How to use _assert_job_scheduled_on_number_of method in autotest

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...39 job_b = self._create_job(synchronous=True, metahosts=[],40 atomic_group=1)41 self._run_scheduler()42 # atomic_group.max_number_of_machines was 2 so we should run on 2.43 self._assert_job_scheduled_on_number_of(, (5, 6, 7), 2)44 self._assert_job_scheduled_on(, 8) # label545 self._assert_job_scheduled_on(, 9) # label546 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()47 # The three host label4 atomic group still has one host available.48 # That means a job with a synch_count of 1 asking to be scheduled on49 # the atomic group can still use the final machine.50 #51 # This may seem like a somewhat odd use case. It allows the use of an52 # atomic group as a set of machines to run smaller jobs within (a set53 # of hosts configured for use in network tests with eachother perhaps?)54 onehost_job = self._create_job(atomic_group=1)55 self._run_scheduler()56 self._assert_job_scheduled_on_number_of(, (5, 6, 7), 1)57 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()58 # No more atomic groups have hosts available, no more jobs should59 # be scheduled.60 self._create_job(atomic_group=1)61 self._run_scheduler()62 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()63 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_obeys_acls(self):64 # Request scheduling on a specific atomic label but be denied by ACLs.65 self._do_query('DELETE FROM afe_acl_groups_hosts '66 'WHERE host_id in (8,9)')67 job = self._create_job(metahosts=[], atomic_group=1)68 self._run_scheduler()69 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()70 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_dependency_label_exclude(self):71 # A dependency label that matches no hosts in the atomic group.72 job_a = self._create_job(atomic_group=1)73 job_a.dependency_labels.add(self.label3)74 self._run_scheduler()75 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()76 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_metahost_dependency_label_exclude(self):77 # A metahost and dependency label that excludes too many hosts.78 job_b = self._create_job(synchronous=True, metahosts=[],79 atomic_group=1)80 job_b.dependency_labels.add(self.label7)81 self._run_scheduler()82 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()83 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_dependency_label_match(self):84 # A dependency label that exists on enough atomic group hosts in only85 # one of the two atomic group labels.86 job_c = self._create_job(synchronous=True, atomic_group=1)87 job_c.dependency_labels.add(self.label7)88 self._run_scheduler()89 self._assert_job_scheduled_on_number_of(, (8, 9), 2)90 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()91 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_no_metahost(self):92 # Force it to schedule on the other group for a reliable test.93 self._do_query('UPDATE afe_hosts SET invalid=1 WHERE id=9')94 # An atomic job without a metahost.95 job = self._create_job(synchronous=True, atomic_group=1)96 self._run_scheduler()97 self._assert_job_scheduled_on_number_of(, (5, 6, 7), 2)98 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()99 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_partial_group(self):100 # Make one host in labels[3] unavailable so that there are only two101 # hosts left in the group.102 self._do_query('UPDATE afe_hosts SET status="Repair Failed" WHERE id=5')103 job = self._create_job(synchronous=True, metahosts=[],104 atomic_group=1)105 self._run_scheduler()106 # Verify that it was scheduled on the 2 ready hosts in that group.107 self._assert_job_scheduled_on(, 6)108 self._assert_job_scheduled_on(, 7)109 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()110 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_not_enough_available(self):111 # Mark some hosts in each atomic group label as not usable.112 # One host running, another invalid in the first group label.113 self._do_query('UPDATE afe_hosts SET status="Running" WHERE id=5')114 self._do_query('UPDATE afe_hosts SET invalid=1 WHERE id=6')115 # One host invalid in the second group label.116 self._do_query('UPDATE afe_hosts SET invalid=1 WHERE id=9')117 # Nothing to schedule when no group label has enough (2) good hosts..118 self._create_job(atomic_group=1, synchronous=True)119 self._run_scheduler()120 # There are not enough hosts in either atomic group,121 # No more scheduling should occur.122 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()123 # Now create an atomic job that has a synch count of 1. It should124 # schedule on exactly one of the hosts.125 onehost_job = self._create_job(atomic_group=1)126 self._run_scheduler()127 self._assert_job_scheduled_on_number_of(, (7, 8), 1)128 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_no_valid_hosts(self):129 self._do_query('UPDATE afe_hosts SET invalid=1 WHERE id in (8,9)')130 self._create_job(synchronous=True, metahosts=[],131 atomic_group=1)132 self._run_scheduler()133 # no hosts in the selected group and label are valid. no schedulings.134 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()135 def test_atomic_group_scheduling_metahost_works(self):136 # Test that atomic group scheduling also obeys metahosts.137 self._create_job(metahosts=[0], atomic_group=1)138 self._run_scheduler()139 # There are no atomic group hosts that also have that metahost.140 self._check_for_extra_schedulings()141 job_b = self._create_job(metahosts=[], atomic_group=1)...

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