadedClasses135 }136 /**137 * Returns a list of [Spec] classes detected using classgraph in the list of138 * locations specified by the uris param.139 */140 private fun scanUris(): List<KClass<out Spec>> {141 log {142 val uptime = ManagementFactory.getRuntimeMXBean().uptime143 "Discovery: Starting test discovery scan... [uptime=$uptime]"144 }145 val result = scanResult.value146 .getSubclasses( .map { Class.forName( }148 .filterIsInstance<KClass<out Spec>>()149 log {150 val start = System.currentTimeMillis()151 val duration = System.currentTimeMillis() - start152 "Discovery: Test discovery completed in ${duration}ms"153 }154 return result155 }156 private fun classgraph(): ClassGraph {157 @Suppress("DEPRECATION")158 return ClassGraph()159 .enableClassInfo()160 .enableExternalClasses()161 .ignoreClassVisibility()162 .disableNestedJarScanning()163 // do not change this to use reject as it will break clients using older versions of classgraph164 .blacklistPackages(165 "java.*",166 "javax.*",167 "sun.*",168 "com.sun.*",169 "kotlin.*",170 "kotlinx.*",171 "androidx.*",172 "org.jetbrains.kotlin.*",173 "org.junit.*"174 ).apply {175 if (syspropOrEnv(KotestEngineProperties.disableJarDiscovery) == "true") {176 disableJarScanning()177 }...

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1val discoveryResult = DiscoveryResult(DiscoveryRequest())2println(classes)3val discoveryResult = DiscoveryResult(DiscoveryRequest())4println(classes)5}6}

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