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...160 """Subclasses MUST provide their own implementation."""161 raise NotImplementedError162 def _build_and_install_current_dir(self, install_dir):163 """164 Subclasses that use _build_and_install_from_package() MUST provide165 their own implementation of this method.166 """167 raise NotImplementedError168 def build_and_install(self, install_dir):169 """170 Builds and installs the package. It must have been fetched already.171 @param install_dir - The package installation directory. If it does172 not exist it will be created.173 """174 if not self.verified_package:175 raise Error('Must call fetch() first. - %s' % self._check_os_requirements()177 return self._build_and_install(install_dir)178 def _check_os_requirements(self):179 if not self.os_requirements:180 return181 failed = False182 for file_names, package_name in self.os_requirements.iteritems():183 if not any(os.path.exists(file_name) for file_name in file_names):184 failed = True185 logging.error('Can\'t find %s, %s probably needs it.',186 ' or '.join(file_names), logging.error('Perhaps you need to install something similar '188 'to the %s package for OS first.', package_name)189 if failed:190 raise Error('Missing OS requirements for %s. (see above)' %191 def _build_and_install_current_dir_setup_py(self, install_dir):193 """For use as a _build_and_install_current_dir implementation."""194 egg_path = self._build_egg_using_setup_py(setup_py='')195 if not egg_path:196 return False197 return self._install_from_egg(install_dir, egg_path)198 def _build_and_install_current_dir_setupegg_py(self, install_dir):199 """For use as a _build_and_install_current_dir implementation."""200 egg_path = self._build_egg_using_setup_py(setup_py='')201 if not egg_path:202 return False203 return self._install_from_egg(install_dir, egg_path)204 def _build_and_install_current_dir_noegg(self, install_dir):205 if not self._build_using_setup_py():206 return False207 return self._install_using_setup_py_and_rsync(install_dir)208 def _get_extension(self, package):209 """Get extension of package."""210 valid_package_extensions = ['.tar.gz', '.tar.bz2', '.zip']211 extension = None212 for ext in valid_package_extensions:213 if package.endswith(ext):214 extension = ext215 break216 if not extension:217 raise Error('Unexpected package file extension on %s' % package)218 return extension219 def _build_and_install_from_package(self, install_dir):220 """221 This method may be used as a _build_and_install() implementation222 for subclasses if they implement _build_and_install_current_dir().223 Extracts the .tar.gz file, chdirs into the extracted directory224 (which is assumed to match the tar filename) and calls225 _build_and_isntall_current_dir from there.226 Afterwards the build (regardless of failure) extracted .tar.gz227 directory is cleaned up.228 @returns True on success, False otherwise.229 @raises OSError If the expected extraction directory does not exist.230 """231 self._extract_compressed_package()232 extension = self._get_extension(self.verified_package)233 os.chdir(os.path.dirname(self.verified_package))234 os.chdir(self.extracted_package_path)235 extracted_dir = os.getcwd()236 try:237 return self._build_and_install_current_dir(install_dir)238 finally:239 os.chdir(os.path.join(extracted_dir, '..'))240 shutil.rmtree(extracted_dir)241 def _extract_compressed_package(self):242 """Extract the fetched compressed .tar or .zip within its directory."""243 if not self.verified_package:244 raise Error('Package must have been fetched first.')245 os.chdir(os.path.dirname(self.verified_package))246 if self.verified_package.endswith('gz'):247 status = system("tar -xzf '%s'" % self.verified_package)248 elif self.verified_package.endswith('bz2'):249 status = system("tar -xjf '%s'" % self.verified_package)250 elif self.verified_package.endswith('zip'):251 status = system("unzip '%s'" % self.verified_package)252 else:253 raise Error('Unknown compression suffix on %s.' %254 self.verified_package)255 if status:256 raise Error('tar failed with %s' % (status,))257 def _build_using_setup_py(self, setup_py=''):258 """259 Assuming the cwd is the extracted python package, execute a simple260 python build.261 @param setup_py - The name of the file to execute.262 @returns True on success, False otherwise.263 """264 if not os.path.exists(setup_py):265 raise Error('%s does not exist in %s' % (setup_py, os.getcwd()))266 status = system("'%s' %s build" % (sys.executable, setup_py))267 if status:268 logging.error('%s build failed.', return False270 return True271 def _build_egg_using_setup_py(self, setup_py=''):272 """273 Assuming the cwd is the extracted python package, execute a simple274 python bdist_egg.275 @param setup_py - The name of the file to execute.276 @returns The relative path to the resulting egg file or '' on failure.277 """278 if not os.path.exists(setup_py):279 raise Error('%s does not exist in %s' % (setup_py, os.getcwd()))280 egg_subdir = 'dist'281 if os.path.isdir(egg_subdir):282 shutil.rmtree(egg_subdir)283 status = system("'%s' %s bdist_egg" % (sys.executable, setup_py))284 if status:285 logging.error('bdist_egg of setuptools failed.')286 return ''287 # I've never seen a bdist_egg lay multiple .egg files.288 for filename in os.listdir(egg_subdir):289 if filename.endswith('.egg'):290 return os.path.join(egg_subdir, filename)291 def _install_from_egg(self, install_dir, egg_path):292 """293 Install a module from an egg file by unzipping the necessary parts294 into install_dir.295 @param install_dir - The installation directory.296 @param egg_path - The pathname of the egg file.297 """298 status = system("unzip -q -o -d '%s' '%s'" % (install_dir, egg_path))299 if status:300 logging.error('unzip of %s failed', egg_path)301 return False302 egg_info_dir = os.path.join(install_dir, 'EGG-INFO')303 if os.path.isdir(egg_info_dir):304 egg_info_new_path = self._get_egg_info_path(install_dir)305 if egg_info_new_path:306 if os.path.exists(egg_info_new_path):307 shutil.rmtree(egg_info_new_path)308 os.rename(egg_info_dir, egg_info_new_path)309 else:310 shutil.rmtree(egg_info_dir)311 return True312 def _get_egg_info_path(self, install_dir):313 """Get egg-info path for this package.314 Example path: install_dir/MySQL_python-1.2.3.egg-info315 """316 if self.dist_name:317 egg_info_name_part = self.dist_name.replace('-', '_')318 if self.version:319 egg_info_filename = '%s-%s.egg-info' % (egg_info_name_part,320 self.version)321 else:322 egg_info_filename = '%s.egg-info' % (egg_info_name_part,)323 return os.path.join(install_dir, egg_info_filename)324 else:325 return None326 def _get_temp_dir(self):327 return tempfile.mkdtemp(dir='/var/tmp')328 def _site_packages_path(self, temp_dir):329 # This makes assumptions about what python install330 # does when given a prefix. Is this always correct?331 python_xy = 'python%s' % sys.version[:3]332 return os.path.join(temp_dir, 'lib', python_xy, 'site-packages')333 def _rsync (self, temp_site_dir, install_dir):334 """Rsync contents. """335 status = system("rsync -r '%s/' '%s/'" %336 (os.path.normpath(temp_site_dir),337 os.path.normpath(install_dir)))338 if status:339 logging.error('%s rsync to install_dir failed.', return False341 return True342 def _install_using_setup_py_and_rsync(self, install_dir,343 setup_py='',344 temp_dir=None):345 """346 Assuming the cwd is the extracted python package, execute a simple:347 python install --prefix=BLA348 BLA will be a temporary directory that everything installed will349 be picked out of and rsynced to the appropriate place under350 install_dir afterwards.351 Afterwards, it deconstructs the extra lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages/352 directory tree that setuptools created and moves all installed353 site-packages directly up into install_dir itself.354 @param install_dir the directory for the install to happen under.355 @param setup_py - The name of the file to execute.356 @returns True on success, False otherwise.357 """358 if not os.path.exists(setup_py):359 raise Error('%s does not exist in %s' % (setup_py, os.getcwd()))360 if temp_dir is None:361 temp_dir = self._get_temp_dir()362 try:363 status = system("'%s' %s install --no-compile --prefix='%s'"364 % (sys.executable, setup_py, temp_dir))365 if status:366 logging.error('%s install failed.', return False368 if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(temp_dir, 'lib')):369 # NOTE: This ignores anything outside of the lib/ dir that370 # was installed.371 temp_site_dir = self._site_packages_path(temp_dir)372 else:373 temp_site_dir = temp_dir374 return self._rsync(temp_site_dir, install_dir)375 finally:376 shutil.rmtree(temp_dir)377 def _build_using_make(self, install_dir):378 """Build the current package using configure/make.379 @returns True on success, False otherwise.380 """381 install_prefix = os.path.join(install_dir, 'usr', 'local')382 status = system('./configure --prefix=%s' % install_prefix)383 if status:384 logging.error('./configure failed for %s', return False386 status = system('make')387 if status:388 logging.error('make failed for %s', return False390 status = system('make check')391 if status:392 logging.error('make check failed for %s', return False394 return True395 def _install_using_make(self):396 """Install the current package using make install.397 Assumes the install path was set up while running ./configure (in398 _build_using_make()).399 @returns True on success, False otherwise.400 """401 status = system('make install')402 return status == 0403 def fetch(self, dest_dir):404 """405 Fetch the package from one its URLs and save it in dest_dir.406 If the the package already exists in dest_dir and the checksum407 matches this code will not fetch it again.408 Sets the 'verified_package' attribute with the destination pathname.409 @param dest_dir - The destination directory to save the local file.410 If it does not exist it will be created.411 @returns A boolean indicating if we the package is now in dest_dir.412 @raises FetchError - When something unexpected happens.413 """414 if not os.path.exists(dest_dir):415 os.makedirs(dest_dir)416 local_path = os.path.join(dest_dir, self.local_filename)417 # If the package exists, verify its checksum and be happy if it is good.418 if os.path.exists(local_path):419 actual_hex_sum = _checksum_file(local_path)420 if self.hex_sum == actual_hex_sum:421'Good checksum for existing %s package.',422 self.verified_package = local_path424 return True425 logging.warning('Bad checksum for existing %s package. '426 'Re-downloading', os.rename(local_path, local_path + '.wrong-checksum')428 # Download the package from one of its urls, rejecting any if the429 # checksum does not match.430 for url in self.urls:431'Fetching %s', url)432 try:433 url_file = urllib2.urlopen(url)434 except (urllib2.URLError, EnvironmentError):435 logging.warning('Could not fetch %s package from %s.',436, url)437 continue438 data_length = int('Content-Length',439 _MAX_PACKAGE_SIZE))440 if data_length <= 0 or data_length > _MAX_PACKAGE_SIZE:441 raise FetchError('%s from %s fails Content-Length %d '442 'sanity check.' % (, url,443 data_length))444 checksum = utils.hash('sha1')445 total_read = 0446 output = open(local_path, 'wb')447 try:448 while total_read < data_length:449 data = if not data:451 break452 output.write(data)453 checksum.update(data)454 total_read += len(data)455 finally:456 output.close()457 if self.hex_sum != checksum.hexdigest():458 logging.warning('Bad checksum for %s fetched from %s.',459, url)460 logging.warning('Got %s', checksum.hexdigest())461 logging.warning('Expected %s', self.hex_sum)462 os.unlink(local_path)463 continue464'Good checksum.')465 self.verified_package = local_path466 return True467 else:468 return False469# NOTE: This class definition must come -before- all other ExternalPackage470# classes that need to use this version of setuptools so that is is inserted471# into the ExternalPackage.subclasses list before them.472class SetuptoolsPackage(ExternalPackage):473 """setuptools package"""474 # For all known setuptools releases a string compare works for the475 # version string. Hopefully they never release a 0.10. (Their own476 # version comparison code would break if they did.)477 # Any system with setuptools > 18.0.1 is fine. If none installed, then478 # try to install the latest found on the upstream.479 minimum_version = '18.0.1'480 version = '18.0.1'481 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + 'setuptools-%s.tar.gz' % (version,),)482 local_filename = 'setuptools-%s.tar.gz' % version483 hex_sum = 'ebc4fe81b7f6d61d923d9519f589903824044f52'484 SUDO_SLEEP_DELAY = 15485 def _build_and_install(self, install_dir):486 """Install setuptools on the system."""487'NOTE: setuptools install does not use install_dir.')488 return self._build_and_install_from_package(install_dir)489 def _build_and_install_current_dir(self, install_dir):490 egg_path = self._build_egg_using_setup_py()491 if not egg_path:492 return False493 print '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n'494 print 'About to run sudo to install setuptools', self.version495 print 'on your system for use by', sys.executable, '\n'496 print '!! ^C within', self.SUDO_SLEEP_DELAY, 'seconds to abort.\n'497 time.sleep(self.SUDO_SLEEP_DELAY)498 # Copy the egg to the local filesystem /var/tmp so that root can499 # access it properly (avoid NFS squashroot issues).500 temp_dir = self._get_temp_dir()501 try:502 shutil.copy(egg_path, temp_dir)503 egg_name = os.path.split(egg_path)[1]504 temp_egg = os.path.join(temp_dir, egg_name)505 p = subprocess.Popen(['sudo', '/bin/sh', temp_egg],506 stdout=subprocess.PIPE)507 regex = re.compile('Copying (.*?) to (.*?)\n')508 match =[0])509 status = p.wait()510 if match:511 compiled = os.path.join(, os.system("sudo chmod a+r '%s'" % compiled)513 finally:514 shutil.rmtree(temp_dir)515 if status:516 logging.error('install of setuptools from egg failed.')517 return False518 return True519class MySQLdbPackage(ExternalPackage):520 """mysql package, used in scheduler."""521 module_name = 'MySQLdb'522 version = '1.2.3'523 local_filename = 'MySQL-python-%s.tar.gz' % version524 urls = (''525 'distfiles/%s' % local_filename,)526 hex_sum = '3511bb8c57c6016eeafa531d5c3ea4b548915e3c'527 _build_and_install_current_dir = (528 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_setup_py)529 def _build_and_install(self, install_dir):530 if not os.path.exists('/usr/bin/mysql_config'):531 error_msg = '''\532You need to install /usr/bin/mysql_config.533On recent Debian based distros, run: \534sudo apt-get install libmariadbclient-dev-compat535On older Debian based distros, run: sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev536'''537 logging.error(error_msg)538 return False, error_msg539 return self._build_and_install_from_package(install_dir)540class DjangoPackage(ExternalPackage):541 """django package."""542 version = '1.5.1'543 local_filename = 'Django-%s.tar.gz' % version544 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)545 hex_sum = '0ab97b90c4c79636e56337f426f1e875faccbba1'546 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package547 _build_and_install_current_dir = (548 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_noegg)549 def _get_installed_version_from_module(self, module):550 try:551 return module.get_version().split()[0]552 except AttributeError:553 return '0.9.6'554class NumpyPackage(ExternalPackage):555 """numpy package, required by matploglib."""556 version = '1.7.0'557 local_filename = 'numpy-%s.tar.gz' % version558 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)559 hex_sum = 'ba328985f20390b0f969a5be2a6e1141d5752cf9'560 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package561 _build_and_install_current_dir = (562 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_setupegg_py)563class JsonRPCLib(ExternalPackage):564 """jsonrpclib package"""565 version = '0.1.3'566 module_name = 'jsonrpclib'567 local_filename = '%s-%s.tar.gz' % (module_name, version)568 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)569 hex_sum = '431714ed19ab677f641ce5d678a6a95016f5c452'570 def _get_installed_version_from_module(self, module):571 # jsonrpclib doesn't contain a proper version572 return self.version573 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package574 _build_and_install_current_dir = (575 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_noegg)576class GwtPackage(ExternalPackage):577 """Fetch and extract a local copy of GWT used to build the frontend."""578 version = '2.3.0'579 local_filename = '' % version580 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)581 hex_sum = 'd51fce9166e6b31349659ffca89baf93e39bc84b'582 name = 'gwt'583 about_filename = 'about.txt'584 module_name = None # Not a Python module.585 def is_needed(self, install_dir):586 gwt_dir = os.path.join(install_dir, about_file = os.path.join(install_dir,, self.about_filename)588 if not os.path.exists(gwt_dir) or not os.path.exists(about_file):589'gwt not installed for autotest')590 return True591 f = open(about_file, 'r')592 version_line = f.readline()593 f.close()594 match = re.match(r'Google Web Toolkit (.*)', version_line)595 if not match:596'did not find gwt version')597 return True598'found gwt version %s', return != self.version600 def _build_and_install(self, install_dir):601 os.chdir(install_dir)602 self._extract_compressed_package()603 extracted_dir = self.local_filename[:-len('.zip')]604 target_dir = os.path.join(install_dir, if os.path.exists(target_dir):606 shutil.rmtree(target_dir)607 os.rename(extracted_dir, target_dir)608 return True609class PyudevPackage(ExternalPackage):610 """611 pyudev module612 Used in unittests.613 """614 version = '0.16.1'615 url_filename = 'pyudev-%s.tar.gz' % version616 local_filename = url_filename617 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)618 hex_sum = 'b36bc5c553ce9b56d32a5e45063a2c88156771c0'619 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package620 _build_and_install_current_dir = (621 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_setup_py)622class PyMoxPackage(ExternalPackage):623 """624 mox module625 Used in unittests.626 """627 module_name = 'mox'628 version = '0.5.3'629 # Note: url_filename does not match local_filename, because of630 # an uncontrolled fork at some point in time of mox versions.631 url_filename = 'mox-%s-autotest.tar.gz' % version632 local_filename = 'mox-%s.tar.gz' % version633 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + url_filename,)634 hex_sum = '1c502d2c0a8aefbba2c7f385a83d33e7d822452a'635 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package636 _build_and_install_current_dir = (637 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_noegg)638 def _get_installed_version_from_module(self, module):639 # mox doesn't contain a proper version640 return self.version641class PySeleniumPackage(ExternalPackage):642 """643 selenium module644 Used in wifi_interop suite.645 """646 module_name = 'selenium'647 version = '2.37.2'648 url_filename = 'selenium-%s.tar.gz' % version649 local_filename = url_filename650 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)651 hex_sum = '66946d5349e36d946daaad625c83c30c11609e36'652 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package653 _build_and_install_current_dir = (654 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_setup_py)655class FaultHandlerPackage(ExternalPackage):656 """657 faulthandler module658 """659 module_name = 'faulthandler'660 version = '2.3'661 url_filename = '%s-%s.tar.gz' % (module_name, version)662 local_filename = url_filename663 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)664 hex_sum = 'efb30c068414fba9df892e48fcf86170cbf53589'665 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package666 _build_and_install_current_dir = (667 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_noegg)668class PsutilPackage(ExternalPackage):669 """670 psutil module671 """672 module_name = 'psutil'673 version = '2.1.1'674 url_filename = '%s-%s.tar.gz' % (module_name, version)675 local_filename = url_filename676 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)677 hex_sum = '0c20a20ed316e69f2b0881530439213988229916'678 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package679 _build_and_install_current_dir = (680 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_setup_py)681class ElasticSearchPackage(ExternalPackage):682 """elasticsearch-py package."""683 version = '1.6.0'684 url_filename = 'elasticsearch-%s.tar.gz' % version685 local_filename = url_filename686 urls = ('' %687 (url_filename),)688 hex_sum = '3e676c96f47935b1f52df82df3969564bd356b1c'689 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package690 _build_and_install_current_dir = (691 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_setup_py)692 def _get_installed_version_from_module(self, module):693 # Elastic's version format is like tuple (1, 6, 0), which needs to be694 # transferred to try:696 return '.'.join(str(i) for i in module.__version__)697 except:698 return self.version699class Urllib3Package(ExternalPackage):700 """elasticsearch-py package."""701 version = '1.9'702 url_filename = 'urllib3-%s.tar.gz' % version703 local_filename = url_filename704 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)705 hex_sum = '9522197efb2a2b49ce804de3a515f06d97b6602f'706 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package707 _build_and_install_current_dir = (708 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_setup_py)709class ImagingLibraryPackage(ExternalPackage):710 """Python Imaging Library (PIL)."""711 version = '1.1.7'712 url_filename = 'Imaging-%s.tar.gz' % version713 local_filename = url_filename714 urls = (''715 'distfiles/%s' % url_filename,)716 hex_sum = '76c37504251171fda8da8e63ecb8bc42a69a5c81'717 def _build_and_install(self, install_dir):718 #The path of zlib library might be different from what PIL is719 #expected. Following change does the best attempt to link the library720 #to a path PIL will try.721 libz_possible_path = '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/'722 libz_expected_path = '/usr/lib/'723 if (os.path.exists(libz_possible_path) and724 not os.path.exists(libz_expected_path)):725'sudo ln -s %s %s' %726 (libz_possible_path, libz_expected_path))727 return self._build_and_install_from_package(install_dir)728 _build_and_install_current_dir = (729 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_noegg)730class AstroidPackage(ExternalPackage):731 """astroid package."""732 version = '1.5.3'733 url_filename = 'astroid-%s.tar.gz' % version734 local_filename = url_filename735 urls = (_CHROMEOS_MIRROR + local_filename,)736 hex_sum = 'e654225ab5bd2788e5e246b156910990bf33cde6'737 _build_and_install = ExternalPackage._build_and_install_from_package738 _build_and_install_current_dir = (739 ExternalPackage._build_and_install_current_dir_setup_py)740class LazyObjectProxyPackage(ExternalPackage):741 """lazy-object-proxy package (dependency for astroid)."""...

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