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...626 """627 out =["ls", "-l", filepath])628 file_size = int(out.split()[3])629 return file_size630 def _cleanup_forwards(self):631 """632 Remove the local forward ports633 Returns:634 None635 """636 for local in self._forward_local_using:637 self.start_cmd(["forward", "--remove", local])638 self._forward_local_using = []639 @property640 def line_breaker(self):641 """642 Set carriage return and line break property for various platforms and SDK versions643 Returns:644 carriage return and line break string645 """646 if not self._line_breaker:647 if self.sdk_version >= SDK_VERISON_NEW:648 line_breaker = os.linesep649 else:650 line_breaker = '\r' + os.linesep651 self._line_breaker = line_breaker.encode("ascii")652 return self._line_breaker653 @property654 def display_info(self):655 """656 Set device display properties (orientation, rotation and max values for x and y coordinates)657 Notes:658 if there is a lock screen detected, the function tries to unlock the device first659 Returns:660 device screen properties661 """662 self._display_info_lock.acquire()663 if not self._display_info:664 self._display_info = self.get_display_info()665 self._display_info_lock.release()666 return self._display_info667 def get_display_info(self):668 """669 Get information about device physical display (orientation, rotation and max values for x and y coordinates)670 Returns:671 device screen properties672 """673 display_info = self.getPhysicalDisplayInfo()674 orientation = self.getDisplayOrientation()675 max_x, max_y = self.getMaxXY()676 display_info.update({677 "orientation": orientation,678 "rotation": orientation * 90,679 "max_x": max_x,680 "max_y": max_y,681 })682 return display_info683 def getMaxXY(self):684 """685 Get device display maximum values for x and y coordinates686 Returns:687 max x and max y coordinates688 """689 ret ='getevent -p').split('\n')690 max_x, max_y = None, None691 for i in ret:692 if i.find("0035") != -1:693 patten = re.compile(r'max [0-9]+')694 ret = if ret:696 max_x = int([1])697 if i.find("0036") != -1:698 patten = re.compile(r'max [0-9]+')699 ret = if ret:701 max_y = int([1])702 return max_x, max_y703 def getRestrictedScreen(self):704 """705 Get value for mRestrictedScreen (without black border / virtual keyboard)`706 Returns:707 screen resolution mRestrictedScreen value as tuple (x, y)708 """709 # get the effective screen resolution of the device710 result = None711 # get the corresponding mRestrictedScreen parameters according to the device serial number712 dumpsys_info ="dumpsys window")713 match ='mRestrictedScreen=.+', dumpsys_info)714 if match:715 infoline = # like 'mRestrictedScreen=(0,0) 720x1184'716 resolution = infoline.split(" ")[1].split("x")717 if isinstance(resolution, list) and len(resolution) == 2:718 result = int(str(resolution[0])), int(str(resolution[1]))719 return result720 def getPhysicalDisplayInfo(self):721 """722 Get value for display dimension and density from `mPhysicalDisplayInfo` value obtained from `dumpsys` command.723 Returns:724 physical display info for dimension and density725 """726 phyDispRE = re.compile('.*PhysicalDisplayInfo{(?P<width>\d+) x (?P<height>\d+), .*, density (?P<density>[\d.]+).*')727 out = self.raw_shell('dumpsys display')728 m = if m:730 displayInfo = {}731 for prop in ['width', 'height']:732 displayInfo[prop] = int( for prop in ['density']:734 # In mPhysicalDisplayInfo density is already a factor, no need to calculate735 displayInfo[prop] = float( return displayInfo737 # This could also be mSystem or mOverscanScreen738 phyDispRE = re.compile('\s*mUnrestrictedScreen=\((?P<x>\d+),(?P<y>\d+)\) (?P<width>\d+)x(?P<height>\d+)')739 # This is known to work on older versions (i.e. API 10) where mrestrictedScreen is not available740 dispWHRE = re.compile('\s*DisplayWidth=(?P<width>\d+) *DisplayHeight=(?P<height>\d+)')741 out = self.raw_shell('dumpsys window')742 m =, 0)743 if not m:744 m =, 0)745 if m:746 displayInfo = {}747 for prop in ['width', 'height']:748 displayInfo[prop] = int( for prop in ['density']:750 d = self._getDisplayDensity(None, strip=True)751 if d:752 displayInfo[prop] = d753 else:754 # No available density information755 displayInfo[prop] = -1.0756 return displayInfo757 # gets C{mPhysicalDisplayInfo} values from dumpsys. This is a method to obtain display dimensions and density758 phyDispRE = re.compile('Physical size: (?P<width>\d+)x(?P<height>\d+).*Physical density: (?P<density>\d+)', re.S)759 m ='wm size; wm density'))760 if m:761 displayInfo = {}762 for prop in ['width', 'height']:763 displayInfo[prop] = int( for prop in ['density']:765 displayInfo[prop] = float( return displayInfo767 return {}768 def _getDisplayDensity(self, key, strip=True):769 """770 Get display density771 Args:772 key:773 strip: strip the output774 Returns:775 display density776 """777 BASE_DPI = 160.0778 d = self.getprop('ro.sf.lcd_density', strip)779 if d:780 return float(d) / BASE_DPI781 d = self.getprop('qemu.sf.lcd_density', strip)782 if d:783 return float(d) / BASE_DPI784 return -1.0785 def getDisplayOrientation(self):786 """787 Another way to get the display orientation, this works well for older devices (SDK version 15)788 Returns:789 display orientation information790 """791 # another way to get orientation, for old sumsung device(sdk version 15) from xiaoma792 SurfaceFlingerRE = re.compile('orientation=(\d+)')793 output ='dumpsys SurfaceFlinger')794 m = if m:796 return int( # Fallback method to obtain the orientation798 # See surfaceOrientationRE = re.compile('SurfaceOrientation:\s+(\d+)')800 output ='dumpsys input')801 m = if m:803 return int( # We couldn't obtain the orientation805 warnings.warn("Could not obtain the orientation, return 0")806 return 0807 def get_top_activity(self):808 """809 Perform `adb shell dumpsys activity top` command search for the top activity810 Raises:811 AirtestError: if top activity cannot be obtained812 Returns:813 top activity as a tuple: (package_name, activity_name, pid)814 """815 dat ='dumpsys activity top')816 activityRE = re.compile('\s*ACTIVITY ([A-Za-z0-9_.]+)/([A-Za-z0-9_.]+) \w+ pid=(\d+)')817 # in Android8.0 or higher, the result may be more than one818 m = activityRE.findall(dat)819 if m:820 return m[-1]821 else:822 raise AirtestError("Can not get top activity, output:%s" % dat)823 def is_keyboard_shown(self):824 """825 Perform `adb shell dumpsys input_method` command and search for information if keyboard is shown826 Returns:827 True or False whether the keyboard is shown or not828 """829 dim ='dumpsys input_method')830 if dim:831 return "mInputShown=true" in dim832 return False833 def is_screenon(self):834 """835 Perform `adb shell dumpsys window policy` command and search for information if screen is turned on or off836 Raises:837 AirtestError: if screen state can't be detected838 Returns:839 True or False whether the screen is turned on or off840 """841 screenOnRE = re.compile('mScreenOnFully=(true|false)')842 m ='dumpsys window policy'))843 if m:844 return ( == 'true')845 raise AirtestError("Couldn't determine screen ON state")846 def is_locked(self):847 """848 Perform `adb shell dumpsys window policy` command and search for information if screen is locked or not849 Raises:850 AirtestError: if lock screen can't be detected851 Returns:852 True or False whether the screen is locked or not853 """854 lockScreenRE = re.compile('(?:mShowingLockscreen|isStatusBarKeyguard)=(true|false)')855 m ='dumpsys window policy'))856 if not m:857 raise AirtestError("Couldn't determine screen lock state")858 return ( == 'true')859 def unlock(self):860 """861 Perform `adb shell input keyevent MENU` and `adb shell input keyevent BACK` commands to attempt862 to unlock the screen863 Returns:864 None865 Warnings:866 Might not work on all devices867 """868'input keyevent MENU')869'input keyevent BACK')870 def get_package_version(self, package):871 """872 Perform `adb shell dumpsys package` and search for information about given package version873 Args:874 package: package name875 Returns:876 None if no info has been found, otherwise package version877 """878 package_info =['dumpsys', 'package', package])879 matcher ='versionCode=(\d+)', package_info)880 if matcher:881 return int( return None883 def list_app(self, third_only=False):884 """885 Perform `adb shell pm list packages` to print all packages, optionally only886 those whose package name contains the text in FILTER.887 Options888 -f: see their associated file889 -d: filter to only show disabled packages890 -e: filter to only show enabled packages891 -s: filter to only show system packages892 -3: filter to only show third party packages893 -i: see the installer for the packages894 -u: also include uninstalled packages895 Args:896 third_only: print only third party packages897 Returns:898 list of packages899 """900 cmd = ["pm", "list", "packages"]901 if third_only:902 cmd.append("-3")903 output = packages = output.splitlines()905 # remove all empty string; "package:xxx" -> "xxx"906 packages = [p.split(":")[1] for p in packages if p]907 return packages908 def path_app(self, package):909 """910 Perform `adb shell pm path` command to print the path to the package911 Args:912 package: package name913 Raises:914 AdbShellError: if any adb error occurs915 AirtestError: if package is not found on the device916 Returns:917 path to the package918 """919 try:920 output =['pm', 'path', package])921 except AdbShellError:922 output = ""923 if 'package:' not in output:924 raise AirtestError('package not found, output:[%s]' % output)925 return output.split("package:")[1].strip()926 def check_app(self, package):927 """928 Perform `adb shell dumpsys package` command and check if package exists on the device929 Args:930 package: package name931 Raises:932 AirtestError: if package is not found933 Returns:934 True if package has been found935 """936 output =['dumpsys', 'package', package])937 pattern = r'Package\s+\[' + str(package) + '\]'938 match =, output)939 if match is None:940 raise AirtestError('package "{}" not found'.format(package))941 return True942 def start_app(self, package, activity=None):943 """944 Perform `adb shell monkey` commands to start the application, if `activity` argument is `None`, then945 `adb shell am start` command is used.946 Args:947 package: package name948 activity: activity name949 Returns:950 None951 """952 if not activity:953['monkey', '-p', package, '-c', 'android.intent.category.LAUNCHER', '1'])954 else:955['am', 'start', '-n', '%s/%s.%s' % (package, package, activity)])956 def start_app_timing(self, package, activity):957 """958 Start the application and activity, and measure time959 Args:960 package: package name961 activity: activity name962 Returns:963 app launch time964 """965 out =['am', 'start', '-S', '-W', '%s/%s' % (package, activity),966 '-c', 'android.intent.category.LAUNCHER', '-a', 'android.intent.action.MAIN'])967 if not"Status:\s*ok", out):968 raise AirtestError("Starting App: %s/%s Failed!" % (package, activity))969 matcher ="ThisTime:\s*(\d+)", out)970 if matcher:971 return int( else:973 return 0974 def stop_app(self, package):975 """976 Perform `adb shell am force-stop` command to force stop the application977 Args:978 package: package name979 Returns:980 None981 """982['am', 'force-stop', package])983 def clear_app(self, package):984 """985 Perform `adb shell pm clear` command to clear all application data986 Args:987 package: package name988 Returns:989 None990 """991['pm', 'clear', package])992 def get_ip_address(self):993 """994 Perform several set of commands to obtain the IP address995 * `adb shell netcfg | grep wlan0`996 * `adb shell ifconfig`997 * `adb getprop dhcp.wlan0.ipaddress`998 Returns:999 None if no IP address has been found, otherwise return the IP address1000 """1001 def get_ip_address_from_interface(interface):1002 try:1003 res ='netcfg')1004 except AdbShellError:1005 res = ''1006 matcher = + r'.* ((\d+\.){3}\d+)/\d+', res)1007 if matcher:1008 return else:1010 try:1011 res ='ifconfig')1012 except AdbShellError:1013 res = ''1014 matcher = + r'.*?inet addr:((\d+\.){3}\d+)', res, re.DOTALL)1015 if matcher:1016 return else:1018 try:1019 res ='getprop dhcp.{}.ipaddress'.format(interface))1020 except AdbShellError:1021 res = ''1022 matcher = if matcher:1024 return return None1026 interfaces = ('eth0', 'eth1', 'wlan0')1027 for i in interfaces:1028 ip = get_ip_address_from_interface(i)1029 if ip and not ip.startswith('172.') and not ip.startswith('127.') and not ip.startswith('169.'):1030 return ip1031 return None1032 def get_gateway_address(self):1033 """1034 Perform several set of commands to obtain the gateway address1035 * `adb getprop dhcp.wlan0.gateway`1036 * `adb shell netcfg | grep wlan0`1037 Returns:1038 None if no gateway address has been found, otherwise return the gateway address1039 """1040 ip2int = lambda ip: reduce(lambda a, b: (a << 8) + b, map(int, ip.split('.')), 0)1041 int2ip = lambda n: '.'.join([str(n >> (i << 3) & 0xFF) for i in range(0, 4)[::-1]])1042 try:1043 res ='getprop dhcp.wlan0.gateway')1044 except AdbShellError:1045 res = ''1046 matcher = if matcher:1048 return ip = self.get_ip_address()1050 if not ip:1051 return None1052 mask_len = self._get_subnet_mask_len()1053 gateway = (ip2int(ip) & (((1 << mask_len) - 1) << (32 - mask_len))) + 11054 return int2ip(gateway)1055 def _get_subnet_mask_len(self):1056 """1057 Perform `adb shell netcfg | grep wlan0` command to obtain mask length1058 Returns:1059 17 if mask length could not be detected, otherwise the mask length1060 """1061 try:1062 res ='netcfg')1063 except AdbShellError:1064 pass1065 else:1066 matcher ='wlan0.* (\d+\.){3}\d+/(\d+) ', res)1067 if matcher:1068 return int( # 获取不到网段长度就默认取171070 print('[iputils WARNING] fail to get subnet mask len. use 17 as default.')1071 return 171072 def get_memory(self):1073 res ="dumpsys meminfo")1074 pat = re.compile(r".*Total RAM:\s+(\S+)\s+", re.DOTALL)1075 _str = pat.match(res).group(1)1076 if ',' in _str:1077 _list = _str.split(',')1078 _num = int(_list[0])1079 _num = round(_num + (float(_list[1]) / 1000.0))1080 else:1081 _num = round(float(_str) / 1000.0 / 1000.0)1082 res = str(_num) + 'G'1083 return res1084 def get_storage(self):1085 res ="df /data")1086 pat = re.compile(r".*\/data\s+(\S+)", re.DOTALL)1087 if pat.match(res):1088 _str = pat.match(res).group(1)1089 else:1090 pat = re.compile(r".*\s+(\S+)\s+\S+\s+\S+\s+\S+\s+\/data", re.DOTALL)1091 _str = pat.match(res).group(1)1092 if 'G' in _str:1093 _num = round(float(_str[:-1]))1094 elif 'M' in _str:1095 _num = round(float(_str[:-1]) / 1000.0)1096 else:1097 _num = round(float(_str) / 1000.0 / 1000.0)1098 if _num > 64:1099 res = '128G'1100 elif _num > 32:1101 res = '64G'1102 elif _num > 16:1103 res = '32G'1104 elif _num > 8:1105 res = '16G'1106 else:1107 res = '8G'1108 return res1109 def get_cpuinfo(self):1110 res ="cat /proc/cpuinfo").strip()1111 cpuNum = res.count("processor")1112 pat = re.compile(r'Hardware\s+:\s+(\w+.*)')1113 m = pat.match(res)1114 if not m:1115 pat = re.compile(r'Processor\s+:\s+(\w+.*)')1116 m = pat.match(res)1117 cpuName ='\r', '')1118 return dict(cpuNum=cpuNum, cpuName=cpuName)1119 def get_cpufreq(self):1120 res ="cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq")1121 num = round(float(res) / 1000 / 1000, 1)1122 res = str(num) + 'GHz'1123 return res.strip()1124 def get_cpuabi(self):1125 res ="getprop ro.product.cpu.abi")1126 return res.strip()1127 def get_gpu(self):1128 res ="dumpsys SurfaceFlinger")1129 pat = re.compile(r'GLES:\s+(.*)')1130 m = if not m:1132 return None1133 _list =',')1134 gpuModel = ""1135 opengl = ""1136 if len(_list) > 0:1137 gpuModel = _list[1].strip()1138 if len(_list) > 1:1139 m2 ='(\S+\s+\S+\s+\S+).*', _list[2])1140 if m2:1141 opengl = return dict(gpuModel=gpuModel, opengl=opengl)1143 def get_model(self):1144 return self.getprop("ro.product.model")1145 def get_manufacturer(self):1146 return self.getprop("ro.product.manufacturer")1147 def get_device_info(self):1148 """1149 Get android device information, including: memory/storage/display/cpu/gpu/model/manufacturer...1150 Returns:1151 Dict of info1152 """1153 handlers = {1154 "platform": "Android",1155 "serialno": self.serialno,1156 "memory": self.get_memory,1157 "storage": self.get_storage,1158 "display": self.getPhysicalDisplayInfo,1159 "cpuinfo": self.get_cpuinfo,1160 "cpufreq": self.get_cpufreq,1161 "cpuabi": self.get_cpuabi,1162 "sdkversion": self.sdk_version,1163 "gpu": self.get_gpu,1164 "model": self.get_model,1165 "manufacturer": self.get_manufacturer,1166 # "battery": getBatteryCapacity1167 }1168 ret = {}1169 for k, v in handlers.items():1170 if callable(v):1171 try:1172 value = v()1173 except Exception:1174 value = None1175 ret[k] = value1176 else:1177 ret[k] = v1178 return ret1179 def get_display_of_all_screen(self, info):1180 """1181 Perform `adb shell dumpsys window windows` commands to get window display of application.1182 Args:1183 info: device screen properties1184 Returns:1185 None if adb command failed to run, otherwise return device screen properties1186 """1187 output ="dumpsys window windows")1188 windows = output.split("Window #")1189 offsetx, offsety, x, y = info['width'], info['height'], 0, 01190 package = self._search_for_current_package(output)1191 for w in windows:1192 if "package=%s" % package in w:1193 arr = re.findall(r'Frames: containing=\[(\d+\.?\d*),(\d+\.?\d*)]\[(\d+\.?\d*),(\d+\.?\d*)]', w)1194 if len(arr) >= 1 and len(arr[0]) == 4:1195 offsetx, offsety, x, y = float(arr[0][0]), float(arr[0][1]), float(arr[0][2]), float(arr[0][3])1196 if info["orientation"] in [1, 3]:1197 offsetx, offsety, x, y = offsety, offsetx, y, x1198 x, y = x - offsetx, y - offsety1199 return {1200 "offset_x": offsetx,1201 "offset_y": offsety,1202 "offset_width": x,1203 "offset_height": y1204 }1205 def _search_for_current_package(self, ret):1206 """1207 Search for current app package name from the output of command "adb shell dumpsys window windows"1208 Returns:1209 package name if exists else ""1210 """1211 packageRE = re.compile('\s*mCurrentFocus=Window{.* ([A-Za-z0-9_.]+)/[A-Za-z0-9_.]+}')1212 m = packageRE.findall(ret)1213 if m:1214 return m[-1]1215 return ""1216def cleanup_adb_forward():1217 for adb in ADB._instances:1218 adb._cleanup_forwards()...

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...114 # set a remote and remove it115 self.adb.forward(local='tcp:6100', remote="tcp:7100")116 self.adb.remove_forward(local='tcp:6100')117 self.assertEqual(len(list(self.adb.get_forwards())), 0)118 def test_cleanup_forwards(self):119 """120 Test that all forward ports have been removed121 测试所有forward的端口号都被remove了122 """123 for port in ['tcp:10010', 'tcp:10020', 'tcp:10030']:124 self.adb.forward(port, port)125 self.adb._cleanup_forwards()126 self.assertEqual(len(list(self.adb.get_forwards())), 0)127 def test_logcat(self):128 line_cnt = 0129 for line in self.adb.logcat():130 self.assertIsInstance(line, str)131 line_cnt += 1132 if line_cnt > 3:133 break134 self.assertGreater(line_cnt, 0)135 def test_pm_install(self):136 if PKG in self.adb.list_app():137 self.adb.pm_uninstall(PKG)138 self.adb.pm_install(APK)139 self.assertIn(PKG, self.adb.list_app())...

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