How to use _append_output_row method in autotest

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...6 def __init__(self, request, response):7 self._request = request8 self._response = response9 self._output_rows = []10 def _append_output_row(self, row):11 self._output_rows.append(row)12 def _build_response(self):13 response = django.http.HttpResponse(mimetype='text/csv')14 response['Content-Disposition'] = (15 'attachment; filename=tko_query.csv')16 writer = csv.writer(response)17 writer.writerows(self._output_rows)18 return response19 def encode(self):20 raise NotImplementedError21class UnhandledMethodEncoder(CsvEncoder):22 def encode(self):23 return rpc_utils.raw_http_response(24 'Unhandled method %s (this indicates a bug)\r\n' %25 self._request['method'])26class SpreadsheetCsvEncoder(CsvEncoder):27 def _total_index(self, group, num_columns):28 row_index, column_index = group['header_indices']29 return row_index * num_columns + column_index30 def _group_string(self, group):31 result = '%s / %s' % (group['pass_count'], group['complete_count'])32 if group['incomplete_count'] > 0:33 result += ' (%s incomplete)' % group['incomplete_count']34 if 'extra_info' in group:35 result = '\n'.join([result] + group['extra_info'])36 return result37 def _build_value_table(self):38 value_table = [''] * self._num_rows * self._num_columns39 for group in self._response['groups']:40 total_index = self._total_index(group, self._num_columns)41 value_table[total_index] = self._group_string(group)42 return value_table43 def _header_string(self, header_value):44 return '/'.join(header_value)45 def _process_value_table(self, value_table, row_headers):46 total_index = 047 for row_index in xrange(self._num_rows):48 row_header = self._header_string(row_headers[row_index])49 row_end_index = total_index + self._num_columns50 row_values = value_table[total_index:row_end_index]51 self._append_output_row([row_header] + row_values)52 total_index += self._num_columns53 def encode(self):54 header_values = self._response['header_values']55 assert len(header_values) == 256 row_headers, column_headers = header_values57 self._num_rows, self._num_columns = (len(row_headers),58 len(column_headers))59 value_table = self._build_value_table()60 first_line = [''] + [self._header_string(header_value)61 for header_value in column_headers]62 self._append_output_row(first_line)63 self._process_value_table(value_table, row_headers)64 return self._build_response()65class TableCsvEncoder(CsvEncoder):66 def __init__(self, request, response):67 super(TableCsvEncoder, self).__init__(request, response)68 self._column_specs = request['columns']69 def _format_row(self, row_object):70 """Extract data from a row object into a list of strings"""71 return [row_object.get(field) for field, name in self._column_specs]72 def _encode_table(self, row_objects):73 self._append_output_row([column_spec[1] # header row74 for column_spec in self._column_specs])75 for row_object in row_objects:76 self._append_output_row(self._format_row(row_object))77 return self._build_response()78 def encode(self):79 return self._encode_table(self._response)80class GroupedTableCsvEncoder(TableCsvEncoder):81 def encode(self):82 return self._encode_table(self._response['groups'])83class StatusCountTableCsvEncoder(GroupedTableCsvEncoder):84 _PASS_RATE_FIELD = '_test_pass_rate'85 def __init__(self, request, response):86 super(StatusCountTableCsvEncoder, self).__init__(request, response)87 # inject a more sensible field name for test pass rate88 for column_spec in self._column_specs:89 field, name = column_spec90 if name == 'Test pass rate':...

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