How to use _autoserv_command_line method in autotest

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...269 # from the arguments here.270 # Note that we also don't verify job_repo_url as provisioining tasks are271 # required to stage whatever content we need, and the job itself will272 # force autotest to be staged if it isn't already.273 return autoserv_utils._autoserv_command_line(,274 self._extra_command_args,275 in_lab=True)276 def prolog(self):277 super(ProvisionTask, self).prolog()278 # add check for previous provision task and abort if exist.279"starting provision task for host: %s", self.queue_entry.set_status(281 models.HostQueueEntry.Status.PROVISIONING)282 def epilog(self):284 super(ProvisionTask, self).epilog()285 # If we were not successful in provisioning the machine286 # leave the DUT in whatever status was set in the PreJobTask's287 # epilog. If this task was successful the host status will get...

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...103 command.append('--no_use_packaging')104 if in_lab:105 command.extend(['--lab', 'True'])106 return command + extra_args107def _autoserv_command_line(machines, extra_args, job=None, queue_entry=None,108 verbose=True, in_lab=False):109 """110 @returns The autoserv command line as a list of executable + parameters.111 @param machines - string - A machine or comma separated list of machines112 for the (-m) flag.113 @param extra_args - list - Additional arguments to pass to autoserv.114 @param job - Job object - If supplied, -u owner, -l name, --test-retry,115 and client -c or server -s parameters will be added.116 @param queue_entry - A HostQueueEntry object - If supplied and no Job117 object was supplied, this will be used to lookup the Job object.118 @param in_lab: If true, informs autoserv it is running within a lab119 environment. This information is useful as autoserv knows120 the database is available and can make database calls such121 as looking up host attributes at runtime....

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