How to use finalize method of org.spekframework.spek2.runtime.Collector class

Best Spek code snippet using org.spekframework.spek2.runtime.Collector.finalize


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...10 private val lifecycleManager: LifecycleManager,11 override val defaultCachingMode: CachingMode,12 override var defaultTimeout: Long13) : Root {14 private val finalizers = mutableListOf<() -> Unit>()15 private val ids = linkedMapOf<String, Int>()16 fun finalize() {17 finalizers.forEach { it.invoke() }18 finalizers.clear()19 }20 override fun <T> memoized(mode: CachingMode, factory: suspend () -> T): MemoizedValue<T> = memoized(mode, factory) { }21 override fun <T> memoized(mode: CachingMode, factory: suspend () -> T, destructor: suspend (T) -> Unit): MemoizedValue<T> {22 // scope values automatically register an afterXXX fixture23 // when de-initializing - this means that any afterXXX fixture24 // declared after the memoized can't access it.25 // this custom lifecycle aware object delays the registration26 // of the afterXXX fixtures called by MemoizedValueAdapter.27 // The fixtures are only registered when Collector.finalize() is invoked,28 // which happens after a group have been discovered.29 val lifecycleAware = object: LifecycleAware by this {30 override fun afterEachTest(fixture: Fixture) {31 with(this@Collector) {32 finalizers.add { afterEachTest(fixture) }33 }34 }35 override fun afterEachGroup(fixture: Fixture) {36 with(this@Collector) {37 finalizers.add { afterEachGroup(fixture) }38 }39 }40 override fun afterGroup(fixture: Fixture) {41 with(this@Collector) {42 finalizers.add { afterGroup(fixture) }43 }44 }45 }46 return MemoizedValueCreator(47 root,48 mode,49 lifecycleAware,50 factory,51 destructor52 )53 }54 override fun <T> memoized(): MemoizedValue<T> {55 return MemoizedValueReader(root)56 }57 override fun registerListener(listener: LifecycleListener) {58 lifecycleManager.addListener(listener)59 }60 override fun group(description: String, skip: Skip, defaultCachingMode: CachingMode, preserveExecutionOrder: Boolean, failFast: Boolean, body: GroupBody.() -> Unit) {61 // TODO: combine failFast and preserveExecutionOrder into a single parameter.62 require(failFast == preserveExecutionOrder) { "failFast and preserveExecutionOrder must have the same value!" }63 if (root.failFast) {64 throw AssertionError("Fail fast groups can only contain test scopes!")65 }66 val group = GroupScopeImpl(67 idFor(description),68 root.path.resolve(description),69 root,70 skip,71 lifecycleManager,72 preserveExecutionOrder,73 failFast74 )75 root.addChild(group)76 val cachingMode = if (defaultCachingMode == CachingMode.INHERIT) {77 this.defaultCachingMode78 } else {79 defaultCachingMode80 }81 val collector = Collector(group, lifecycleManager, cachingMode, defaultTimeout)82 try {83 require(description.isNotEmpty()) { "Empty description for group." }84 body.invoke(collector)85 collector.finalize()86 } catch (e: Throwable) {87 collector.beforeGroup { throw e }88 group.addChild(89 TestScopeImpl(90 idFor("Group Failure"),91 root.path.resolve("Group Failure"),92 root,93 defaultTimeout,94 {},95 skip,96 lifecycleManager97 )98 )99 }...

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Source:SpekRuntime.kt Github


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...76 val classScope = GroupScopeImpl(ScopeId(ScopeType.Class, qualifiedName), path, null, Skip.No, lifecycleManager, false)77 val collector = Collector(classScope, lifecycleManager, CachingMode.TEST, getGlobalTimeoutSetting(DEFAULT_TIMEOUT))78 try {79 instance.root.invoke(collector)80 collector.finalize()81 } catch (e: Exception) {82 collector.beforeGroup { throw e }83 classScope.addChild(TestScopeImpl(84 ScopeId(ScopeType.Scope, "Discovery failure"),85 path.resolve("Discovery failure"),86 classScope,87 getGlobalTimeoutSetting(DEFAULT_TIMEOUT),88 {},89 Skip.No,90 lifecycleManager91 ))92 }93 return classScope94 }...

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