How to use get_frame_from_stream method in Airtest

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...29 frame = self.minicap.get_frame()30 frame = string_2_img(frame)31 self.assertIsInstance(frame, ndarray)32 def test_get_frames(self):33 frame = self.minicap.get_frame_from_stream()34 frame = string_2_img(frame)35 self.assertIsInstance(frame, ndarray)36 def test_rotation(self):37"HOME")38 time.sleep(1)39 frame_vertical = self.minicap.get_frame_from_stream()40 frame_vertical = string_2_img(frame_vertical)41 time.sleep(1)43 frame_horizontal = self.minicap.get_frame_from_stream()44 frame_horizontal = string_2_img(frame_horizontal)45 self.assertEqual(frame_vertical.shape[0], frame_horizontal.shape[1])46 self.assertEqual(frame_vertical.shape[1], frame_horizontal.shape[0])47 self.assertEqual(self._count_server_proc(), 1)48class TestMinicapSetup(TestMinicapBase):49 def test_0_install(self):50 self.minicap.uninstall()51 self.minicap.install()52 def test_teardown(self):53 self.minicap.get_frame_from_stream()54 self.minicap.teardown_stream()55 self.assertEqual(self._count_server_proc(), 0)56if __name__ == '__main__':...

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...7 所有屏幕截图方法的基类8 """9 def __init__(self, adb, *args, **kwargs):10 self.adb = adb11 def get_frame_from_stream(self):12 """13 Get a frame of the current screen from the mobile screen stream14 从手机画面流中,获取一张当前屏幕截图15 Returns: frame_data16 """17 raise NotImplementedError18 def get_frame(self):19 # 获得单张屏幕截图20 return self.get_frame_from_stream()21 def teardown_stream(self):22 pass23 def snapshot(self, ensure_orientation=True, *args, **kwargs):24 """25 Take a screenshot and convert it into a cv2 image object26 获取一张屏幕截图,并转化成cv2的图像对象27 Returns: numpy.ndarray28 """29 screen = self.get_frame_from_stream()30 try:31 screen = aircv.utils.string_2_img(screen)32 except Exception:33 # may be black/locked screen or other reason, print exc for debugging34 traceback.print_exc()35 return None...

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