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1#!/usr/bin/env python2# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.3# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be4# found in the LICENSE file.5# pylint: disable=protected-access6import itertools7import threading8import unittest9from devil import devil_env10from import logcat_monitor11from import adb_wrapper12with devil_env.SysPath(devil_env.PYMOCK_PATH):13 import mock # pylint: disable=import-error14def _CreateTestLog(raw_logcat=None):15 test_adb = adb_wrapper.AdbWrapper('0123456789abcdef')16 test_adb.Logcat = mock.Mock(return_value=(l for l in raw_logcat))17 test_log = logcat_monitor.LogcatMonitor(test_adb, clear=False)18 return test_log19class LogcatMonitorTest(unittest.TestCase):20 _TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA = [21 '01-01 01:02:03.456 7890 0987 V LogcatMonitorTest: '22 'verbose logcat monitor test message 1',23 '01-01 01:02:03.457 8901 1098 D LogcatMonitorTest: '24 'debug logcat monitor test message 2',25 '01-01 01:02:03.458 9012 2109 I LogcatMonitorTest: '26 'info logcat monitor test message 3',27 '01-01 01:02:03.459 0123 3210 W LogcatMonitorTest: '28 'warning logcat monitor test message 4',29 '01-01 01:02:03.460 1234 4321 E LogcatMonitorTest: '30 'error logcat monitor test message 5',31 '01-01 01:02:03.461 2345 5432 F LogcatMonitorTest: '32 'fatal logcat monitor test message 6',33 '01-01 01:02:03.462 3456 6543 D LogcatMonitorTest: '34 'last line'35 ]36 def assertIterEqual(self, expected_iter, actual_iter):37 for expected, actual in itertools.izip_longest(expected_iter, actual_iter):38 self.assertIsNotNone(39 expected,40 msg='actual has unexpected elements starting with %s' % str(actual))41 self.assertIsNotNone(42 actual,43 msg='actual is missing elements starting with %s' % str(expected))44 self.assertEqual('proc_id'), expected[0])45 self.assertEqual('thread_id'), expected[1])46 self.assertEqual('log_level'), expected[2])47 self.assertEqual('component'), expected[3])48 self.assertEqual('message'), expected[4])49 with self.assertRaises(StopIteration):50 next(actual_iter)51 with self.assertRaises(StopIteration):52 next(expected_iter)53 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())54 def testWaitFor_success(self):55 test_log = _CreateTestLog(56 raw_logcat=type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA)57 test_log.Start()58 actual_match = test_log.WaitFor(r'.*(fatal|error) logcat monitor.*', None)59 self.assertTrue(actual_match)60 self.assertEqual(61 '01-01 01:02:03.460 1234 4321 E LogcatMonitorTest: '62 'error logcat monitor test message 5',63 self.assertEqual('error', test_log.Stop()66 test_log.Close()67 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())68 def testWaitFor_failure(self):69 test_log = _CreateTestLog(70 raw_logcat=type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA)71 test_log.Start()72 actual_match = test_log.WaitFor(73 r'.*My Success Regex.*', r'.*(fatal|error) logcat monitor.*')74 self.assertIsNone(actual_match)75 test_log.Stop()76 test_log.Close()77 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())78 def testWaitFor_buffering(self):79 # Simulate an adb log stream which does not complete until the test tells it80 # to. This checks that the log matcher can receive individual lines from the81 # log reader thread even if adb is not producing enough output to fill an82 # entire file io buffer.83 finished_lock = threading.Lock()84 finished_lock.acquire()85 def LogGenerator():86 for line in type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA:87 yield line88 finished_lock.acquire()89 test_adb = adb_wrapper.AdbWrapper('0123456789abcdef')90 test_adb.Logcat = mock.Mock(return_value=LogGenerator())91 test_log = logcat_monitor.LogcatMonitor(test_adb, clear=False)92 test_log.Start()93 actual_match = test_log.WaitFor(r'.*last line.*', None)94 finished_lock.release()95 self.assertTrue(actual_match)96 test_log.Stop()97 test_log.Close()98 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())99 def testFindAll_defaults(self):100 test_log = _CreateTestLog(101 raw_logcat=type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA)102 test_log.Start()103 test_log.WaitFor(r'.*last line.*', None)104 test_log.Stop()105 expected_results = [106 ('7890', '0987', 'V', 'LogcatMonitorTest',107 'verbose logcat monitor test message 1'),108 ('8901', '1098', 'D', 'LogcatMonitorTest',109 'debug logcat monitor test message 2'),110 ('9012', '2109', 'I', 'LogcatMonitorTest',111 'info logcat monitor test message 3'),112 ('0123', '3210', 'W', 'LogcatMonitorTest',113 'warning logcat monitor test message 4'),114 ('1234', '4321', 'E', 'LogcatMonitorTest',115 'error logcat monitor test message 5'),116 ('2345', '5432', 'F', 'LogcatMonitorTest',117 'fatal logcat monitor test message 6')]118 actual_results = test_log.FindAll(r'\S* logcat monitor test message \d')119 self.assertIterEqual(iter(expected_results), actual_results)120 test_log.Close()121 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())122 def testFindAll_defaults_miss(self):123 test_log = _CreateTestLog(124 raw_logcat=type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA)125 test_log.Start()126 test_log.WaitFor(r'.*last line.*', None)127 test_log.Stop()128 expected_results = []129 actual_results = test_log.FindAll(r'\S* nothing should match this \d')130 self.assertIterEqual(iter(expected_results), actual_results)131 test_log.Close()132 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())133 def testFindAll_filterProcId(self):134 test_log = _CreateTestLog(135 raw_logcat=type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA)136 test_log.Start()137 test_log.WaitFor(r'.*last line.*', None)138 test_log.Stop()139 actual_results = test_log.FindAll(140 r'\S* logcat monitor test message \d', proc_id=1234)141 expected_results = [142 ('1234', '4321', 'E', 'LogcatMonitorTest',143 'error logcat monitor test message 5')]144 self.assertIterEqual(iter(expected_results), actual_results)145 test_log.Close()146 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())147 def testFindAll_filterThreadId(self):148 test_log = _CreateTestLog(149 raw_logcat=type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA)150 test_log.Start()151 test_log.WaitFor(r'.*last line.*', None)152 test_log.Stop()153 actual_results = test_log.FindAll(154 r'\S* logcat monitor test message \d', thread_id=2109)155 expected_results = [156 ('9012', '2109', 'I', 'LogcatMonitorTest',157 'info logcat monitor test message 3')]158 self.assertIterEqual(iter(expected_results), actual_results)159 test_log.Close()160 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())161 def testFindAll_filterLogLevel(self):162 test_log = _CreateTestLog(163 raw_logcat=type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA)164 test_log.Start()165 test_log.WaitFor(r'.*last line.*', None)166 test_log.Stop()167 actual_results = test_log.FindAll(168 r'\S* logcat monitor test message \d', log_level=r'[DW]')169 expected_results = [170 ('8901', '1098', 'D', 'LogcatMonitorTest',171 'debug logcat monitor test message 2'),172 ('0123', '3210', 'W', 'LogcatMonitorTest',173 'warning logcat monitor test message 4')174 ]175 self.assertIterEqual(iter(expected_results), actual_results)176 test_log.Close()177 @mock.patch('time.sleep', mock.Mock())178 def testFindAll_filterComponent(self):179 test_log = _CreateTestLog(180 raw_logcat=type(self)._TEST_THREADTIME_LOGCAT_DATA)181 test_log.Start()182 test_log.WaitFor(r'.*last line.*', None)183 test_log.Stop()184 actual_results = test_log.FindAll(r'.*', component='LogcatMonitorTest')185 expected_results = [186 ('7890', '0987', 'V', 'LogcatMonitorTest',187 'verbose logcat monitor test message 1'),188 ('8901', '1098', 'D', 'LogcatMonitorTest',189 'debug logcat monitor test message 2'),190 ('9012', '2109', 'I', 'LogcatMonitorTest',191 'info logcat monitor test message 3'),192 ('0123', '3210', 'W', 'LogcatMonitorTest',193 'warning logcat monitor test message 4'),194 ('1234', '4321', 'E', 'LogcatMonitorTest',195 'error logcat monitor test message 5'),196 ('2345', '5432', 'F', 'LogcatMonitorTest',197 'fatal logcat monitor test message 6'),198 ('3456', '6543', 'D', 'LogcatMonitorTest',199 'last line')200 ]201 self.assertIterEqual(iter(expected_results), actual_results)202 test_log.Close()203if __name__ == '__main__':...

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1#!/usr/bin/python -t2# vim:tabstop=4:softtabstop=4:shiftwidth=4:expandtab3import sys4def instantiate_template(pkg, tmpl, fn):5 f_in = open(tmpl, 'r')6 f_out = open(fn, 'w')7 content = content = content.replace('<PKG>',pkg)9 f_out.write(content)10 f_in.close()11 f_out.close()12def filename(pkg):13 return pkg.lower().replace('.','-')14def ada_filenames(pkg):15 fn = filename(pkg)16 return (fn +'.ads', fn +'.adb')17def create_test(pkg):18 test_pkg = pkg + '.Test'19 suite_pkg = test_pkg + '.Suite'20 (test_ads, test_adb) = ada_filenames(test_pkg)21 (suite_ads, suite_adb) = ada_filenames(suite_pkg)22 instantiate_template(pkg, '', test_ads)23 instantiate_template(pkg, 'test.adb.template', test_adb)24 instantiate_template(pkg, '', suite_ads)25 instantiate_template(pkg, 'suite.adb.template', suite_adb)26 print 'Created files '27 print ' * ', test_ads28 print ' * ', test_adb29 print ' * ', suite_ads30 print ' * ', suite_adb31 print 'You still need to implement', test_adb, 'and '32 print 'add with', suite_pkg, 'to composite_suite.adb.'33args = sys.argv[1:]34for pkg in args:...

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