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...78 self.viewmenumodelview.datamodel = SQLAInterface(self.viewmenu_model)79 self.permissionviewmodelview.datamodel = SQLAInterface(self.permissionview_model)80 self.create_db()81 @property82 def get_session(self):83 return self.appbuilder.get_session84 def register_views(self):85 super().register_views()86 def create_db(self):87 try:88 engine = self.get_session.get_bind(mapper=None, clause=None)89 inspector = Inspector.from_engine(engine)90 if "ab_user" not in inspector.get_table_names():91 Base.metadata.create_all(engine)93 super().create_db()95 except Exception as e:96 log.error(c.LOGMSG_ERR_SEC_CREATE_DB.format(str(e)))...

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...5from nose import SkipTest6from beaker.crypto import has_aes7from beaker.session import Session8from beaker import util9def get_session(**kwargs):10 """A shortcut for creating :class:`Session` instance"""11 options = {}12 options.update(**kwargs)13 return Session({}, **options)14def test_save_load():15 """Test if the data is actually persistent across requests"""16 session = get_session()17 session[u'Suomi'] = u'Kimi Räikkönen'18 session[u'Great Britain'] = u'Jenson Button'19 session[u'Deutchland'] = u'Sebastian Vettel'20 session = get_session( assert u'Suomi' in session23 assert u'Great Britain' in session24 assert u'Deutchland' in session25 assert session[u'Suomi'] == u'Kimi Räikkönen'26 assert session[u'Great Britain'] == u'Jenson Button'27 assert session[u'Deutchland'] == u'Sebastian Vettel'28def test_save_load_encryption():29 """Test if the data is actually persistent across requests"""30 if not has_aes:31 raise SkipTest()32 session = get_session(encrypt_key='666a19cf7f61c64c',33 validate_key='hoobermas')34 session[u'Suomi'] = u'Kimi Räikkönen'35 session[u'Great Britain'] = u'Jenson Button'36 session[u'Deutchland'] = u'Sebastian Vettel'37 session = get_session(, encrypt_key='666a19cf7f61c64c',39 validate_key='hoobermas')40 assert u'Suomi' in session41 assert u'Great Britain' in session42 assert u'Deutchland' in session43 assert session[u'Suomi'] == u'Kimi Räikkönen'44 assert session[u'Great Britain'] == u'Jenson Button'45 assert session[u'Deutchland'] == u'Sebastian Vettel'46def test_decryption_failure():47 """Test if the data fails without the right keys"""48 if not has_aes:49 raise SkipTest()50 session = get_session(encrypt_key='666a19cf7f61c64c',51 validate_key='hoobermas')52 session[u'Suomi'] = u'Kimi Räikkönen'53 session[u'Great Britain'] = u'Jenson Button'54 session[u'Deutchland'] = u'Sebastian Vettel'55 session = get_session(, encrypt_key='asfdasdfadsfsadf',57 validate_key='hoobermas', invalidate_corrupt=True)58 assert u'Suomi' not in session59 assert u'Great Britain' not in session60def test_delete():61 """Test :meth:`Session.delete`"""62 session = get_session()63 session[u'Suomi'] = u'Kimi Räikkönen'64 session[u'Great Britain'] = u'Jenson Button'65 session[u'Deutchland'] = u'Sebastian Vettel'66 session.delete()67 assert u'Suomi' not in session68 assert u'Great Britain' not in session69 assert u'Deutchland' not in session70def test_revert():71 """Test :meth:`Session.revert`"""72 session = get_session()73 session[u'Suomi'] = u'Kimi Räikkönen'74 session[u'Great Britain'] = u'Jenson Button'75 session[u'Deutchland'] = u'Sebastian Vettel'76 session = get_session( del session[u'Suomi']79 session[u'Great Britain'] = u'Lewis Hamilton'80 session[u'Deutchland'] = u'Michael Schumacher'81 session[u'España'] = u'Fernando Alonso'82 session.revert()83 assert session[u'Suomi'] == u'Kimi Räikkönen'84 assert session[u'Great Britain'] == u'Jenson Button'85 assert session[u'Deutchland'] == u'Sebastian Vettel'86 assert u'España' not in session87def test_invalidate():88 """Test :meth:`Session.invalidate`"""89 session = get_session()90 id = session.id91 created = session.created92 session[u'Suomi'] = u'Kimi Räikkönen'93 session[u'Great Britain'] = u'Jenson Button'94 session[u'Deutchland'] = u'Sebastian Vettel'95 session.invalidate()96 assert != id97 assert session.created != created98 assert u'Suomi' not in session99 assert u'Great Britain' not in session100 assert u'Deutchland' not in session101def test_regenerate_id():102 """Test :meth:`Session.regenerate_id`"""103 # new session & save104 session = get_session()105 orig_id = session.id106 session[u'foo'] = u'bar'107 # load session109 session = get_session( # data should still be there111 assert session[u'foo'] == u'bar'112 # regenerate the id113 session.regenerate_id()114 assert != orig_id115 # data is still there116 assert session[u'foo'] == u'bar'117 # should be the new id118 assert '' % in session.request['cookie_out']119 # get a new session before calling save120 bunk_sess = get_session( assert u'foo' not in bunk_sess122 # save it123 # make sure we get the data back125 session = get_session( assert session[u'foo'] == u'bar'127def test_timeout():128 """Test if the session times out properly"""129 session = get_session(timeout=2)130 id = session.id131 created = session.created132 session[u'Suomi'] = u'Kimi Räikkönen'133 session[u'Great Britain'] = u'Jenson Button'134 session[u'Deutchland'] = u'Sebastian Vettel'135 session = get_session(, timeout=2)137 assert == id138 assert session.created == created139 assert session[u'Suomi'] == u'Kimi Räikkönen'140 assert session[u'Great Britain'] == u'Jenson Button'141 assert session[u'Deutchland'] == u'Sebastian Vettel'142 time.sleep(2)143 session = get_session(, timeout=2)144 assert != id145 assert session.created != created146 assert u'Suomi' not in session147 assert u'Great Britain' not in session148 assert u'Deutchland' not in session149def test_cookies_enabled():150 """151 Test if cookies are sent out properly when ``use_cookies``152 is set to ``True``153 """154 session = get_session(use_cookies=True)155 assert 'cookie_out' in session.request156 assert session.request['set_cookie'] == False157 session.domain = ''158 session.path = '/example'159 assert session.request['set_cookie'] == True160 assert '' % in session.request['cookie_out']161 assert '' in session.request['cookie_out']162 assert 'Path=/' in session.request['cookie_out']163 session = get_session(use_cookies=True)164 assert session.request['set_cookie'] == True166 assert '' % in session.request['cookie_out']167 session = get_session(use_cookies=True, session.delete()169 assert session.request['set_cookie'] == True170 assert '' % in session.request['cookie_out']171 assert 'expires=' in session.request['cookie_out']172 # test for secure173 session = get_session(use_cookies=True, secure=True)174 assert 'secure' in session.request['cookie_out']175 # test for httponly176 class ShowWarning(object):177 def __init__(self):178 self.msg = None179 def __call__(self, message, category, filename, lineno, file=None, line=None):180 self.msg = str(message)181 orig_sw = warnings.showwarning182 sw = ShowWarning()183 warnings.showwarning = sw184 session = get_session(use_cookies=True, httponly=True)185 if sys.version_info < (2, 6):186 assert sw.msg == 'Python 2.6+ is required to use httponly'187 else:188 assert 'httponly' in session.request['cookie_out']189 warnings.showwarning = orig_sw190def test_cookies_disabled():191 """192 Test that no cookies are sent when ``use_cookies`` is set to ``False``193 """194 session = get_session(use_cookies=False)195 assert 'set_cookie' not in session.request196 assert 'cookie_out' not in session.request197 assert 'set_cookie' not in session.request199 assert 'cookie_out' not in session.request200 session = get_session(use_cookies=False, assert 'set_cookie' not in session.request202 assert 'cookie_out' not in session.request203 session.delete()204 assert 'set_cookie' not in session.request205 assert 'cookie_out' not in session.request206def test_file_based_replace_optimization():207 """Test the file-based backend with session,208 which includes the 'replace' optimization.209 """210 session = get_session(use_cookies=False, type='file',211 data_dir='./cache')212 session['foo'] = 'foo'213 session['bar'] = 'bar'214 session = get_session(use_cookies=False, type='file',216 data_dir='./cache', assert session['foo'] == 'foo'218 assert session['bar'] == 'bar'219 session['bar'] = 'bat'220 session['bat'] = 'hoho'221 session.namespace.do_open('c', False)223 session.namespace['test'] = 'some test'224 session.namespace.do_close()225 session = get_session(use_cookies=False, type='file',226 data_dir='./cache', session.namespace.do_open('r', False)228 assert session.namespace['test'] == 'some test'229 session.namespace.do_close()230 assert session['foo'] == 'foo'231 assert session['bar'] == 'bat'232 assert session['bat'] == 'hoho'233 # the file has been replaced, so our out-of-session235 # key is gone236 session.namespace.do_open('r', False)237 assert 'test' not in session.namespace238 session.namespace.do_close()239def test_invalidate_corrupt():240 session = get_session(use_cookies=False, type='file',241 data_dir='./cache')242 session['foo'] = 'bar'243 f = open(session.namespace.file, 'w')245 f.write("crap")246 f.close()247 util.assert_raises(248 util.pickle.UnpicklingError,249 get_session,250 use_cookies=False, type='file',251 data_dir='./cache', id=session.id252 )253 session = get_session(use_cookies=False, type='file',254 invalidate_corrupt=True,255 data_dir='./cache',

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