How to use device_product_version method in ATX

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...66 return check_output([exec_path] + list(args))67def devices():68 udids = [udid.strip() for udid in idevice('_id', '-l').splitlines() if udid.strip()]69 return {udid: idevice('name', '-u', udid).decode('utf-8').strip() for udid in udids}70def device_product_version(udid):71 return idevice('info', '-u', udid, '-k', 'ProductVersion').strip()72def download(filename, tmpdir, version, base_url=IMAGE_BASE_URL):73 if sys.platform == 'darwin':74 version = __alias.get(version, version)75 abs_path = os.path.join(IMAGE_BASE_DIR, version, filename)76 if os.path.exists(abs_path):77 print abs_path78 return abs_path79 target_path = os.path.join(tmpdir, filename)80 source_url = base_url + '/'.join([version, filename])81"Download %s/%s", version, filename)82 return http_download(source_url, target_path)83def select_device():84 devs = devices()85 if len(devs) == 0:86 raise EnvironmentError('iPhone device is not attached.')87 if len(devs) > 1:88 raise EnvironmentError('More than one iPhone device detected.')89 udid = devs.keys()[0]90 devname = devs[udid]91 return udid, devname92def is_mounted(udid):93 return 'ImagePresent: true' in idevice('imagemounter', '-l', '-u', udid)94def mount_image(udid, image_file, image_signature_file):95 if is_mounted(udid):96"Developer image has already mounted.")97 return98 idevice('imagemounter', '-u', udid, image_file, image_signature_file) 99"^_^ Developer image has been mounted.")100def check_enviroment():101 return look_exec('idevice_id') is not None102 103def main(udid=None):104 init()105 if not check_enviroment():106 sys.exit("No imobiledevice found in $PATH, but you can download from here\n\n %s" %(107 "",))108"Make tmp dir ...")109 tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix='atx-ios-developer-')110 if not tmpdir:111 logger.warn("tmpdir create failed.")112 sys.exit(1)113 @atexit.register114 def _clean():115"Cleaning tmp dir: %s", tmpdir)116 shutil.rmtree(tmpdir)117 udid, devname = select_device()118 long_version = device_product_version(udid)119 version = '.'.join(long_version.split('.')[:2])120"Device udid is %s", udid)121"Device name is %s", devname)122"Device version is %s", long_version)123 124 if is_mounted(udid):125"<O_O> Developer Image has already mounted.")126 return127 image_file = download('DeveloperDiskImage.dmg', tmpdir, version)128 image_signature_file = download('DeveloperDiskImage.dmg.signature', tmpdir, version)...

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