How to use _add_sysinfo_loggable method in autotest

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...855 local_vars, self._current_step_ancestry = ret856 local_vars = self._run_step_fn(local_vars, fn_name, args, dargs)857 self._add_step_init(local_vars, fn_name)858 def add_sysinfo_command(self, command, logfile=None, on_every_test=False):859 self._add_sysinfo_loggable(sysinfo.command(command, logf=logfile),860 on_every_test)861 def add_sysinfo_logfile(self, file, on_every_test=False):862 self._add_sysinfo_loggable(sysinfo.logfile(file), on_every_test)863 def _add_sysinfo_loggable(self, loggable, on_every_test):864 if on_every_test:865 self.sysinfo.test_loggables.add(loggable)866 else:867 self.sysinfo.boot_loggables.add(loggable)868 self._save_sysinfo_state()869 def _load_sysinfo_state(self):870 state = self._state.get('client', 'sysinfo', None)871 if state:872 self.sysinfo.deserialize(state)873 def _save_sysinfo_state(self):874 state = self.sysinfo.serialize()875 self._state.set('client', 'sysinfo', state)876class disk_usage_monitor:877 def __init__(self, logging_func, device, max_mb_per_hour):...

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...586 path = os.path.join(self.autodir, path)587 control_file = self._load_control_file(path)588, control_file_dir=self._USE_TEMP_DIR)589 def add_sysinfo_command(self, command, logfile=None, on_every_test=False):590 self._add_sysinfo_loggable(sysinfo.command(command, logf=logfile),591 on_every_test)592 def add_sysinfo_logfile(self, file, on_every_test=False):593 self._add_sysinfo_loggable(sysinfo.logfile(file), on_every_test)594 def _add_sysinfo_loggable(self, loggable, on_every_test):595 if on_every_test:596 self.sysinfo.test_loggables.add(loggable)597 else:598 self.sysinfo.boot_loggables.add(loggable)599 def _read_warnings(self):600 """Poll all the warning loggers and extract any new warnings that have601 been logged. If the warnings belong to a category that is currently602 disabled, this method will discard them and they will no longer be603 retrievable.604 Returns a list of (timestamp, message) tuples, where timestamp is an605 integer epoch timestamp."""606 warnings = []607 while True:608 # pull in a line of output from every logger that has...

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