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...10);11'''12def loadlibrary(name, address):13 # Retrieve the DLL name 14 dllname = emu.get_memory_string(emu.get_memory(emu.get_register("ESP") + 4))15 16 # Make a real call to LoadLibrary and return the handle17 dllhandle = windll.kernel32.LoadLibraryA(dllname)18 emu.set_register("EAX", dllhandle)19 20 # Reset the stack and return from the handler21 return_address = emu.get_memory(emu.get_register("ESP"))22 emu.set_register("ESP", emu.get_register("ESP") + 8)23 emu.set_register("EIP", return_address)24 25 return True26 27'''28FARPROC WINAPI GetProcAddress(29 __in HMODULE hModule,30 __in LPCSTR lpProcName31);32'''33def getprocaddress(name, address):34 # Get both arguments, which are a handle and the procedure name35 handle = emu.get_memory(emu.get_register("ESP") + 4)36 proc_name = emu.get_memory(emu.get_register("ESP") + 8)37 38 # lpProcName can be a name or ordinal, if top word is null its an ordinal39 if (proc_name >> 16):40 procname = emu.get_memory_string(emu.get_memory(emu.get_register("ESP") + 8))41 else:42 procname = arg243 44 # Add the procedure to the emulator45 emu.os.add_library(handle, procname)46 import_address = emu.os.get_library_address(procname)47 48 # Return the import address49 emu.set_register("EAX", import_address)50 51 # Reset the stack and return from our handler52 return_address = emu.get_memory(emu.get_register("ESP"))53 emu.set_register("ESP", emu.get_register("ESP") + 8)54 emu.set_register("EIP", return_address)55 return True56'''57BOOL WINAPI VirtualProtect(58 __in LPVOID lpAddress,59 __in SIZE_T dwSize,60 __in DWORD flNewProtect,61 __out PDWORD lpflOldProtect62);63'''64def virtualprotect(name, address):65 # Just return TRUE66 emu.set_register("EAX", 1)67 68 # Reset the stack and return from our handler69 return_address = emu.get_memory(emu.get_register("ESP"))70 emu.set_register("ESP", emu.get_register("ESP") + 16)71 emu.set_register("EIP", return_address)72 return True73# When the unpacking routine is finished, handle the JMP to the OEP74def jmp_handler(emu, mnemonic, eip, op1, op2, op3):75 76 # The UPX1 section 77 if eip < emu.sections["UPX1"]["base"]:78 print "[*] We are jumping out of the unpacking routine."79 print "[*] OEP = 0x%08x" % eip80 # Dump the unpacked binary to disk81 dump_unpacked(emu)82 83 # We can stop emulating now84 emu.emulating = False85 86 return True87# Dump out our newly unpacked binary 88def dump_unpacked(emu):89 global outputfile90 91 fh = open(outputfile, 'wb')92 print "[*] Dumping UPX0 Section"93 base = emu.sections["UPX0"]["base"]94 length = emu.sections["UPX0"]["vsize"]95 print "[*] Base: 0x%08x Vsize: %08x" % (base, length)96 for x in range(length):97 fh.write("%c" % emu.get_memory(base + x, 1))98 99 print "[*] Dumping UPX1 Section"100 base = emu.sections["UPX1"]["base"]101 length = emu.sections["UPX1"]["vsize"]102 print "[*] Base: 0x%08x Vsize: %08x" % (base, length)103 104 for x in range(length):105 fh.write("%c" % emu.get_memory(base + x, 1))106 107 print "[*] Finished."108 109# Commandline arguments110exename = sys.argv[1]111outputfile = sys.argv[2]112# Instantiate our emulator object113emu = PEPyEmu()114if exename:115 116 # Load the binary into PyEmu117 if not emu.load(exename):118 print "[!] Problem loading %s" % exename119 sys.exit(2)...

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