How to use resize_window method in AutoItDriverServer

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1# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------2# Display an image in a window.3#4def showImage(image, title = '',5 new_window = False, resize_window = False, fit_to_window = False):6 if new_window:7 v = ImageViewer()8 resize_window = True9 else:10 from chimera import dialogs11 v = dialogs.find(, create=False)12 if v is None:13 v = dialogs.find(, create=True)14 resize_window = True15 v.set_image(image, resize_window, fit_to_window)16 if title:17 v.set_title(title)18 v.enter()19# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------20#21from chimera.baseDialog import ModelessDialog22class ImageViewer(ModelessDialog):23 title = "Image Viewer"24 name = "image viewer"25 buttons = ("Fit", "Full", "Window", "Save", "Close")26 help = 'UsersGuide/midas/segment.html#sliceimage-window'27 def fillInUI(self, parent):28 self.image = None29 self.shown_size = None30 self.image_tag = None31 import Tkinter32 parent.rowconfigure(0, weight=1)33 parent.columnconfigure(0, weight=1)34 self.canvas = c = Tkinter.Canvas(parent, highlightthickness = 0)35 c.grid(row = 0, column = 0, sticky = 'news')36 sv = Tkinter.Scrollbar(parent, orient=Tkinter.VERTICAL, command=c.yview)37 sv.grid(row = 0, column = 1, sticky = 'ns')38 sh = Tkinter.Scrollbar(parent, orient=Tkinter.HORIZONTAL,39 command=c.xview)40 sh.grid(row = 1, column = 0, sticky = 'ew')41 c.config(yscrollcommand=sv.set)42 c.config(xscrollcommand=sh.set)43 def set_title(self, title):44 self._toplevel.title(title)45 def set_image(self, image, resize_window = False, fit_to_window = False):46 self.image = image47 if fit_to_window and not resize_window:48 self.Fit()49 else:50 self.set_canvas_image(image, resize_window)51 def set_canvas_image(self, image, resize_window = False):52 from PIL.ImageTk import PhotoImage53 pi = PhotoImage(image)54 c = self.canvas55 c.save_image = pi # Tk Label keeps no count.56 t = c.create_image(0,0,anchor="nw",image=pi)57 if not self.image_tag is None:58 c.delete(self.image_tag)59 self.image_tag = t60 self.shown_size = w,h = image.size61 c.config(scrollregion=(0,0,w,h))62 if resize_window:63 self.Window()64 def Window(self):65 if self.shown_size is None:66 return67 # Resize window to fit image.68 w,h = self.shown_size69 self.canvas.config(width = w, height = h)70 self.uiMaster().winfo_toplevel().geometry('')71 def Fit(self):72 if self.image is None:73 return74 c = self.canvas75 w,h = c.winfo_width(), c.winfo_height()76 # Preserve aspect ratio.77 wi,hi = self.image.size78 if h*wi > w*hi:79 h = int((float(w)/wi)*hi)80 else:81 w = int((float(h)/hi)*wi)82 if w <= 0 or h <= 0:83 return84 from PIL import Image85 ri = self.image.resize((w,h), Image.ANTIALIAS)86 self.set_canvas_image(ri)87 def Full(self):88 if self.image is None:89 return90 self.set_canvas_image(self.image)91 def Save(self):92 if self.image is None:93 return94 def save(okay, dialog, self = self):95 if not okay:96 return97 paths_and_types = dialog.getPathsAndTypes()98 if len(paths_and_types) == 0:99 return100 path, format = paths_and_types[0]101, format)102 from OpenSave import SaveModeless103 SaveModeless(title = 'Save Image',104 filters = [('JPEG', '*.jpg', '.jpg'),105 ('PNG', '*.png', '.png'),106 ('TIFF', '*.tif', '.tif')],107 command = save )108# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------109#110from chimera import dialogs...

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...15 bottom_neighbors = neighbors.get('bottom')16 # has a neighbor on both sides17 if direction == 'left' and (left_neighbors and right_neighbors):18 # boss.active_tab.set_active_window(left_neighbors[0])19 boss.active_tab.resize_window('narrower', 1)20 # boss.active_tab.set_active_window(current_window_id)21 # only has left neighbor22 elif direction == 'left' and left_neighbors:23 boss.active_tab.resize_window('wider', 1)24 # only has right neighbor25 elif direction == 'left' and right_neighbors:26 boss.active_tab.resize_window('narrower', 1)27 # has a neighbor on both sides28 elif direction == 'right' and (left_neighbors and right_neighbors):29 # boss.active_tab.set_active_window(left_neighbors[0])30 boss.active_tab.resize_window('wider', 1)31 # boss.active_tab.set_active_window(current_window_id)32 # only has left neighbor33 elif direction == 'right' and left_neighbors:34 boss.active_tab.resize_window('narrower', 1)35 # only has right neighbor36 elif direction == 'right' and right_neighbors:37 boss.active_tab.resize_window('wider', 1)38 # has a neighbor above and below39 elif direction == 'up' and (top_neighbors and bottom_neighbors):40 # boss.active_tab.set_active_window(top_neighbors[0])41 boss.active_tab.resize_window('shorter', 1)42 # boss.active_tab.set_active_window(current_window_id)43 # only has top neighbor44 elif direction == 'up' and top_neighbors:45 boss.active_tab.resize_window('taller', 1)46 # only has bottom neighbor47 elif direction == 'up' and bottom_neighbors:48 boss.active_tab.resize_window('shorter', 1)49 # has a neighbor above and below50 elif direction == 'down' and (top_neighbors and bottom_neighbors):51 # boss.active_tab.set_active_window(top_neighbors[0])52 boss.active_tab.resize_window('taller', 1)53 # boss.active_tab.set_active_window(current_window_id)54 # only has top neighbor55 elif direction == 'down' and top_neighbors:56 boss.active_tab.resize_window('shorter', 1)57 # only has bottom neighbor58 elif direction == 'down' and bottom_neighbors:...

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