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...48 self.root = modules.get_pwd(self.module)49 if not self.root:50 raise error.TestError("cg.initialize(): Module %s not found"51 % self.module)52 def __get_cgroup_pwd(self, cgroup):53 """54 Get cgroup's full path55 :param: cgroup: cgroup name56 :return: cgroup's full path57 """58 if not isinstance(cgroup, str):59 raise error.TestError("cgroup type isn't string!")60 return os.path.join(self.root, cgroup) + '/'61 def get_cgroup_name(self, pwd=None):62 """63 Get cgroup's name64 :param: pwd: cgroup name65 :return: cgroup's name66 """67 if pwd is None:68 # root cgroup69 return None70 if isinstance(pwd, int):71 pwd = self.cgroups[pwd]72 # self.root is "/cgroup/blkio," not "/cgroup/blkio/"73 # cgroup is "/cgroup/blkio/test" or "/cgroup/blkio/test/test"74 # expected cgroup name is test/ or test/test/75 if pwd.startswith(self.root + '/'):76 return pwd[len(self.root) + 1:]77 return None78 def get_cgroup_index(self, cgroup):79 """80 Get cgroup's index in cgroups81 :param: cgroup: cgroup name82 :return: index of cgroup83 """84 try:85 if self.__get_cgroup_pwd(cgroup) not in self.cgroups:86 raise error.TestFail("%s not exists!" % cgroup)87 cgroup_pwd = self.__get_cgroup_pwd(cgroup)88 return self.cgroups.index(cgroup_pwd)89 except error.CmdError:90 raise error.TestFail("Find index failed!")91 def mk_cgroup_cgcreate(self, pwd=None, cgroup=None):92 """93 Make a cgroup by cgcreate command94 :params: cgroup: Maked cgroup name95 :return: last cgroup index96 """97 try:98 parent_cgroup = self.get_cgroup_name(pwd)99 if cgroup is None:100 range = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789"101 sub_cgroup = "cgroup-" + "".join(random.sample(range +102 range.upper(), 6))103 else:104 sub_cgroup = cgroup105 if parent_cgroup is None:106 cgroup = sub_cgroup107 else:108 # Parent cgroup:test. Created cgroup:test1.109 # Whole cgroup name is "test/test1"110 cgroup = os.path.join(parent_cgroup, sub_cgroup)111 if self.__get_cgroup_pwd(cgroup) in self.cgroups:112 raise error.TestFail("%s exists!" % cgroup)113 cgcreate_cmd = "cgcreate -g %s:%s" % (self.module, cgroup)114, ignore_status=False)115 pwd = self.__get_cgroup_pwd(cgroup)116 self.cgroups.append(pwd)117 return len(self.cgroups) - 1118 except error.CmdError:119 raise error.TestFail("Make cgroup by cgcreate failed!")120 def mk_cgroup(self, pwd=None, cgroup=None):121 """122 Creates new temporary cgroup123 :param pwd: where to create this cgroup (default: self.root)124 :param cgroup: desired cgroup name125 :return: last cgroup index126 """127 if pwd is None:128 pwd = self.root129 if isinstance(pwd, int):130 pwd = self.cgroups[pwd]131 try:132 if cgroup and self.__get_cgroup_pwd(cgroup) in self.cgroups:133 raise error.TestFail("%s exists!" % cgroup)134 if not cgroup:135 pwd = mkdtemp(prefix='cgroup-', dir=pwd) + '/'136 else:137 pwd = os.path.join(pwd, cgroup) + '/'138 if not os.path.exists(pwd):139 os.mkdir(pwd)140 except Exception, inst:141 raise error.TestError("cg.mk_cgroup(): %s" % inst)142 self.cgroups.append(pwd)143 return len(self.cgroups) - 1144 def cgexec(self, cgroup, cmd, args=""):145 """146 Execute command in desired cgroup147 :param: cgroup: Desired cgroup148 :param: cmd: Executed command149 :param: args: Executed command's parameters150 """151 try:152 args_str = ""153 if len(args):154 args_str = " ".join(args)155 cgexec_cmd = ("cgexec -g %s:%s %s %s" %156 (self.module, cgroup, cmd, args_str))157 status, output = commands.getstatusoutput(cgexec_cmd)158 return status, output159 except error.CmdError, detail:160 raise error.TestFail("Execute %s in cgroup failed!\n%s" %161 (cmd, detail))162 def rm_cgroup(self, pwd):163 """164 Removes cgroup.165 :param pwd: cgroup directory.166 """167 if isinstance(pwd, int):168 pwd = self.cgroups[pwd]169 try:170 os.rmdir(pwd)171 self.cgroups.remove(pwd)172 except ValueError:173 logging.warn("cg.rm_cgroup(): Removed cgroup which wasn't created"174 "using this Cgroup")175 except Exception, inst:176 raise error.TestError("cg.rm_cgroup(): %s" % inst)177 def cgdelete_all_cgroups(self):178 """179 Delete all cgroups in the module180 """181 try:182 for cgroup_pwd in self.cgroups:183 # Ignore sub cgroup184 cgroup = self.get_cgroup_name(cgroup_pwd)185 if cgroup.count("/") > 0:186 continue187 self.cgdelete_cgroup(cgroup, True)188 except error.CmdError:189 raise error.TestFail("cgdelete all cgroups in %s failed!"190 % self.module)191 def cgdelete_cgroup(self, cgroup, recursive=False):192 """193 Delete desired cgroup.194 :params cgroup: desired cgroup195 :params force:If true, sub cgroup can be deleted with parent cgroup196 """197 try:198 cgroup_pwd = self.__get_cgroup_pwd(cgroup)199 if cgroup_pwd not in self.cgroups:200 raise error.TestError("%s doesn't exist!" % cgroup)201 cmd = "cgdelete %s:%s" % (self.module, cgroup)202 if recursive:203 cmd += " -r"204, ignore_status=False)205 self.cgroups.remove(cgroup_pwd)206 except error.CmdError, detail:207 raise error.TestFail("cgdelete %s failed!\n%s" %208 (cgroup, detail))209 def cgclassify_cgroup(self, pid, cgroup):210 """211 Classify pid into cgroup212 :param pid: pid of the process213 :param cgroup: cgroup name214 """215 try:216 cgroup_pwd = self.__get_cgroup_pwd(cgroup)217 if cgroup_pwd not in self.cgroups:218 raise error.TestError("%s doesn't exist!" % cgroup)219 cgclassify_cmd = ("cgclassify -g %s:%s %d" %220 (self.module, cgroup, pid))221, ignore_status=False)222 except error.CmdError, detail:223 raise error.TestFail("Classify process to tasks file failed!:%s" %224 detail)225 def get_pids(self, pwd=None):226 """227 Get all pids in cgroup228 :params: pwd: cgroup directory229 :return: all pids(list)230 """231 if pwd is None:232 pwd = self.root233 if isinstance(pwd, int):234 pwd = self.cgroups[pwd]235 try:236 return [_.strip() for _ in open(os.path.join(pwd, 'tasks'), 'r')]237 except Exception, inst:238 raise error.TestError("cg.get_pids(): %s" % inst)239 def test(self, cmd):240 """241 Executes with cmd parameter.242 :param cmd: command to be executed243 :return: subprocess.Popen() process244 """245 logging.debug("cg.test(): executing parallel process '%s'", cmd)246 cmd = self._client + ' ' + cmd247 process = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdin=subprocess.PIPE,248 stdout=subprocess.PIPE,249 stderr=subprocess.PIPE, close_fds=True)250 return process251 def is_cgroup(self, pid, pwd):252 """253 Checks if the 'pid' process is in 'pwd' cgroup254 :param pid: pid of the process255 :param pwd: cgroup directory256 :return: 0 when is 'pwd' member257 """258 if isinstance(pwd, int):259 pwd = self.cgroups[pwd]260 if open(os.path.join(pwd, 'tasks')).readlines().count("%d\n" % pid) > 0:261 return 0262 else:263 return -1264 def is_root_cgroup(self, pid):265 """266 Checks if the 'pid' process is in root cgroup (WO cgroup)267 :param pid: pid of the process268 :return: 0 when is 'root' member269 """270 return self.is_cgroup(pid, self.root)271 def set_cgroup(self, pid, pwd=None):272 """273 Sets cgroup membership274 :param pid: pid of the process275 :param pwd: cgroup directory276 """277 if pwd is None:278 pwd = self.root279 if isinstance(pwd, int):280 pwd = self.cgroups[pwd]281 try:282 open(os.path.join(pwd, 'tasks'), 'w').write(str(pid))283 except Exception, inst:284 raise error.TestError("cg.set_cgroup(): %s" % inst)285 if self.is_cgroup(pid, pwd):286 raise error.TestError("cg.set_cgroup(): Setting %d pid into %s "287 "cgroup failed" % (pid, pwd))288 def refresh_cgroups(self):289 """290 Refresh all cgroups path.291 """292 try:293 cgroups ="lscgroup").stdout.strip()294 cgroup_list = []295 for line in cgroups.splitlines():296 controllers = line.split(":")[0]297 if set(self.module.split(",")) != set(controllers.split(",")):298 continue299 cgroup_name = line.split(":")[-1]300 if cgroup_name != "/":301 cgroup_list.append(cgroup_name[1:])302 except error.CmdError:303 raise error.TestFail("Get cgroup in %s failed!" % self.module)304 self.cgroups = []305 for cgroup in cgroup_list:306 pwd = self.__get_cgroup_pwd(cgroup)307 self.cgroups.append(pwd)308 def set_root_cgroup(self, pid):309 """310 Resets the cgroup membership (sets to root)311 :param pid: pid of the process312 :return: 0 when PASSED313 """314 return self.set_cgroup(pid, self.root)315 def get_property(self, prop, pwd=None):316 """317 Gets the property value318 :param prop: property name (file)319 :param pwd: cgroup directory320 :return: [] values or None when FAILED...

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