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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2import os3import as report4LOGDIR = "log"5old_trans_screen = report.LogToHtml._translate_screen6old_trans_desc = report.LogToHtml._translate_desc7old_trans_code = report.LogToHtml._translate_code8screen_func = ["find_element_by_xpath", "find_element_by_id", "find_element_by_name", "assert_exist",9 "back", "forward", "switch_to_new_tab", "switch_to_previous_tab", "get",10 "click", "send_keys"]11second_screen_func = ["click", "send_keys"]12other_func = []13def new_trans_screen(self, step, code):14 trans = old_trans_screen(self, step, code)15 if "name" in step['data'] and step['data']["name"] in screen_func:16 screen = {17 "src": None,18 "rect": [],19 "pos": [],20 "vector": [],21 "confidence": None,22 }23 src = ""24 if step["data"]["name"] in second_screen_func:25 res = step["data"]['ret']26 src = res["screen"]27 if "pos" in res:28 screen["pos"] = res["pos"]29 for item in step["__children__"]:30 if item["data"]["name"] == "_gen_screen_log":31 res = item["data"]['ret']32 src = res["screen"]33 if "pos" in res:34 screen["pos"] = res["pos"]35 break36 if self.export_dir and src:37 src = os.path.join(LOGDIR, src)38 screen["src"] = src39 return screen40 else:41 return trans42def new_translate_desc(self, step, code):43 trans = old_trans_desc(self, step, code)44 if "name" in step['data'] and (step['data']["name"] in screen_func or step["data"]["name"] in other_func):45 name = step["data"]["name"]46 args = {i["key"]: i["value"] for i in code["args"]}47 desc = {48 "find_element_by_xpath": lambda: u"Find element by xpath: %s" % args.get("xpath"),49 "find_element_by_id": lambda: u"Find element by id: %s" % args.get("id"),50 "find_element_by_name": lambda: u"Find element by name: %s" % args.get("name"),51 "assert_exist": u"Assert element exists.",52 "click": u"Click the element that been found.",53 "send_keys": u"Send some text and keyboard event to the element that been found.",54 "get": lambda: u"Get the web address: %s" % args.get("address"),55 "switch_to_last_window": u"Switch to the last tab.",56 "switch_to_latest_window": u"Switch to the new tab.",57 "back": u"Back to the last page.",58 "forward": u"Forward to the next page.",59 "snapshot": u"Snopshot current page."60 }61 desc_zh = {62 "find_element_by_xpath": lambda: u"寻找指定页面元素: \"%s\"" % args.get("xpath"),63 "find_element_by_id": lambda: u"寻找指定页面元素: \"%s\"" % args.get("id"),64 "find_element_by_name": lambda: u"寻找指定页面元素: \"%s\"" % args.get("name"),65 "assert_exist": u"断言页面元素存在.",66 "click": u"点击找到的页面元素.",67 "send_keys": u"传送文本\"%s\"到选中文本框." % (args.get("text", "")),68 "get": lambda: u"访问网络地址: %s" % args.get("address"),69 "switch_to_last_window": u"切换到上一个标签页.",70 "switch_to_latest_window": u"切换到最新标签页.",71 "back": u"后退到上一个页面.",72 "forward": u"前进到下一个页面.",73 "snapshot": u"截取当前页面."74 }75 if self.lang == 'zh':76 desc = desc_zh77 ret = desc.get(name)78 if callable(ret):79 ret = ret()80 return ret81 else:82 return trans83def new_translate_code(self, step):84 trans = old_trans_code(self, step)85 if trans:86 for idx, item in enumerate(trans["args"]):87 if item["key"] == "self":88 trans["args"].pop(idx)89 return trans90report.LogToHtml._translate_screen = new_trans_screen91report.LogToHtml._translate_desc = new_translate_desc...

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