How to use test_custom_dict method in assertpy

Best Python code snippet using assertpy_python Github


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...74 "欢迎新老师生前来就餐",75 "工信处女干事每月经过下属科室都要亲口交代24口交换机等技术性器件的安装工作",76 "随着页游兴起到现在的页游繁盛,依赖于存档进行逻辑判断的设计减少了,但这块也不能完全忽略掉。"]77 for sentence in testCases: print(HanLP.segment(sentence))78 def test_custom_dict(self):79"test_custom_dict")80 # 动态增加81 text = "攻城狮逆袭单身狗,迎娶白富美,走上人生巅峰" # 怎么可能噗哈哈!82 assert len(HanLP.segment(text)) == 12, "添加自定义词汇前,分词结果预期"83 # 强行插入84 CustomDictionary.add("攻城狮")85 CustomDictionary.insert("白富美", "nz 1024")86 CustomDictionary.add("单身狗", "nz 1024 n 1")87 CustomDictionary.get("单身狗")88 text = "攻城狮逆袭单身狗,迎娶白富美,走上人生巅峰" # 怎么可能噗哈哈!89 assert len(HanLP.segment(text)) == 10, "添加自定义词汇后,分词结果预期"90def test():91 unittest.main()92if __name__ == '__main__':...

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