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...73 code = self._translate_code(step)74 desc = self._translate_desc(step, code)75 screen = self._translate_screen(step, code)76 info = self._translate_info(step)77 assertion = self._translate_assertion(step)78 # set test failed if any traceback exists79 if info[0]:80 self.test_result = False81 self.FieldNum = self.FieldNum +182 if self.needResetPath and screen != None:83 self.resetScreen(screen,self.caseName)84 translated = {85 "title": title,86 "time": step["time"],87 "code": code,88 "screen": screen,89 "desc": desc,90 "traceback": info[0],91 "log": info[1],92 "assert": assertion,93 }94 return translated95 def _translate_title(self,name,step):96 title = {97 "touch":u"Touch",98 "swipe":u"Swipe",99 "wait":u"Wait",100 "exists": u"Exists",101 "text": u"Text",102 "keyevent": u"Keyevent",103 "sleep": u"Sleep",104 "assert_exists": u"Assert exists",105 "assert_not_exists": u"Assert not exists",106 "snapshot": u"Snapshot",107 "assert_equal": u"Assert equal",108 "assert_not_equal": u"Assert not equal",109 }110 return title.get(name,name)111 def _translate_code(self,step):112 if step["tag"] != "function":113 return None114 step_data = step["data"]115 args = []116 code = {117 "name":step_data["name"],118 "args":args,119 }120 for key,value in step_data["call_args"].items():121 args.append({122 "key":key,123 "value":value,124 })125 for k,arg in enumerate(args):126 value = arg["value"]127 if isinstance(value,dict) and value.get("__class__") == "Template":128 if self.export_dir:# all relative path129 image_path = value['filename']130 if not os.path.isfile(os.path.join(self.script_root,image_path)) and value['_filepath']:131 # copy image used by using statement132 shutil.copyfile(value['_filepath'], os.path.join(self.script_root, value['filename']))133 else:134 image_path = os.path.abspath(value['_filepath'] or value['filename'])135 arg["image"] = image_path136 if not value['_filepath'] and not os.path.exists(value['filename']):137 crop_img = imread(os.path.join(self.script_root,value['filename']))138 else:139 crop_img = imread(value['_filepath'] or value['filename'])140 arg["resolution"] = get_resolution(crop_img)141 return code142 def resetScreen(self,screen,CaseName):143 screen['src'] = self.splitPath(screen['src'],CaseName)144 screen['_filepath'] = self.splitPath(screen['_filepath'], CaseName)145 screen['thumbnail'] = self.splitPath(screen['thumbnail'], CaseName)146 def splitPath(self,str,caseName):147 s = str.split(caseName)148 return str.replace(s[0], "")149 def _translate_desc(self,step,code):150 #""" 函数描述"""151 if step['tag'] != "function":152 return None153 name = step['data']['name']154 res = step['data'].get('ret')155 args = {i['key']: i["value"] for i in code["args"]}156 desc ={157 "snapshot": lambda : u"Screenshot descriptions: %s" % args.get("msg"),158 "touch": lambda: u"Touch %s" % ("target image" if isinstance(args['v'],dict) else "coordinstes %s" % args['v']),159 "swipe": u"Swipe on screen",160 "wait": u"Wait for target image to appear",161 "exists": lambda: u"Image %s exists" % ("" if res else "not"),162 "text": lambda : u"Click [%s] button" % args.get('text'),163 "keyevent": lambda: u"Click [%s] button" % args.get('keyname'),164 "sleep": lambda: u"Wait for %s seconds" % args.get('secs'),165 "assert_exists": u"Assert target image exists",166 "assert_not_exists": u"Assert target image does not exists",167 }168 # todo: 最好用js里的多语言实现169 desc_zh = {170 "snapshot": lambda: u"截图描述: %s" % args.get("msg"),171 "touch": lambda: u"点击 %s" % (u"目标图片" if isinstance(args['v'], dict) else u"屏幕坐标 %s" % args['v']),172 "swipe": u"滑动操作",173 "wait": u"等待目标图片出现",174 "exists": lambda: u"图片%s存在" % ("" if res else u"不"),175 "text": lambda: u"输入文字:%s" % args.get('text'),176 "keyevent": lambda: u"点击[%s]按键" % args.get('keyname'),177 "sleep": lambda: u"等待%s秒" % args.get('secs'),178 "assert_exists": u"断言目标图片存在",179 "assert_not_exists": u"断言目标图片不存在",180 }181 #if self.lang == "zh":182 desc = desc_zh183 ret = desc.get(name)184 if callable(ret):185 ret = ret()186 return ret187 def _translate_info(self,step):188 trace_msg,log_msg = "",""189 if "traceback" in step["data"]:190 # 若包含有traceback内容,将会认定步骤失败191 trace_msg = step["data"]["traceback"]192 if step["tag"] == "info":193 if "log" in step["data"]:194 # 普通文本log内容,仅显示195 log_msg = step["data"]["log"]196 return trace_msg,log_msg197 def _translate_assertion(self,step):198 if "assert" in step["data"]["name"] and "msg" in step["data"]["call_args"]:199 return step["data"]["call_args"]["msg"]200 def _translate_screen(self,step,code):201 if step['tag'] not in ["function","info"] or not step.get("__children__"):202 return None203 screen = {204 "src":None,205 "rect":[],206 "pos":[],207 "vector":[],208 "confidence":None,209 }210 for item in step["__children__"]:211 if item["data"]["name"] == "try_log_screen":...

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...82 code = self._translate_code(step)83 desc = self._translate_desc(step, code)84 screen = self._translate_screen(step, code)85 traceback = self._translate_traceback(step)86 assertion = self._translate_assertion(step)87 # set test failed if any traceback exists88 if traceback:89 self.test_result = False90 translated = {91 "title": title,92 "time": step["time"],93 "code": code,94 "screen": screen,95 "desc": desc,96 "traceback": traceback,97 "assert": assertion98 }99 return translated100 def _translate_assertion(self, step):101 if "assert" in step["data"]["name"] and "msg" in step["data"]["call_args"]:102 return step["data"]["call_args"]["msg"]103 def _translate_screen(self, step, code):104 if step['tag'] != "function":105 return None106 screen = {107 "src": None,108 "rect": [],109 "pos": [],110 "vector": [],111 "confidence": None,112 }113 for item in step["__children__"]:114 if item["data"]["name"] == "try_log_screen" and isinstance(item["data"].get("ret", None), six.text_type):...

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