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...352 e = self.touches[i]353 if e is None:354 continue355 if e.msg == HC.TOUCH_DOWN and now - e.time > self.long_press_delay:356 self.analyze_tracks(TouchTimeoutEvent(now, HC.TOUCH_PRESS_TIMEOUT, i))357 self.touches[i] = None358 elif e.msg == HC.TOUCH_UP and now - e.time > self.double_tap_delay:359 self.analyze_tracks(TouchTimeoutEvent(now, HC.TOUCH_FOLLOW_TIMEOUT, i))360 self.touches[i] = None361 elif e.msg == HC.TOUCH_MOVE and now - e.time > self.move_stop_delay:362 self.analyze_tracks(TouchTimeoutEvent(now, HC.TOUCH_MOVESTOP_TIMEOUT, i))363 self.touches[i] = None364 except:365 traceback.print_exc()366367 print 'process done.'368369 def handle_event(self, event):370 self.dispatch_event(event.msg, event)371 if event.msg & HC.KEY_ANY:372 self.dispatch_event(HC.KEY_ANY, event)373 else:374 self.dispatch_event(HC.TOUCH_ANY, event)375 self.analyze_tracks(event)376377 def dispatch_event(self, msg, event):378 func = self.dispatch_map.get(msg)379 if func is None:380 return381 try:382 func(event)383 except:384 traceback.print_exc()385386 def analyze_tracks(self, event):387 pass388389 def handle_gesture(self, msg, tracks):390 event = GestureEvent(msg, tracks)391 func = self.dispatch_map.get(msg)392 if func is None:393 return394 try:395 func(event)396 except:397 traceback.print_exc()398399## NOT COMPLEMENTED ##400class SimpleGestureRecognizer(GestureRecognizer):401402 N_FINGER = 2403404 def analyze_tracks(self, event):405 # handle one-finger and two-finger gestures only406 # means a third finger will be ignored even if one of the407 # first two fingers leaves the screen.408 i = event.slotid409410 # begin guesture when touch down411 if event.msg == HC.TOUCH_DOWN:412 if len(self.track_slots) == self.N_FINGER and i not in self.track_slots:413 return414 if self.tracks[i] is None:415 self.tracks[i] = []416 self.track_slots.add(i)417 self.tracks[i].append(event)418 return419420 if self.tracks[i] is None:421 return422423 if event.msg == HC.TOUCH_FOLLOW_TIMEOUT:424 self.tracks[i] = []425 elif event.msg == HC.TOUCH_PRESS_TIMEOUT:426 # print ''.join([HCREPR.get(e.msg) for e in self.tracks[i]]), 'long press'427 self.tracks[i] = []428 elif event.msg == HC.TOUCH_MOVESTOP_TIMEOUT:429 # print ''.join([HCREPR.get(e.msg) for e in self.tracks[i]]), 'drag'430 self.tracks[i] = []431 if len(self.track_slots) == 2:432 for s in self.track_slots:433 print s, ''.join([HCREPR.get(e.msg) for e in self.tracks[s]])434 print435 elif event.msg == HC.TOUCH_UP:436 self.tracks[i].append(event)437 if len(self.track_slots) == 2:438 for s in self.track_slots:439 print s, ''.join([HCREPR.get(e.msg) for e in self.tracks[s]])440 print441 self.tracks[i] = None442 self.track_slots.discard(i)443 else: # TOUCH_MOVE444 self.tracks[i].append(event)445 return446447 # check for pinch/pan448 if len(self.track_slots) == 2:449 t1, t2 = [self.tracks[s] for s in self.track_slots]450 if len(t1) == 0 or len(t2) == 0 or len(t1) + len(t2) < 6:451 return452 # make copy and check distance changing453 t1, t2 = t1[:], t2[:]454 dists = []455 while len(dists) < 5:456 e1, e2 = t1[-1], t2[-1]457 dx, dy = e1.x-e2.x, e1.y-e2.y458 dists.append(dx*dx+dy*dy)459 if e1.time < e2.time:460 if len(t2) == 1:461 break462 else:463 t2.pop()464 else:465 if len(t1) == 1:466 break467 else:468 t1.pop()469 print [dists[j+1]-dists[j] for j in range(len(dists)-1)]470 # just keep latest position471 for s in self.track_slots:472 self.tracks[s] = self.tracks[s][-1:]473474class RegexpGestureRecognizer(GestureRecognizer):475476 N_FINGER = 1477478 def analyze_tracks(self, event):479 # handle one-finger gestures only480 i = event.slotid481482 # begin guesture when touch down483 if event.msg == HC.TOUCH_DOWN:484 if len(self.track_slots) == self.N_FINGER and i not in self.track_slots:485 return486 if not self.tracks[i]:487 self.tracks[i] = []488 self.track_slots.add(i)489 self.tracks[i].append(event)490 return491492 if self.tracks[i] is None:493 return494495 s = ''.join([HCREPR.get(e.msg) for e in self.tracks[i]])496497 if event.msg == HC.TOUCH_FOLLOW_TIMEOUT:498 if re.match('^DM?U$', s):499 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_TAP, self.tracks[i][:])500 elif re.match('^(DM?U)+DM?U$', s):501 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_MULTI_TAP, self.tracks[i][:])502 self.tracks[i] = None503 self.track_slots.discard(i)504 elif event.msg == HC.TOUCH_MOVESTOP_TIMEOUT:505 if re.match('^D?MM+$', s):506 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_DRAG, self.tracks[i][:])507 self.tracks[i] = []508 elif event.msg == HC.TOUCH_PRESS_TIMEOUT:509 if s == 'D':510 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_LONG_PRESS, self.tracks[i][:])511 self.tracks[i] = []512 elif event.msg == HC.TOUCH_UP:513 self.tracks[i].append(event) # note: it's not the same with s after add514 if s == '':515 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_LONG_PRESS_RELEASE, [event])516 elif re.match('^D?MM+$', s):517 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_SWIPE, self.tracks[i][:])518 self.tracks[i] = []519 elif _MULTI_TAP_NUM == 1 and re.match('^DM?$', s):520 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_TAP, self.tracks[i][:])521 self.tracks[i] = []522 elif _MULTI_TAP_NUM > 1 and re.match('^(DM?U){%d}DM?$' % (_MULTI_TAP_NUM-1,), s):523 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_MULTI_TAP, self.tracks[i][:])524 self.tracks[i] = []525 elif event.msg == HC.TOUCH_MOVE:526 if re.match('^(DU)+D$', s):527 if s == 'DUD':528 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_TAP, self.tracks[i][:-1])529 else:530 self.handle_gesture(HC.GST_MULTI_TAP, self.tracks[i][:-1])531 self.tracks[i] = self.tracks[i][-1:]532 self.tracks[i].append(event)533534NOTACTIVE, ACTIVE, STAGE_1, STAGE_2, TRIGGERED = range(5)535536## NOT COMPLEMENTED ##537class StateMachineGestureRecognizer(GestureRecognizer):538539 state_map = {540 HC.GST_TAP: {541 NOTACTIVE: { HC.TOUCH_DOWN : ACTIVE },542 ACTIVE: {543 HC.TOUCH_MOVE: STAGE_1,544 HC.TOUCH_PRESS_TIMEOUT : NOTACTIVE,545 HC.TOUCH_FOLLOW_TIMEOUT : TRIGGERED,546 },547 STAGE_1: {548 HC.TOUCH_MOVE: NOTACTIVE,549 HC.TOUCH_PRESS_TIMEOUT : NOTACTIVE,550 HC.TOUCH_FOLLOW_TIMEOUT : TRIGGERED,551 }552 },553 HC.GST_SWIPE: {554 NOTACTIVE: { HC.TOUCH_DOWN: ACTIVE },555 ACTIVE: { HC.TOUCH_UP: NOTACTIVE, HC.TOUCH_MOVE: STAGE_1},556 STAGE_1: { HC.TOUCH_UP: NOTACTIVE, HC.TOUCH_MOVE: STAGE_2 },557 STAGE_2: { HC.TOUCH_UP: TRIGGERED, HC.TOUCH_MOVESTOP_TIMEOUT: TRIGGERED},558 },559 }560561 def __init__(self, queue):562 super(self.__class__, self).__init__(queue)563 self.state = {}564 for k in self.state_map:565 self.state[k] = NOTACTIVE566 print self.state_map567568 def analyze_tracks(self, event):569 for k, v in self.state.iteritems():570 s = self.state_map.get(k, {}).get(v, {}).get(event.msg)571 if s is not None:572 self.state[k] = s573 triggered = False574 for k, v in self.state.iteritems():575 if v == TRIGGERED:576 print 'trigger event', k577 triggered = True578 if triggered:579 for k in self.state:580 self.state[k] = NOTACTIVE581582class AndroidInputHookManager(object): ...

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1import re2from setuptools import setup3 4 5with open("", "rb") as f:6 description ="utf-8")7 8setup(9 name = "analyze_tracks",10 packages = ["analyze_tracks"],11 entry_points = {12 "console_scripts": ['analyze_tracks_cli = analyze_tracks.main_cli:main']13 },14 version = "0.1",15 description = description,16 long_description = description,17 author = "Christoph Sommer",18 author_email = "",...

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