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...40 is base64-encoded UTF-8.41 """42 #return path43 return six.text_type(base64.b64encode(path.encode("utf8")), 'ascii')44 def decode_path(self, path):45 """Decode paths arriving over the wire."""46 return six.text_type(base64.b64decode(path.encode('ascii')), 'utf8')47 def getmeta(self, meta_name):48 meta = self.fs.getmeta(meta_name)49 if isinstance(meta, basestring):50 meta = self.decode_path(meta)51 return meta52 def getmeta_default(self, meta_name, default):53 meta = self.fs.getmeta(meta_name, default)54 if isinstance(meta, basestring):55 meta = self.decode_path(meta)56 return meta57 def hasmeta(self, meta_name):58 return self.fs.hasmeta(meta_name)59 def get_contents(self, path, mode="rb"):60 path = self.decode_path(path)61 data = self.fs.getcontents(path, mode)62 return xmlrpclib.Binary(data)63 def set_contents(self, path, data):64 path = self.decode_path(path)65 self.fs.setcontents(path, def exists(self, path):67 path = self.decode_path(path)68 return self.fs.exists(path)69 def isdir(self, path):70 path = self.decode_path(path)71 return self.fs.isdir(path)72 def isfile(self, path):73 path = self.decode_path(path)74 return self.fs.isfile(path)75 def listdir(self, path="./", wildcard=None, full=False, absolute=False, dirs_only=False, files_only=False):76 path = self.decode_path(path)77 entries = self.fs.listdir(path, wildcard, full, absolute, dirs_only, files_only)78 return [self.encode_path(e) for e in entries]79 def makedir(self, path, recursive=False, allow_recreate=False):80 path = self.decode_path(path)81 return self.fs.makedir(path, recursive, allow_recreate)82 def remove(self, path):83 path = self.decode_path(path)84 return self.fs.remove(path)85 def removedir(self, path, recursive=False, force=False):86 path = self.decode_path(path)87 return self.fs.removedir(path, recursive, force)88 def rename(self, src, dst):89 src = self.decode_path(src)90 dst = self.decode_path(dst)91 return self.fs.rename(src, dst)92 def settimes(self, path, accessed_time, modified_time):93 path = self.decode_path(path)94 if isinstance(accessed_time, xmlrpclib.DateTime):95 accessed_time = datetime.strptime(accessed_time.value, "%Y%m%dT%H:%M:%S")96 if isinstance(modified_time, xmlrpclib.DateTime):97 modified_time = datetime.strptime(modified_time.value, "%Y%m%dT%H:%M:%S")98 return self.fs.settimes(path, accessed_time, modified_time)99 def getinfo(self, path):100 path = self.decode_path(path)101 info = self.fs.getinfo(path)102 info = dict((k, v) for k, v in info.iteritems()103 if k in self._allowed_info)104 return info105 def desc(self, path):106 path = self.decode_path(path)107 return self.fs.desc(path)108 def getxattr(self, path, attr, default=None):109 path = self.decode_path(path)110 attr = self.decode_path(attr)111 return self.fs.getxattr(path, attr, default)112 def setxattr(self, path, attr, value):113 path = self.decode_path(path)114 attr = self.decode_path(attr)115 return self.fs.setxattr(path, attr, value)116 def delxattr(self, path, attr):117 path = self.decode_path(path)118 attr = self.decode_path(attr)119 return self.fs.delxattr(path, attr)120 def listxattrs(self, path):121 path = self.decode_path(path)122 return [self.encode_path(a) for a in self.fs.listxattrs(path)]123 def copy(self, src, dst, overwrite=False, chunk_size=16384):124 src = self.decode_path(src)125 dst = self.decode_path(dst)126 return self.fs.copy(src, dst, overwrite, chunk_size)127 def move(self, src, dst, overwrite=False, chunk_size=16384):128 src = self.decode_path(src)129 dst = self.decode_path(dst)130 return self.fs.move(src, dst, overwrite, chunk_size)131 def movedir(self, src, dst, overwrite=False, ignore_errors=False, chunk_size=16384):132 src = self.decode_path(src)133 dst = self.decode_path(dst)134 return self.fs.movedir(src, dst, overwrite, ignore_errors, chunk_size)135 def copydir(self, src, dst, overwrite=False, ignore_errors=False, chunk_size=16384):136 src = self.decode_path(src)137 dst = self.decode_path(dst)138 return self.fs.copydir(src, dst, overwrite, ignore_errors, chunk_size)139class RPCFSServer(SimpleXMLRPCServer):140 """Server to expose an FS object via XML-RPC.141 This class takes as its first argument an FS instance, and as its second142 argument a (hostname,port) tuple on which to listen for XML-RPC requests.143 Example::144 fs = OSFS('/var/srv/myfiles')145 s = RPCFSServer(fs,("",8080))146 s.serve_forever()147 To cleanly shut down the server after calling serve_forever, set the148 attribute "serve_more_requests" to False.149 """150 def __init__(self, fs, addr, requestHandler=None, logRequests=None):151 kwds = dict(allow_none=True)...

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