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1# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.2# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be3# found in the LICENSE file.4import logging5import os6from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils7from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error8from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import chrome9from autotest_lib.client.cros.update_engine import nebraska_wrapper10from autotest_lib.client.cros.update_engine import update_engine_test11class autoupdate_UserData(update_engine_test.UpdateEngineTest):12 """13 Modifies some user settings and checks they were not reset by an update.14 This test is used as part of the server test autoupdate_DataPreserved.15 This test will make use of several private Chrome APIs:16 inputMethodPrivate: chrome/common/extensions/api/input_method_private.json17 languageSettingsPrivate: chrome/common/extensions/api/18 language_settings_private.idl19 settingsPrivate: chrome/common/extensions/api/settings_private.idl20 """21 version = 122 _TEST_FILE = '/home/chronos/user/Downloads/test.txt'23 _US_IME = '_comp_ime_jkghodnilhceideoidjikpgommlajknkxkb:us::eng'24 _US_INTL_IME = '_comp_ime_jkghodnilhceideoidjikpgommlajknkxkb:us:intl:eng'25 _TIME_ZONE_PREF = 'generated.resolve_timezone_by_geolocation_on_off'26 _GET_IME_JS = '''27 new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {28 chrome.inputMethodPrivate.getCurrentInputMethod(29 function(id) {30 resolve(id);31 });32 })33 '''34 _GET_PREF_JS = '''35 new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {36 chrome.settingsPrivate.getPref("%s", function(pref) {37 resolve(pref['value']);38 });39 })40 '''41 _SET_IME_JS = 'chrome.inputMethodPrivate.setCurrentInputMethod("%s")'42 _SET_PREF_JS = ('chrome.settingsPrivate.setPref("%s", %s, '43 'x => console.log(x))')44 def _modify_input_methods(self):45 """ Change default Input Method to US International."""46 current_ime = self._cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(47 self._GET_IME_JS, promise=True)48'Current IME is %s', current_ime)49 add_ime_js = ('chrome.languageSettingsPrivate.addInputMethod("%s")' %50 self._US_INTL_IME)51 self._cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(add_ime_js)52 self._cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(self._SET_IME_JS %53 self._US_INTL_IME)54 new_ime = self._cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(self._GET_IME_JS)55 if current_ime == new_ime:56 raise error.TestFail('IME could not be changed before update.')57 def _modify_time_zone(self):58 """Change time zone to be user selected instead of automatic by IP."""59 current_time_zone = self._cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(60 self._GET_PREF_JS % self._TIME_ZONE_PREF, promise=True)61'Calculating timezone by IP: %s', current_time_zone)62 self._cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(63 self._SET_PREF_JS % (self._TIME_ZONE_PREF, 'false'))64 new_timezone = self._cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(65 self._GET_PREF_JS % self._TIME_ZONE_PREF, promise=True)66 if current_time_zone == new_timezone:67 raise error.TestFail('Timezone detection could not be changed.')68 def _perform_after_update_checks(self):69 """Check the user preferences and files are the same."""70 with chrome.Chrome(dont_override_profile=True,71 autotest_ext=True) as cr:72 # Check test file is still present.73 if not os.path.exists(self._TEST_FILE):74 raise error.TestFail('Test file was not present after update.')75 # Check IME has not changed.76 current_ime = cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(77 self._GET_IME_JS, promise=True)78 if current_ime != self._US_INTL_IME:79 raise error.TestFail('Input method was not preserved after'80 'update. Expected %s, Actual: %s' %81 (self._US_INTL_IME, current_ime))82 # Check that timezone is user selected.83 current_time_zone = cr.autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(84 self._GET_PREF_JS % self._TIME_ZONE_PREF, promise=True)85 if current_time_zone:86 raise error.TestFail('Time zone detection was changed back to '87 'automatic.')88 def run_once(self, payload_url=None):89 """90 Tests that user settings are not reset by update.91 @param payload_url: The payload url to use.92 """93 if payload_url:94 with nebraska_wrapper.NebraskaWrapper(95 log_dir=self.resultsdir, payload_url=payload_url) as nebraska:96 with chrome.Chrome(autotest_ext=True) as cr:97 self._cr = cr98['echo', 'hello', '>', self._TEST_FILE])99 self._modify_input_methods()100 self._modify_time_zone()101 self._check_for_update(102 nebraska.get_update_url(critical_update=True))103 # Sign out of Chrome and wait for the update to complete.104 # If we waited for the update to complete and then logged out105 # the DUT will auto-reboot and the client test cannot return.106 self._wait_for_update_to_complete()107 else:...

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