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...22 res_x, res_y = src_resolution23 else:24 res_y, res_x = im_source.shape[:2]25 prePos_x, prePos_y = clk_x * res_x + 0.5 * res_x, clk_y * res_x + 0.5 * res_y26 def safe_xy(val, min_val, max_val):27 return min(max(min_val, val), max_val)28 # 再以预测点为中心,进行范围提取:29 start_x = int(safe_xy(prePos_x - radius_x, 0, res_x - 1))30 end_x = int(safe_xy(prePos_x + radius_x, 0, res_x - 1))31 start_y = int(safe_xy(prePos_y - radius_y, 0, res_y - 1))32 end_y = int(safe_xy(prePos_y + radius_y, 0, res_y - 1))33 # 如果发现预测区域完全在图像外,预测区域将只剩下一条像素,预测失败,直接raise:34 if start_x == end_x or start_y == end_y:35 img_src, left_top_pos = im_source, (0, 0)36 log_info = "Predict area's width or height has just one pixel, abandon prediction."37 else:38 # 预测区域正常,则截取预测区域,并将预测区域在源图像中的位置一并返回:39 img_src = im_source[start_y:end_y, start_x:end_x]40 left_top_pos = (start_x, start_y)41 # 输出调试信息.42 log_info = "predict rect: X (%(start_x)s:%(end_x)s) Y (%(start_y)s:%(end_y)s)" % {"start_x": start_x, "end_x":end_x, "start_y": start_y, "end_y": end_y}...

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