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...195 right_click = kwargs.get("right_click", False)196 button = "right" if right_click else "left"197 steps = kwargs.get("steps", 1)198 offset = kwargs.get("offset", 0)199 start = self._action_pos(win32api.GetCursorPos())200 end = self._action_pos(pos)201 start_x, start_y = self._fix_op_pos(start)202 end_x, end_y = self._fix_op_pos(end)203 interval = float(duration) / steps204 time.sleep(interval)205 for i in range(1, steps):206 x = int(start_x + (end_x-start_x) * i / steps)207 y = int(start_y + (end_y-start_y) * i / steps)208 self.mouse.move(coords=(x, y))209 time.sleep(interval)210 self.mouse.move(coords=(end_x, end_y))211 for i in range(1, offset+1):212 self.mouse.move(coords=(end_x+i, end_y+i))213 time.sleep(0.01)214 for i in range(offset):215 self.mouse.move(coords=(end_x+offset-i, end_y+offset-i))216 time.sleep(0.01)217, coords=(end_x, end_y))218 time.sleep(duration)219 self.mouse.release(button=button, coords=(end_x, end_y))220 def double_click(self, pos):221 pos = self._fix_op_pos(pos)222 coords = self._action_pos(pos)223 self.mouse.double_click(coords=coords)224 def swipe(self, p1, p2, duration=0.8, steps=5):225 """226 Perform swipe (mouse press and mouse release)227 Args:228 p1: start point229 p2: end point230 duration: time interval to perform the swipe action231 steps: size of the swipe step232 Returns:233 None234 """235 # 设置坐标时相对于整个屏幕的坐标:236 x1, y1 = self._fix_op_pos(p1)237 x2, y2 = self._fix_op_pos(p2)238 from_x, from_y = self._action_pos(p1)239 to_x, to_y = self._action_pos(p2)240 interval = float(duration) / (steps + 1)241, from_y))242 time.sleep(interval)243 for i in range(1, steps):244 self.mouse.move(coords=(245 int(from_x + (to_x - from_x) * i / steps),246 int(from_y + (to_y - from_y) * i / steps),247 ))248 time.sleep(interval)249 for i in range(10):250 self.mouse.move(coords=(to_x, to_y))251 time.sleep(interval)252 self.mouse.release(coords=(to_x, to_y))253 def mouse_move(self, pos):254 """Simulates a `mousemove` event.255 Known bug:256 Due to a bug in the pywinauto module, users might experience \257 off-by-one errors when it comes to the exact coordinates of \258 the position on screen.259 :param pos: A tuple (x, y), where x and y are x and y coordinates of260 the screen to move the mouse to, respectively.261 """262 if not isinstance(pos, tuple) or len(pos) != 2: # pos is not a 2-tuple263 raise ValueError('invalid literal for mouse_move: {}'.format(pos))264 try:265 self.mouse.move(coords=self._action_pos(pos))266 except ValueError: # in case where x, y are not numbers267 raise ValueError('invalid literal for mouse_move: {}'.format(pos))268 def mouse_down(self, button='left'):269 """Simulates a `mousedown` event.270 :param button: A string indicating which mouse button to be pressed.271 Available mouse button options are:272 {'left', 'middle', 'right'}.273 """274 buttons = {'left', 'middle', 'right'}275 if not isinstance(button, str) or button not in buttons:276 raise ValueError('invalid literal for mouse_down(): {}'.format(button))277 else:278 coords = self._action_pos(win32api.GetCursorPos())279, coords=coords)280 def mouse_up(self, button='left'):281 """Simulates a `mouseup` event.282 A call to the mouse_up() method usually follows a call to the283 mouse_down() method of the same mouse button.284 :param button: A string indicating which mouse button to be released.285 """286 buttons = {'left', 'middle', 'right'}287 if not isinstance(button, str) or button not in buttons:288 raise ValueError('invalid literal for mouse_up(): {}'.format(button))289 else:290 coords = self._action_pos(win32api.GetCursorPos())291 self.mouse.release(button=button, coords=coords)292 def start_app(self, path, **kwargs):293 """294 Start the application295 Args:296 path: full path to the application297 kwargs: reference: Returns:299 None300 """301 = self._app.start(path, **kwargs)302 def stop_app(self, pid):303 """304 Stop the application305 Args:306 pid: process ID of the application to be stopped307 Returns:308 None309 """310 self._app.connect(process=pid).kill()311 @require_app312 def set_foreground(self):313 """314 Bring the window foreground315 Returns:316 None317 """318 SetForegroundWindow(self._top_window)319 def get_rect(self):320 """321 Get rectangle322 Returns:323 win32structures.RECT324 """325 if and self._top_window:326 return self._top_window.rectangle()327 else:328 return RECT(right=GetSystemMetrics(0), bottom=GetSystemMetrics(1))329 @require_app330 def get_title(self):331 """332 Get the window title333 Returns:334 window title335 """336 return self._top_window.texts()337 @require_app338 def get_pos(self):339 """340 Get the window position coordinates341 Returns:342 coordinates of topleft corner of the window (left, top)343 """344 rect = self.get_rect()345 return (rect.left, @require_app347 def move(self, pos):348 """349 Move window to given coordinates350 Args:351 pos: coordinates (x, y) where to move the window352 Returns:353 None354 """355 self._top_window.MoveWindow(x=pos[0], y=pos[1])356 @require_app357 def kill(self):358 """359 Kill the application360 Returns:361 None362 """363 def _action_pos(self, pos):365 if pos = self._windowpos_to_screenpos(pos)367 pos = (int(pos[0]), int(pos[1]))368 return pos369 # @property370 # def handle(self):371 # return self._top_window.handle372 @property373 def focus_rect(self):374 return self._focus_rect375 @focus_rect.setter376 def focus_rect(self, value):377 # set focus rect to get rid of window border378 assert len(value) == 4, "focus rect must be in [left, top, right, bottom]"...

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