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...797 break798 frames.pop()799 ancestry.pop()800 return (frames[-1], ancestry)801 def _add_step_init(self, local_vars, current_function):802 """If the function returned a dictionary that includes a803 function named 'step_init', prepend it to our list of steps.804 This will only get run the first time a function with a nested805 use of the step engine is run."""806 if (isinstance(local_vars, dict) and807 'step_init' in local_vars and808 callable(local_vars['step_init'])):809 # The init step is a child of the function810 # we were just running.811 self._current_step_ancestry.append(current_function)812 self.next_step_prepend('step_init')813 def step_engine(self):814 """The multi-run engine used when the control file defines step_init.815 Does the next step.816 """817 # Set up the environment and then interpret the control file.818 # Some control files will have code outside of functions,819 # which means we need to have our state engine initialized820 # before reading in the file.821 global_control_vars = {'job': self,822 'args': self.args}823 exec(JOB_PREAMBLE, global_control_vars, global_control_vars)824 try:825 execfile(self.control, global_control_vars, global_control_vars)826 except error.TestNAError, detail:827 self.record(detail.exit_status, None, self.control, str(detail))828 except SystemExit:829 raise # Send error.JobContinue and JobComplete on up to runjob.830 except Exception, detail:831 # Syntax errors or other general Python exceptions coming out of832 # the top level of the control file itself go through here.833 raise error.UnhandledJobError(detail)834 # If we loaded in a mid-job state file, then we presumably835 # know what steps we have yet to run.836 if not self._is_continuation:837 if 'step_init' in global_control_vars:838 self.next_step(global_control_vars['step_init'])839 else:840 # if last job failed due to unexpected reboot, record it as fail841 # so harness gets called842 last_job = self._state.get('client', 'unexpected_reboot', None)843 if last_job:844 subdir, testname = last_job845 self.record('FAIL', subdir, testname, 'unexpected reboot')846 self.record('END FAIL', subdir, testname)847 # Iterate through the steps. If we reboot, we'll simply848 # continue iterating on the next step.849 while len(self._state.get('client', 'steps')) > 0:850 steps = self._state.get('client', 'steps')851 (ancestry, fn_name, args, dargs) = steps.pop(0)852 self._state.set('client', 'steps', steps)853 self._next_step_index = 0854 ret = self._create_frame(global_control_vars, ancestry, fn_name)855 local_vars, self._current_step_ancestry = ret856 local_vars = self._run_step_fn(local_vars, fn_name, args, dargs)857 self._add_step_init(local_vars, fn_name)858 def add_sysinfo_command(self, command, logfile=None, on_every_test=False):859 self._add_sysinfo_loggable(sysinfo.command(command, logf=logfile),860 on_every_test)861 def add_sysinfo_logfile(self, file, on_every_test=False):862 self._add_sysinfo_loggable(sysinfo.logfile(file), on_every_test)863 def _add_sysinfo_loggable(self, loggable, on_every_test):864 if on_every_test:865 self.sysinfo.test_loggables.add(loggable)866 else:867 self.sysinfo.boot_loggables.add(loggable)868 self._save_sysinfo_state()869 def _load_sysinfo_state(self):870 state = self._state.get('client', 'sysinfo', None)871 if state:...

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