How to use SpecificServiceManager method in autotest

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...20 self.command.BINARY_PATH_PARAM = 'virt_sandbox_service_binary'21 self.command.add_optarg('--connect', uri)22 # SpecificServiceManager is not pickleable, save init args23 self._run = utils.run24 self.service = SpecificServiceManager(self.service_name,25 run=self._run)26 # make self.start() --> self.service.start()27 self._bind_service_commands()28 def _bind_service_commands(self):29 """Setup service methods locally for __init__ and __setstate__"""30 for command in COMMANDS:31 # Use setattr to keep pylint quiet32 setattr(self, command, getattr(self.service, command))33 def __getstate__(self):34 """Serialize instance for pickling"""35 # SandboxCommandBase is directly pickleable36 return {'command': self.command, 'run': self._run, 'virsh': dict(virsh)}37 def __setstate__(self, state):38 """Actualize instance from state"""39 # virsh is it's own dict of init params40 self.virsh = virsh.Virsh(**state['virsh'])41 # already used it's own get/sets state methods when unpickling state42 self.command = state['command']43 # Recreate SpecificServiceManager from the init args44 self._run = state['run']45 self.service = SpecificServiceManager(self.service_name,46 run=self._run)47 self._bind_service_commands()48 # Enforce read-only at all levels49 @property50 def service_name(self):51 return self.command.name52 # property accessor functions must be defined before naming attribute53 def __get_uri__(self):54 return self.virsh.uri55 def __set_uri__(self, uri):56 self.virsh.uri = uri57 def __del_uri__(self):58 # Virsh class interface insists this attribute exist, but can be None59 self.virsh.uri = None...

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...32 services_list = parser.get(, 'services').split(',')33 services_failed = []34 runner = process.run35 for service in services_list:36 service_obj = SpecificServiceManager(service, runner)37"Checking %s service" % service)38 if service_obj.is_enabled() is False:39"%s service Not Found !!!" % service)40 services_failed.append(service)41 continue42 original_status = service_obj.status()43 if original_status is True:44 service_obj.stop()45 if not wait_for(lambda: not service_obj.status(), 10):46"Fail to stop %s service" % service)47 services_failed.append(service)48 continue49 service_obj.start()50 wait_for(service_obj.status, 10)...

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