How to use matchEach method of io.kotest.matchers.collections.MatchInOrderSubsetProblem class

Best Kotest code snippet using io.kotest.matchers.collections.MatchInOrderSubsetProblem.matchEach


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...58 { "List ${value.print().value} should not be sorted" }59 )60 }61}62fun <T> matchEach(vararg fns: (T) -> Unit): Matcher<Collection<T>?> = matchEach(fns.asList())63fun <T> matchInOrder(vararg fns: (T) -> Unit): Matcher<Collection<T>?> = matchInOrder(fns.asList(), allowGaps = false)64fun <T> matchInOrderSubset(vararg fns: (T) -> Unit): Matcher<Collection<T>?> = matchInOrder(fns.asList(), allowGaps = true)65/**66 * Assert that a [Collection] contains a subsequence that matches the given assertions. Failing elements may occur67 * between passing ones, if [allowGaps] is set to true68 */69fun <T> matchInOrder(assertions: List<(T) -> Unit>, allowGaps: Boolean): Matcher<Collection<T>?> = neverNullMatcher { actual ->70 val originalMode = errorCollector.getCollectionMode()71 try {72 data class MatchInOrderSubsetProblem(73 val atIndex: Int,74 val problem: String,75 )76 data class MatchInOrderSubsetResult(77 val startIndex: Int,78 val elementsPassed: Int,79 val problems: List<MatchInOrderSubsetProblem>80 )81 val actualAsList = actual.toList()82 var allPassed = false83 var bestResult: MatchInOrderSubsetResult? = null84 for (startIndex in 0..(actual.size - assertions.size)) {85 var elementsPassed = 086 var elementsTested = 087 val currentProblems = ArrayList<MatchInOrderSubsetProblem>()88 while (startIndex + elementsTested < actual.size) {89 if (bestResult == null || elementsPassed > bestResult.elementsPassed) {90 bestResult = MatchInOrderSubsetResult(startIndex, elementsPassed, currentProblems)91 }92 if (!allowGaps && elementsTested > elementsPassed) break93 val elementResult = runCatching {94 assertions[elementsPassed](actualAsList[startIndex + elementsTested])95 }96 if (elementResult.isSuccess) {97 elementsPassed++98 currentProblems.clear()99 if (elementsPassed == assertions.size) {100 allPassed = true101 break102 }103 } else {104 currentProblems.add(105 MatchInOrderSubsetProblem(106 startIndex + elementsTested,107 elementResult.exceptionOrNull()!!.message!!108 )109 )110 }111 elementsTested++112 }113 if (allPassed) break114 }115 MatcherResult(116 allPassed,117 {118 """119 |Expected a sequence of elements to pass the assertions, ${if (allowGaps) "possibly with gaps between " else ""}but failed to match all assertions120 |121 |Best result when comparing from index [${bestResult?.startIndex}], where ${bestResult?.elementsPassed} elements passed, but the following elements failed:122 |123 ${124 bestResult?.problems?.joinToString("\n") { problem ->125 "|${problem.atIndex} => ${problem.problem}"126 }127 }128 """.trimMargin()129 },130 { "Expected some assertion to fail but all passed" }131 )132 } finally {133 errorCollector.setCollectionMode(originalMode)134 }135}136/**137 * Asserts that each element in the collection matches its corresponding matcher in [assertions].138 * Elements will be compared sequentially in the order given by the iterators of the collections.139 */140fun <T> matchEach(assertions: List<(T) -> Unit>): Matcher<Collection<T>?> = neverNullMatcher { actual ->141 data class ElementPass(val atIndex: Int)142 data class MatchEachProblem(val atIndex: Int, val problem: String?)143 val problems = errorCollector.runWithMode(ErrorCollectionMode.Hard) {144 actual.mapIndexedNotNull { index, element ->145 if (index !in assertions.indices) {146 MatchEachProblem(index, "Element has no corresponding assertion. Only ${assertions.size} assertions provided")147 } else {148 runCatching {149 assertions[index](element)150 }.exceptionOrNull()?.let { exception ->151 MatchEachProblem(index, exception.message)152 }153 }154 }...

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1 fun test() {2 val expected = listOf(1, 2, 3)3 val actual = listOf(1, 2, 3)4 actual should matchEach(expected)5 }6}7 fun test() {8 val expected = listOf(1, 2, 3)9 val actual = listOf(1, 2, 3)10 actual should matchEach(expected)11 }12}

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Most used method in MatchInOrderSubsetProblem

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