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1import pytest2import allure3from _pytest.nodes import Item4from _pytest.runner import CallInfo5from import browser6import project7import web_test.helpers.allure.gherkin8def pytest_addoption(parser):9 project.Config.register(parser)10@pytest.fixture11def config(request):12 if not project.config:13 project.config = project.Config(request)14 return project.config15@pytest.fixture(scope='function', autouse=True)16def browser_management(config):17 """18 Here, before yield,19 goes all "setup" code for each test case20 aka "before test function" hook21 """22 # def attach_snapshots_on_failure(error: TimeoutException) -> Exception:23 # """24 # An example of selene hook_wait_failure that attaches snapshots to failed test step.25 # It is actually not needed and optional,26 # because in the pytest_runtest_makereport hook below27 # we attach screenshots to the test body itself,28 # that is more handy during analysis of test report29 #30 # but if you need it, you can enable it by uncommenting31 # together with the following ``browser.config.hook_wait_failure =`` line;)32 #33 # otherwise, you can remove it34 # """35 # last_screenshot = browser.config.last_screenshot36 # if last_screenshot:37 # allure.attach.file(source=last_screenshot,38 # name='screenshot on failure',39 # attachment_type=allure.attachment_type.PNG)40 #41 # last_page_source = browser.config.last_page_source42 # if last_page_source:43 # allure.attach.file(source=last_page_source,44 # name='page source on failure',45 # attachment_type=allure.attachment_type.HTML)46 # return error47 # browser.config.hook_wait_failure = attach_snapshots_on_failure48 browser.config.timeout = config.timeout49 browser.config.save_page_source_on_failure \50 = config.save_page_source_on_failure51 # todo: add your before setup here...52 yield53 """54 Here, after yield,55 goes all "tear down" code for each test case56 aka "after test function" hook57 """58 # todo: add your after setup here...59 browser.quit()60prev_test_screenshot = None61prev_test_page_source = None62@pytest.hookimpl(tryfirst=True, hookwrapper=True)63def pytest_runtest_setup(item):64 yield65 global prev_test_screenshot66 prev_test_screenshot = browser.config.last_screenshot67 global prev_test_page_source68 prev_test_page_source = browser.config.last_page_source69@pytest.hookimpl(tryfirst=True, hookwrapper=True)70def pytest_runtest_makereport(item: Item, call: CallInfo):71 """72 Attach snapshots on test failure73 """74 # All code prior to yield statement would be ran prior75 # to any other of the same fixtures defined76 outcome = yield # Run all other pytest_runtest_makereport non wrapped hooks77 result = outcome.get_result()78 if web_test.helpers.allure.gherkin.when == 'call' and result.failed:79 last_screenshot = browser.config.last_screenshot80 if last_screenshot and not last_screenshot == prev_test_screenshot:81 allure.attach.file(source=last_screenshot,82 name='screenshot',83 attachment_type=allure.attachment_type.PNG)84 last_page_source = browser.config.last_page_source85 if last_page_source and not last_page_source == prev_test_page_source:86 allure.attach.file(source=last_page_source,87 name='page source',...

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1import typer2from pathlib import Path3from datetime import datetime, timedelta4app = typer.Typer(add_completion=False)5def pretty_delta(delta: timedelta):6 if delta.seconds < 0:7 return "in the future"8 elif delta.seconds < 120:9 return f"{delta.seconds} seconds ago"10 elif delta.seconds < 60 * 120:11 return f"{delta.seconds // 60} minutes ago"12 else:13 return f"{delta.seconds // (60 * 60)} hours ago"14@app.command()15def main(16 destination: Path,17 markdown: bool = typer.Option(18 False,19 "-m",20 help="Print markdown to use image",21 ),22):23 pictures_path = Path.home() / "Pictures"24 screenshots = list(pictures_path.glob("Screenshot from *.png"))25 screenshots.sort()26 last_screenshot = screenshots[-1]27 last_date = datetime.strptime(28, "Screenshot from %Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S.png"29 )30 now = delta = now - last_date32 delta_text = pretty_delta(delta)33 if destination.suffix != last_screenshot.suffix:34 destination = destination.with_suffix(last_screenshot.suffix)35 print(f"Screenshot from {delta_text}")36 print(f"Move to: {destination}")37 confirm = input("Confirm [Y/n]: ")38 if confirm.lower() in {"y", "yes", ""}:39 last_screenshot.rename(destination)40 if markdown:41 if "docs" in docs_index ="docs")43 docs_path = Path(*[: docs_index + 1])44 relative_path = destination.relative_to(docs_path)45 else:46 relative_path = destination47 print("=" * 10)48 print(f'![Screenshot](/{relative_path} "Screenshot")')49if __name__ == "__main__":...

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