How to use get_each_method_maximun_cpu_mem method in Airtest

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...46 self.time_axis.append(date)47 self.cpu_axis.append(cpu_percent)48 self.mem_axis.append(mem_gb_num)49 # 获取各种方法执行过程中的cpu和内存极值:50 self.get_each_method_maximun_cpu_mem()51 def get_each_method_maximun_cpu_mem(self):52 """获取每个方法中的cpu和内存耗费最值点."""53 # 本函数用于丰富self.method_exec_info的信息:存入cpu、mem最值点54 self.method_exec_info = deepcopy("method_exec_info", []))55 method_exec_info = deepcopy(self.method_exec_info) # 用来辅助循环56 method_index, cpu_max, cpu_max_time, mem_max, mem_max_time = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 # 临时变量57 self.max_mem = 058 for index, timestamp in enumerate(self.timestamp_list):59 # method_exec_info是按顺序的,逐个遍历找出每个method_exec_info中的cpu和mem的最值点和timestamp:60 start, end = method_exec_info[0]["start_time"], method_exec_info[0]["end_time"]61 if timestamp < start:62 # 方法正式start之前的数据,不能参与方法内的cpu、mem计算,直接忽略此条数据63 continue64 elif timestamp <= end:65 # 方法执行期间的数据,纳入最值比较:...

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