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1"""2Cheetah API3(from"""5__all__ = ["render"]6import re, urlparse, pprint, traceback, sys7from Cheetah.Compiler import Compiler8from Cheetah.Filters import Filter9from utils import re_compile, memoize, dictadd10from net import htmlquote, websafe11from webapi import ctx, header, output, input, cookies, loadhooks12def upvars(level=2):13 """Guido van Rossum sez: don't use this function."""14 return dictadd(15 sys._getframe(level).f_globals,16 sys._getframe(level).f_locals)17r_include = re_compile(r'(?!\\)#include \"(.*?)\"($|#)', re.M)18def __compiletemplate(template, base=None, isString=False):19 if isString: 20 text = template21 else: 22 text = open('templates/'+template).read()23 # implement #include at compile-time24 def do_include(match):25 text = open('templates/'+match.groups()[0]).read()26 return text27 while r_include.findall(text): 28 text = r_include.sub(do_include, text)29 execspace = _compiletemplate.bases.copy()30 tmpl_compiler = Compiler(source=text, mainClassName='GenTemplate')31 tmpl_compiler.addImportedVarNames(execspace.keys())32 exec str(tmpl_compiler) in execspace33 if base: 34 _compiletemplate.bases[base] = execspace['GenTemplate']35 return execspace['GenTemplate']36_compiletemplate = memoize(__compiletemplate)37_compiletemplate.bases = {}38def render(template, terms=None, asTemplate=False, base=None, 39 isString=False):40 """41 Renders a template, caching where it can.42 43 `template` is the name of a file containing the a template in44 the `templates/` folder, unless `isString`, in which case it's the 45 template itself.46 `terms` is a dictionary used to fill the template. If it's None, then47 the caller's local variables are used instead, plus context, if it's not 48 already set, is set to `context`.49 If asTemplate is False, it `output`s the template directly. Otherwise,50 it returns the template object.51 If the template is a potential base template (that is, something other templates)52 can extend, then base should be a string with the name of the template. The53 template will be cached and made available for future calls to `render`.54 Requires [Cheetah]( """56 # terms=['var1', 'var2'] means grab those variables57 if isinstance(terms, list):58 new = {}59 old = upvars()60 for k in terms: 61 new[k] = old[k]62 terms = new63 # default: grab all locals64 elif terms is None:65 terms = {'context': ctx, 'ctx':ctx}66 terms.update(sys._getframe(1).f_locals)67 # terms=d means use d as the searchList68 if not isinstance(terms, tuple): 69 terms = (terms,)70 71 if 'headers' in ctx and not isString and template.endswith('.html'): 72 header('Content-Type','text/html; charset=utf-8', unique=True)73 74 if loadhooks.has_key('reloader'):75 compiled_tmpl = __compiletemplate(template, base=base, isString=isString)76 else:77 compiled_tmpl = _compiletemplate(template, base=base, isString=isString)78 compiled_tmpl = compiled_tmpl(searchList=terms, filter=WebSafe)79 if asTemplate: 80 return compiled_tmpl81 else: 82 return output(str(compiled_tmpl))83class WebSafe(Filter):84 def filter(self, val, **keywords): ...

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