How to use _set_cmd_options method in Airtest

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...21 """adb object class"""22 def __init__(self, device_id: str = None, adb_path: str = None, host='', port=5037):23 self.device_id = device_id24 self.adb_path = adb_path or self.builtin_adb_path()25 self._set_cmd_options(host, port)26 self.connect()27 self._event_path = None # event信息28 self._display_info = {}29 self._line_breaker = None30 # 截图文件名字31 self._cap_name = ADB_CAP_NAME_RAW.format(self.get_device_id(decode=True))32 # 截图在手机上的路径33 self._cap_local_path = ADB_CAP_LOCAL_PATH.format(self._cap_name)34 # 截图png存放到工程的路径35 self._cap_remote_path = ADB_CAP_REMOTE_PATH.format(self.get_device_id(decode=True))36 # raw临时文件存放到工程的路径37 self._cap_raw_remote_path = ADB_CAP_REMOTE_RAW_PATH.format(self._cap_name)38 # 已经使用的端口39 self._sdk_version = self.sdk_version()40 @staticmethod41 def builtin_adb_path() -> str:42 """adb路径"""43 system = platform.system()44 machine = platform.machine()45 adb_path = DEFAULT_ADB_PATH.get('{}-{}'.format(system, machine))46 if not adb_path:47 adb_path = DEFAULT_ADB_PATH.get(system)48 if not adb_path:49 raise RuntimeError("No adb executable supports this platform({}-{}).".format(system, machine))50 # overwrite uiautomator adb51 if "ANDROID_HOME" in os.environ:52 del os.environ["ANDROID_HOME"]53 return adb_path54 def _set_cmd_options(self, host: str, port: int):55 """56 设置adb服务器57 Args:58 host: adb路径59 port: adb端口号60 Returns:61 None62 """63 = host64 self.port = port65 self.cmd_options = [self.adb_path]66 if not in ("localhost", ""):67 self.cmd_options += ['-H',]68 if self.port != 5037:...

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