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...41 MenuButton42 id: bt_sched43 text: 'Schedule'44 on_released:45 load_screen(\46 'ScreenSchedule', manager=app.navigation_manager)47 MenuButton48 text: 'Sponsors'49 on_released:50 load_screen(\51 'ScreenSponsor', manager=app.navigation_manager)52 MenuButton53 text: 'Venue'54 on_released:55 load_screen(\56 'ScreenVenue', manager=app.navigation_manager)57 MenuButton58 text: 'OpenSpaces'59 on_released:60 load_screen(\61 'ScreenOpenSpaces', manager=app.navigation_manager)62 MenuButton63 text: 'DevSprints'64 on_released:65 load_screen(\66 'ScreenDevSprints', manager=app.navigation_manager)67 MenuButton68 text: 'Ticket'69 on_released:70 load_screen(\71 'ScreenTicket', manager=app.navigation_manager)72 MenuButton73 text: 'Community'74 on_released:75 load_screen(\76 'ScreenCommunity', manager=app.navigation_manager)77 MenuButton78 down_count: 079 text: 'Registration'80 on_released: self.down_count += 181 on_down_count:82 if args[1] == 5:load_screen(\83 'ScreenRegister', manager=app.navigation_manager); self.down_count = 084 MenuButton85 text: 'About'86 on_released:87 load_screen(\88 'ScreenAbout', manager=app.navigation_manager)89<Topic@Label>90 opacity: 091 canvas.before:92 Color93 rgba: 0, 0, 0, .594 Rectangle95 texture: self.texture96 size: self.width - dp(50), self.height97 pos: self.x + dp(22), self.y - dp(2)98 font_size: dp(20)99 text_size: self.width - dp(50), self.height100 halign: 'left'101 valign: 'middle'102<TopBar@BoxLayout+Background>103 size_hint: 1, None104 height: dp(45)105 backcolor: app.base_active_color106 ImBut107 color: 1, 1, 1, 1108 source: 'atlas://data/default/hamburger'109 size_hint_x: None110 size_hint_y: 1111 width: self.height112 allow_stretch: True113 on_released: app.navigationdrawer.toggle_state()114 Topic115 id: topic116 text: app.event_name117<RightPanel@RelativeLayout>118 Image119 source: 'data/images/dots.png'120 allow_stretch: True121 keep_ratio: False122 on_parent:123 self.texture.wrap = 'repeat'124 self.texture.uvsize = self.width/2., self.height/2125 #color: 225./255., 225./255., 225./255., 1126 Image127 mipmap: True128 allow_stretch: True129 #color: 1, 1, 1, .03130 color: app.base_active_bright[:3] + [.05]131 source: 'atlas://data/default/circle1'132 BoxLayout133 orientation: "vertical"134 TopBar135 id: topbar136 ScreenManager137 on_parent: app.navigation_manager = nav_sm138 id: nav_sm139<NavigationScreen>140 name: 'NavigationScreen'141 on_enter:142 import os143 scr = os.environ.get('PYCONF_STARTUP_SCREEN','ScreenSchedule')144 load_screen(scr, manager=app.navigation_manager)145 right_panel.ids.topbar.ids.topic.opacity=1146 NavigationDrawer147 id: navigationdrawer148 anim_type: 'slide_above_anim'149 on_parent: app.navigationdrawer = navigationdrawer150 LeftPanel151 id: left_panel152 RightPanel153 id: right_panel154 opacity: 1-(self.x/root.right)...

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1__author__ = 'justinarmstrong'2from . import setup,tools3from .states import main_menu,load_screen,level14from . import constants as c5def main():6 """Add states to control here."""7 run_it = tools.Control(setup.ORIGINAL_CAPTION)8 state_dict = {c.MAIN_MENU: main_menu.Menu(),9 c.LOAD_SCREEN: load_screen.LoadScreen(),10 c.TIME_OUT: load_screen.TimeOut(),11 c.GAME_OVER: load_screen.GameOver(),12 c.LEVEL1: level1.Level1()}13 run_it.setup_states(state_dict, c.MAIN_MENU)...

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