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...151 """152 if self._screen_proxy:153 self._screen_proxy.teardown_stream()154 self._screen_proxy = ScreenProxy.auto_setup(self.adb, default_method=cap_method)155 def get_deprecated_var(self, old_name, new_name):156 """157 Get deprecated class variables158 When the airtest version number>=1.1.2, the call device.minicap/device.javacap is removed, and relevant compatibility is made here, and DeprecationWarning is printed159 airtest版本号>=1.1.2时,去掉了device.minicap/device.javacap这样的调用,在此做了相关的兼容,并打印DeprecationWarning160 Usage: Android.minicap=property(lambda self: self.get_deprecated_var("minicap", "screen_proxy"))161 Args:162 old_name: "minicap"163 new_name: "screen_proxy"164 Returns:165 New implementation of deprecated object, e.g self.minicap -> self.screen_proxy166 dev.minicap.get_frame_from_stream() -> dev.screen_proxy.get_frame_from_stream()167 Examples:168 >>> dev = Android()169 >>> isinstance(dev.minicap, ScreenProxy) # True170 >>> dev.minicap.get_frame_from_stream() # --> dev.screen_proxy.get_frame_from_stream()171 """172 warnings.simplefilter("always")173 warnings.warn("{old_name} is deprecated, use {new_name} instead".format(old_name=old_name, new_name=new_name),174 DeprecationWarning)175 return getattr(self, new_name)176 def get_default_device(self):177 """178 Get local default device when no serialno179 Returns:180 local device serialno181 """182 if not ADB().devices(state="device"):183 raise IndexError("ADB devices not found")184 return ADB().devices(state="device")[0][0]185 @property186 def uuid(self):187 """188 Serial number189 :return:190 """191 ult = [self.serialno]192 if self.display_id:193 ult.append(self.display_id)194 if self.input_event:195 ult.append(self.input_event)196 return "_".join(ult)197 def list_app(self, third_only=False):198 """199 Return list of packages200 Args:201 third_only: if True, only third party applications are listed202 Returns:203 array of applications204 """205 return self.adb.list_app(third_only)206 def path_app(self, package):207 """208 Print the full path to the package209 Args:210 package: package name211 Returns:212 the full path to the package213 """214 return self.adb.path_app(package)215 def check_app(self, package):216 """217 Check if package exists on the device218 Args:219 package: package name220 Returns:221 True if package exists on the device222 Raises:223 AirtestError: raised if package is not found224 """225 return self.adb.check_app(package)226 def start_app(self, package, activity=None):227 """228 Start the application and activity229 Args:230 package: package name231 activity: activity name232 Returns:233 None234 """235 return self.adb.start_app(package, activity)236 def start_app_timing(self, package, activity):237 """238 Start the application and activity, and measure time239 Args:240 package: package name241 activity: activity name242 Returns:243 app launch time244 """245 return self.adb.start_app_timing(package, activity)246 def stop_app(self, package):247 """248 Stop the application249 Args:250 package: package name251 Returns:252 None253 """254 return self.adb.stop_app(package)255 def clear_app(self, package):256 """257 Clear all application data258 Args:259 package: package name260 Returns:261 None262 """263 return self.adb.clear_app(package)264 def install_app(self, filepath, replace=False, install_options=None):265 """266 Install the application on the device267 Args:268 filepath: full path to the `apk` file to be installed on the device269 replace: True or False to replace the existing application270 install_options: list of options, default is []271 Returns:272 output from installation process273 """274 return self.adb.install_app(filepath, replace=replace, install_options=install_options)275 def install_multiple_app(self, filepath, replace=False, install_options=None):276 """277 Install multiple the application on the device278 Args:279 filepath: full path to the `apk` file to be installed on the device280 replace: True or False to replace the existing application281 install_options: list of options, default is []282 Returns:283 output from installation process284 """285 return self.adb.install_multiple_app(filepath, replace=replace, install_options=install_options)286 def uninstall_app(self, package):287 """288 Uninstall the application from the device289 Args:290 package: package name291 Returns:292 output from the uninstallation process293 """294 return self.adb.uninstall_app(package)295 def snapshot(self, filename=None, ensure_orientation=True, quality=10, max_size=None):296 """297 Take the screenshot of the display. The output is send to stdout by default.298 Args:299 filename: name of the file where to store the screenshot, default is None which is stdout300 ensure_orientation: True or False whether to keep the orientation same as display301 quality: The image quality, integer in range [1, 99]302 max_size: the maximum size of the picture, e.g 1200303 Returns:304 screenshot output305 """306 # default not write into file.307 screen = self.screen_proxy.snapshot(ensure_orientation=ensure_orientation)308 if filename:309 aircv.imwrite(filename, screen, quality, max_size=max_size)310 return screen311 def shell(self, *args, **kwargs):312 """313 Return `adb shell` interpreter314 Args:315 *args: optional shell commands316 **kwargs: optional shell commands317 Returns:318 None319 """320 return*args, **kwargs)321 def keyevent(self, keyname, **kwargs):322 """323 Perform keyevent on the device324 Args:325 keyname: keyevent name326 **kwargs: optional arguments327 Returns:328 None329 """330 self.adb.keyevent(keyname)331 def wake(self):332 """333 Perform wake up event334 Returns:335 None336 """337 # 先尝试连续发送224和82解锁屏幕,如果解锁失败,再试用yosemite解锁338 self.adb.keyevent("KEYCODE_WAKEUP")339 if self.adb.is_locked():340 self.adb.keyevent("KEYCODE_MENU")341 time.sleep(0.5)342 if self.adb.is_locked():343 self.home()344 self.recorder.install_or_upgrade() # 暂时Yosemite只用了ime345['am', 'start', '-a', 'com.netease.nie.yosemite.ACTION_IDENTIFY'])346 time.sleep(0.5)347 self.home()348 def home(self):349 """350 Press HOME button351 Returns:352 None353 """354 self.keyevent("HOME")355 def text(self, text, enter=True, **kwargs):356 """357 Input text on the device358 Args:359 text: text to input360 enter: True or False whether to press `Enter` key361 search: True or False whether to press `Search` key on IME after input362 Returns:363 None364 """365 search = False if "search" not in kwargs else kwargs["search"]366 if self.ime_method == IME_METHOD.YOSEMITEIME:367 try:368 self.yosemite_ime.text(text)369 except AdbError:370 # 部分手机如oppo/vivo等,在没有安装/启用yosemite输入法时无法使用,改用adb shell input text输入371 self.adb.text(text)372 else:373 self.adb.text(text)374 if search:375 try:376 self.yosemite_ime.code("3")377 except AdbError:378["input", "keyevent", "84"])379 # 游戏输入时,输入有效内容后点击Enter确认,如不需要,enter置为False即可。380 if enter:381["input", "keyevent", "ENTER"])382 def touch(self, pos, duration=0.01):383 """384 Perform touch event on the device385 Args:386 pos: coordinates (x, y)387 duration: how long to touch the screen388 Returns:389 None390 """391 self.touch_proxy.touch(pos, duration)392 def double_click(self, pos):393 self.touch(pos)394 time.sleep(0.05)395 self.touch(pos)396 def swipe(self, p1, p2, duration=0.5, steps=5, fingers=1):397 """398 Perform swipe event on the device399 Args:400 p1: start point401 p2: end point402 duration: how long to swipe the screen, default 0.5403 steps: how big is the swipe step, default 5404 fingers: the number of fingers. 1 or 2.405 Returns:406 None407 """408 self.touch_proxy.swipe(p1, p2, duration=duration, steps=steps, fingers=fingers)409 def pinch(self, center=None, percent=0.5, duration=0.5, steps=5, in_or_out='in'):410 """411 Perform pinch event on the device, only for minitouch and maxtouch412 Args:413 center: the center point of the pinch operation414 percent: pinch distance to half of screen, default is 0.5415 duration: time interval for swipe duration, default is 0.8416 steps: size of swipe step, default is 5417 in_or_out: pinch in or pinch out, default is 'in'418 Returns:419 None420 Raises:421 TypeError: An error occurred when center is not a list/tuple or None422 """423 self.touch_proxy.pinch(center=center, percent=percent, duration=duration, steps=steps, in_or_out=in_or_out)424 def swipe_along(self, coordinates_list, duration=0.8, steps=5):425 """426 Perform swipe event across multiple points in sequence, only for minitouch and maxtouch427 Args:428 coordinates_list: list of coordinates: [(x1, y1), (x2, y2), (x3, y3)]429 duration: time interval for swipe duration, default is 0.8430 steps: size of swipe step, default is 5431 Returns:432 None433 """434 self.touch_proxy.swipe_along(coordinates_list, duration=duration, steps=steps)435 def two_finger_swipe(self, tuple_from_xy, tuple_to_xy, duration=0.8, steps=5, offset=(0, 50)):436 """437 Perform two finger swipe action, only for minitouch and maxtouch438 Args:439 tuple_from_xy: start point440 tuple_to_xy: end point441 duration: time interval for swipe duration, default is 0.8442 steps: size of swipe step, default is 5443 offset: coordinate offset of the second finger, default is (0, 50)444 Returns:445 None446 """447 self.touch_proxy.two_finger_swipe(tuple_from_xy, tuple_to_xy, duration=duration, steps=steps, offset=offset)448 def logcat(self, *args, **kwargs):449 """450 Perform `logcat`operations451 Args:452 *args: optional arguments453 **kwargs: optional arguments454 Returns:455 `logcat` output456 """457 return self.adb.logcat(*args, **kwargs)458 def getprop(self, key, strip=True):459 """460 Get properties for given key461 Args:462 key: key name463 strip: True or False whether to strip the output or not464 Returns:465 property value(s)466 """467 return self.adb.getprop(key, strip)468 def get_ip_address(self):469 """470 Perform several set of commands to obtain the IP address471 * `adb shell netcfg | grep wlan0`472 * `adb shell ifconfig`473 * `adb getprop dhcp.wlan0.ipaddress`474 Returns:475 None if no IP address has been found, otherwise return the IP address476 """477 return self.adb.get_ip_address()478 def get_top_activity(self):479 """480 Get the top activity481 Returns:482 (package, activity, pid)483 """484 return self.adb.get_top_activity()485 def get_top_activity_name(self):486 """487 Get the top activity name488 Returns:489 package/activity490 """491 tanp = self.get_top_activity()492 if tanp:493 return tanp[0] + '/' + tanp[1]494 else:495 return None496 def is_keyboard_shown(self):497 """498 Return True or False whether soft keyboard is shown or not499 Notes:500 Might not work on all devices501 Returns:502 True or False503 """504 return self.adb.is_keyboard_shown()505 def is_screenon(self):506 """507 Return True or False whether the screen is on or not508 Notes:509 Might not work on all devices510 Returns:511 True or False512 """513 return self.adb.is_screenon()514 def is_locked(self):515 """516 Return True or False whether the device is locked or not517 Notes:518 Might not work on some devices519 Returns:520 True or False521 """522 return self.adb.is_locked()523 def unlock(self):524 """525 Unlock the device526 Notes:527 Might not work on all devices528 Returns:529 None530 """531 return self.adb.unlock()532 @property533 def display_info(self):534 """535 Return the display info (width, height, orientation and max_x, max_y)536 Returns:537 display information538 """539 if not self._display_info:540 self._display_info = self.get_display_info()541 display_info = copy(self._display_info)542 # update ow orientation, which is more accurate543 if self._current_orientation is not None:544 display_info.update({545 "rotation": self._current_orientation * 90,546 "orientation": self._current_orientation,547 })548 return display_info549 def get_display_info(self):550 """551 Return the display info (width, height, orientation and max_x, max_y)552 Returns:553 display information554 """555 self.rotation_watcher.get_ready()556 return self.adb.get_display_info()557 def get_current_resolution(self):558 """559 Return current resolution after rotation560 Returns:561 width and height of the display562 """563 # 注意黑边问题,需要用安卓接口获取区分两种分辨率564 w, h = self.display_info["width"], self.display_info["height"]565 if self.display_info["orientation"] in [1, 3]:566 w, h = h, w567 return w, h568 def get_render_resolution(self, refresh=False):569 """570 Return render resolution after rotation571 Args:572 refresh: whether to force refresh render resolution573 Returns:574 offset_x, offset_y, offset_width and offset_height of the display575 """576 if refresh or 'offset_x' not in self._display_info:577 self.adjust_all_screen()578 x, y, w, h = self._display_info.get('offset_x', 0), \579 self._display_info.get('offset_y', 0), \580 self._display_info.get('offset_width', 0), \581 self._display_info.get('offset_height', 0)582 if self.display_info["orientation"] in [1, 3]:583 x, y, w, h = y, x, h, w584 return x, y, w, h585 def start_recording(self, max_time=1800, bit_rate_level=1, bit_rate=None):586 """587 Start recording the device display588 Args:589 max_time: maximum screen recording time, default is 1800590 bit_rate_level: bit_rate=resolution*level, 0 < level <= 5, default is 1591 bit_rate: the higher the bitrate, the clearer the video592 Returns:593 None594 Examples:595 Record 30 seconds of video and export to the current directory test.mp4::596 >>> from airtest.core.api import connect_device, sleep597 >>> dev = connect_device("Android:///")598 >>> # Record the screen with the lowest quality599 >>> dev.start_recording(bit_rate_level=1)600 >>> sleep(30)601 >>> dev.stop_recording(output="test.mp4")602 Or set max_time=30, the screen recording will stop automatically after 30 seconds::603 >>> dev.start_recording(max_time=30, bit_rate_level=5)604 >>> dev.stop_recording(output="test_30s.mp4")605 The default value of `max_time` is 1800 seconds, so the maximum screen recording time is half an hour.606 You can modify its value to obtain a longer screen recording::607 >>> dev.start_recording(max_time=3600, bit_rate_level=5)608 >>> dev.stop_recording(output="test_hour.mp4")609 """610 if not bit_rate:611 if bit_rate_level > 5:612 bit_rate_level = 5613 bit_rate = self.display_info['width'] * self.display_info['height'] * bit_rate_level614 return self.recorder.start_recording(max_time=max_time, bit_rate=bit_rate)615 def stop_recording(self, output="screen.mp4", is_interrupted=False):616 """617 Stop recording the device display. Recoding file will be kept in the device.618 Args:619 output: default file is `screen.mp4`620 is_interrupted: True or False. Stop only, no pulling recorded file from device.621 Returns:622 None623 """624 return self.recorder.stop_recording(output=output, is_interrupted=is_interrupted)625 def _register_rotation_watcher(self):626 """627 Register callbacks for Android and minicap when rotation of screen has changed628 callback is called in another thread, so be careful about thread-safety629 Returns:630 None631 """632 self.rotation_watcher.reg_callback(lambda x: setattr(self, "_current_orientation", x))633 def _touch_point_by_orientation(self, tuple_xy):634 """635 Convert image coordinates to physical display coordinates, the arbitrary point (origin) is upper left corner636 of the device physical display637 Args:638 tuple_xy: image coordinates (x, y)639 Returns:640 """641 x, y = tuple_xy642 x, y = XYTransformer.up_2_ori(643 (x, y),644 (self.display_info["width"], self.display_info["height"]),645 self.display_info["orientation"]646 )647 return x, y648 def adjust_all_screen(self):649 """650 Adjust the render resolution for all_screen device.651 Return:652 None653 """654 info = self.display_info655 ret = self.adb.get_display_of_all_screen(info)656 if ret:657 info.update(ret)658 self._display_info = info659# Compatible with old code, such as device.minicap660Android.minicap=property(lambda self: self.get_deprecated_var("minicap", "screen_proxy"))661Android.javacap=property(lambda self: self.get_deprecated_var("javacap", "screen_proxy"))662Android.minitouch=property(lambda self: self.get_deprecated_var("minitouch", "touch_proxy"))...

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