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1# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.2# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be3# found in the LICENSE file.4"""5Exception classes raised by AdbWrapper and DeviceUtils.6The class hierarchy for device exceptions is:7 base_error.BaseError8 +-- CommandFailedError9 | +-- AdbCommandFailedError10 | | +-- AdbShellCommandFailedError11 | +-- FastbootCommandFailedError12 | +-- DeviceVersionError13 | +-- DeviceChargingError14 +-- CommandTimeoutError15 +-- DeviceUnreachableError16 +-- NoDevicesError17 +-- MultipleDevicesError18 +-- NoAdbError19"""20from devil import base_error21from devil.utils import cmd_helper22from devil.utils import parallelizer23class CommandFailedError(base_error.BaseError):24 """Exception for command failures."""25 def __init__(self, message, device_serial=None):26 device_leader = '(device: %s)' % device_serial27 if device_serial is not None and not message.startswith(device_leader):28 message = '%s %s' % (device_leader, message)29 self.device_serial = device_serial30 super(CommandFailedError, self).__init__(message)31 def __eq__(self, other):32 return (super(CommandFailedError, self).__eq__(other)33 and self.device_serial == other.device_serial)34 def __ne__(self, other):35 return not self == other36class _BaseCommandFailedError(CommandFailedError):37 """Base Exception for adb and fastboot command failures."""38 def __init__(self, args, output, status=None, device_serial=None,39 message=None):40 self.args = args41 self.output = output42 self.status = status43 if not message:44 adb_cmd = ' '.join(cmd_helper.SingleQuote(arg) for arg in self.args)45 message = ['adb %s: failed ' % adb_cmd]46 if status:47 message.append('with exit status %s ' % self.status)48 if output:49 message.append('and output:\n')50 message.extend('- %s\n' % line for line in output.splitlines())51 else:52 message.append('and no output.')53 message = ''.join(message)54 super(_BaseCommandFailedError, self).__init__(message, device_serial)55 def __eq__(self, other):56 return (super(_BaseCommandFailedError, self).__eq__(other)57 and self.args == other.args58 and self.output == other.output59 and self.status == other.status)60 def __ne__(self, other):61 return not self == other62 def __reduce__(self):63 """Support pickling."""64 result = [None, None, None, None, None]65 super_result = super(_BaseCommandFailedError, self).__reduce__()66 for i in range(len(super_result)):67 result[i] = super_result[i]68 # Update the args used to reconstruct this exception.69 result[1] = (70 self.args, self.output, self.status, self.device_serial, self.message)71 return tuple(result)72class AdbCommandFailedError(_BaseCommandFailedError):73 """Exception for adb command failures."""74 def __init__(self, args, output, status=None, device_serial=None,75 message=None):76 super(AdbCommandFailedError, self).__init__(77 args, output, status=status, message=message,78 device_serial=device_serial)79class FastbootCommandFailedError(_BaseCommandFailedError):80 """Exception for fastboot command failures."""81 def __init__(self, args, output, status=None, device_serial=None,82 message=None):83 super(FastbootCommandFailedError, self).__init__(84 args, output, status=status, message=message,85 device_serial=device_serial)86class DeviceVersionError(CommandFailedError):87 """Exception for device version failures."""88 def __init__(self, message, device_serial=None):89 super(DeviceVersionError, self).__init__(message, device_serial)90class AdbShellCommandFailedError(AdbCommandFailedError):91 """Exception for shell command failures run via adb."""92 def __init__(self, command, output, status, device_serial=None):93 self.command = command94 message = ['shell command run via adb failed on the device:\n',95 ' command: %s\n' % command]96 message.append(' exit status: %s\n' % status)97 if output:98 message.append(' output:\n')99 if isinstance(output, basestring):100 output_lines = output.splitlines()101 else:102 output_lines = output103 message.extend(' - %s\n' % line for line in output_lines)104 else:105 message.append(" output: ''\n")106 message = ''.join(message)107 super(AdbShellCommandFailedError, self).__init__(108 ['shell', command], output, status, device_serial, message)109 def __reduce__(self):110 """Support pickling."""111 result = [None, None, None, None, None]112 super_result = super(AdbShellCommandFailedError, self).__reduce__()113 for i in range(len(super_result)):114 result[i] = super_result[i]115 # Update the args used to reconstruct this exception.116 result[1] = (self.command, self.output, self.status, self.device_serial)117 return tuple(result)118class CommandTimeoutError(base_error.BaseError):119 """Exception for command timeouts."""120 pass121class DeviceUnreachableError(base_error.BaseError):122 """Exception for device unreachable failures."""123 pass124class NoDevicesError(base_error.BaseError):125 """Exception for having no devices attached."""126 def __init__(self, msg=None):127 super(NoDevicesError, self).__init__(128 msg or 'No devices attached.', is_infra_error=True)129class MultipleDevicesError(base_error.BaseError):130 """Exception for having multiple attached devices without selecting one."""131 def __init__(self, devices):132 parallel_devices = parallelizer.Parallelizer(devices)133 descriptions = parallel_devices.pMap(134 lambda d: d.build_description).pGet(None)135 msg = ('More than one device available. Use -d/--device to select a device '136 'by serial.\n\nAvailable devices:\n')137 for d, desc in zip(devices, descriptions):138 msg += ' %s (%s)\n' % (d, desc)139 super(MultipleDevicesError, self).__init__(msg, is_infra_error=True)140class NoAdbError(base_error.BaseError):141 """Exception for being unable to find ADB."""142 def __init__(self, msg=None):143 super(NoAdbError, self).__init__(144 msg or 'Unable to find adb.', is_infra_error=True)145class DeviceChargingError(CommandFailedError):146 """Exception for device charging errors."""147 def __init__(self, message, device_serial=None):...

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