How to use _neo_wda_screenshot method in Airtest

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...115 w, h = h, w116 return w, h117 def home(self):118 return self.driver.home()119 def _neo_wda_screenshot(self):120 """121 this is almost same as wda implementation, but without png header check,122 as response data is now jpg format in mid quality123 """124 value = self.driver.http.get('screenshot').value125 raw_value = base64.b64decode(value)126 return raw_value127 def snapshot(self, filename=None, strType=False, ensure_orientation=True):128 """129 take snapshot130 filename: save screenshot to filename131 """132 data = None133 if self.cap_method == CAP_METHOD.MINICAP:134 raise NotImplementedError135 elif self.cap_method == CAP_METHOD.MINICAP_STREAM:136 raise NotImplementedError137 elif self.cap_method == CAP_METHOD.WDACAP:138 data = self._neo_wda_screenshot() # wda 截图不用考虑朝向139 # 实时刷新手机画面,直接返回base64格式,旋转问题交给IDE处理140 if strType:141 if filename:142 with open(filename, 'wb') as f:143 f.write(data)144 return data145 # output cv2 object146 try:147 screen = aircv.utils.string_2_img(data)148 except:149 # may be black/locked screen or other reason, print exc for debugging150 traceback.print_exc()151 return None152 h, w = screen.shape[:2]...

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...124 raise NotImplementedError125 elif self.cap_method == CAP_METHOD.MINICAP_STREAM:126 raise NotImplementedError127 elif self.cap_method == CAP_METHOD.WDACAP:128 data = self._neo_wda_screenshot() # wda 截图不用考虑朝向129 if strType:130 if filename:131 with open(filename, 'wb') as f:132 f.write(data)133 return data134 # output cv2 object135 try:136 screen = string_2_img(data)137 except:138 # may be black/locked screen or other reason, print exc for debugging139 import traceback140 traceback.print_exc()141 return None142 now_orientation = self.orientation143 # ensure the orientation is right144 if ensure_orientation and now_orientation in [LANDSCAPE, LANDSCAPE_RIGHT]:145 # minicap screenshots are different for various sdk_version146 if self.cap_method in (CAP_METHOD.MINICAP, CAP_METHOD.MINICAP_STREAM):147 h, w = screen.shape[:2] # cvshape是高度在前面!!!!148 if w < h: # 当前是横屏,但是图片是竖的,则旋转,针对sdk<=16的机器149 screen = rotate(screen, self.display_info["orientation"] * 90, clockwise=False)150 # wda 截图是要根据orientation旋转151 elif self.cap_method == CAP_METHOD.WDACAP:152 # seems need to rotate in opencv opencv-contrib-python== screen = rotate(screen, 90, clockwise=(now_orientation == LANDSCAPE_RIGHT))154 # readed screen size155 h, w = screen.shape[:2]156 # save last res for portrait157 if now_orientation in [LANDSCAPE, LANDSCAPE_RIGHT]:158 self._size['height'] = w159 self._size['width'] = h160 else:161 self._size['height'] = h162 self._size['width'] = w163 winw, winh = self.window_size()164 self._touch_factor = float(winh) / float(h)165 # save as file if needed166 if filename:167 imwrite(filename, screen)168 return screen169 def _neo_wda_screenshot(self):170 """171 this is almost same as wda implementation, but without png header check,172 as response data is now jpg format in mid quality173 """174 value = self.driver.http.get('screenshot').value175 raw_value = base64.b64decode(value)176 return raw_value177 def _touch_point_by_orientation(self, tuple_xy):178 """179 Convert image coordinates to physical display coordinates, the arbitrary point (origin) is upper left corner180 of the device physical display181 Args:182 tuple_xy: image coordinates (x, y)183 Returns:...

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