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1import inspect2import os3import click4from cli.config import Config5from cli.internal.models.apkparsing.apk import APK6from cli.internal.models.artifacts import IArtifact7from cli.internal.utils.hashing import hash_file8from cli.internal.utils.logging import LazyLog9from cli.internal.utils.ui import section10from cli.internal.utils.validation import validate_artifact_version11class Apk(IArtifact):12 def __init__(self, config: Config, binary, apk: APK):13 self.config = config14 self.binary = binary15 self.apk = apk16 = apk.get_package() if apk.is_valid_APK() else None17 self.version = apk.get_androidversion_code() if apk.is_valid_APK() else None18 self.details = None19 @staticmethod20 def parse(config, apk):21 parsed = Apk(config, apk, APK(apk))22 parsed.validate()23 return parsed24 # TODO: Move this entire validation to service side.25 def validate(self):26 # If not parsed well by apk_parse27 if not self.apk.is_valid_APK():28 self.config.logger.error('Not a valid APK.')29 raise click.Abort()30 validate_artifact_version(self.config, self.version, self.get_type())31 min_sdk = int(self.apk.get_min_sdk_version())32 # We don't support anything higher right now33 if min_sdk > 30:34 self.config.logger.error(inspect.cleandoc("""35 File Name: {}36 Mason Platform does not currently support applications with a minimum sdk greater37 than API 30. Please lower the minimum sdk value in your manifest or38 gradle file.39 """.format(self.binary)))40 raise click.Abort()41 is_debug = False42 if self.apk.is_signed_v1():43 for cert_name in self.apk.get_signature_names():44 cert = self.apk.get_certificate(cert_name)45 is_debug = is_debug or cert.subject.native.get('common_name', '') == 'Android Debug'46 elif min_sdk >= 25 and self.apk.is_signed_v2():47 for cert in self.apk.get_certificates_v2():48 is_debug = is_debug or cert.subject.native.get('common_name', '') == 'Android Debug'49 elif min_sdk >= 28 and self.apk.is_signed_v3():50 for cert in self.apk.get_certificates_v3():51 is_debug = is_debug or cert.subject.native.get('common_name', '') == 'Android Debug'52 else:53 self.config.logger.error(inspect.cleandoc("""54 File Name: {}55 A signing certificate was not detected.56 The Mason Platform requires your app to be signed with a signing scheme.57 For more details on app signing, visit """.format(self.binary)))59 raise click.Abort()60 if is_debug:61 self.config.logger.error(inspect.cleandoc("""62 Apps signed with debug keys are not allowed.63 Please sign the APK with your release keys and try again.64 """))65 raise click.Abort()66 def log_details(self):67 with section(self.config, self.get_pretty_type()):68'File path: {}'.format(self.binary))69'Package name: {}'.format(self.get_name()))70'Version name: {}'.format(self.apk.get_androidversion_name()))71'Version code: {}'.format(self.apk.get_androidversion_code()))72 self.config.logger.debug(LazyLog(73 lambda: 'File size: {}'.format(os.path.getsize(self.binary))))74 self.config.logger.debug(LazyLog(75 lambda: 'File SHA256: {}'.format(hash_file(self.binary, 'sha256'))))76 self.config.logger.debug(LazyLog(77 lambda: 'File SHA1: {}'.format(hash_file(self.binary, 'sha1'))))78 self.config.logger.debug(LazyLog(79 lambda: 'File MD5: {}'.format(hash_file(self.binary, 'md5'))))80 def get_content_type(self):81 return 'application/'82 def get_type(self):83 return 'apk'84 def get_pretty_type(self):85 return 'App'86 def get_sub_type(self):87 return88 def get_name(self):89 return self.name90 def get_version(self):91 return self.version92 def get_registry_meta_data(self):93 meta_data = {94 'apk': {95 'versionName': self.apk.get_androidversion_name(),96 'versionCode': self.apk.get_androidversion_code(),97 'packageName': self.get_name()98 },99 }100 return meta_data101 def __eq__(self, other):...

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1#!/usr/bin/python2# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-3from androguard.misc import APK4from pprint import pprint5import sys6def analysis(apkfile):7 app = APK(apkfile)8 if not app.is_valid_APK():9 print('{} is not a valid apk')10 sys.exit(0)11 pprint(app.filename)12 pprint(app.androidversion)13 pprint(app.files)14 # app._patch_magic15 # app.androidversion16 # app.arsc17 # app.axml18 # app.declared_permissions19 # app.filename20 # app.files21 # app.files_crc3222 # app.format_value23 # app.get_AndroidManifest24 # app.get_activities25 # app.get_android_manifest_axml26 # app.get_android_manifest_xml27 # app.get_android_resources28 # app.get_androidversion_code29 # app.get_androidversion_name30 # app.get_app_name31 # app.get_certificate32 # app.get_declared_permissions33 # app.get_declared_permissions_details34 # app.get_details_permissions35 # app.get_dex36 # app.get_element37 # app.get_elements38 # app.get_file39 # app.get_filename40 # app.get_files41 # app.get_files_crc3242 # app.get_files_information43 # app.get_files_types44 # app.get_intent_filters45 # app.get_libraries46 # app.get_main_activity47 # app.get_max_sdk_version48 # app.get_min_sdk_version49 # app.get_package50 # app.get_permissions51 # app.get_providers52 # app.get_raw53 # app.get_receivers54 # app.get_requested_aosp_permissions55 # app.get_requested_aosp_permissions_details56 # app.get_requested_permissions57 # app.get_requested_third_party_permissions58 # app.get_services59 # app.get_signature60 # app.get_signature_name61 # app.get_target_sdk_version62 # app.is_valid_APK63 # app.magic_file64 # app.new_zip65 # app.package66 # app.permission_module67 # app.permissions68 # app.show69 # app.valid_apk70 # app.xml71 # app.zip72 # app.zipmodule73if __name__ == '__main__':74 if len(sys.argv) != 2:75 print('{} <apkfile>'.format(sys.argv[0]))76 sys.exit(0)...

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