How to use _check_and_set_parent method in autotest

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...270 return True271 return False272 def __repr__(self):273 return pprint.pformat(list(self))274def _check_and_set_parent(parent, value, name, new_name):275 if not _is_instance_mock(value):276 return False277 if value._mock_name or value._mock_new_name or value._mock_parent is not None or value._mock_new_parent is not None:278 return False279 _parent = parent280 while _parent is not None:281 if _parent is value:282 return False283 _parent = _parent._mock_new_parent284 if new_name:285 value._mock_new_parent = parent286 value._mock_new_name = new_name287 if name:288 value._mock_parent = parent289 value._mock_name = name290 return True291class Base(object):292 _mock_return_value = DEFAULT293 _mock_side_effect = None294 def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):295 pass296class NonCallableMock(Base):297 def __new__(cls, *args, **kw):298 new = type(cls.__name__, (cls,), {'__doc__': cls.__doc__})299 instance = object.__new__(new)300 return instance301 def __init__(self, spec = None, wraps = None, name = None, spec_set = None, parent = None, _spec_state = None, _new_name = '', _new_parent = None, **kwargs):302 if _new_parent is None:303 _new_parent = parent304 __dict__ = self.__dict__305 __dict__['_mock_parent'] = parent306 __dict__['_mock_name'] = name307 __dict__['_mock_new_name'] = _new_name308 __dict__['_mock_new_parent'] = _new_parent309 if spec_set is not None:310 spec = spec_set311 spec_set = True312 self._mock_add_spec(spec, spec_set)313 __dict__['_mock_children'] = {}314 __dict__['_mock_wraps'] = wraps315 __dict__['_mock_delegate'] = None316 __dict__['_mock_called'] = False317 __dict__['_mock_call_args'] = None318 __dict__['_mock_call_count'] = 0319 __dict__['_mock_call_args_list'] = _CallList()320 __dict__['_mock_mock_calls'] = _CallList()321 __dict__['method_calls'] = _CallList()322 if kwargs:323 self.configure_mock(**kwargs)324 _super(NonCallableMock, self).__init__(spec, wraps, name, spec_set, parent, _spec_state)325 def attach_mock(self, mock, attribute):326 mock._mock_parent = None327 mock._mock_new_parent = None328 mock._mock_name = ''329 mock._mock_new_name = None330 setattr(self, attribute, mock)331 def mock_add_spec(self, spec, spec_set = False):332 self._mock_add_spec(spec, spec_set)333 def _mock_add_spec(self, spec, spec_set):334 _spec_class = None335 if spec is not None and not _is_list(spec):336 if isinstance(spec, ClassTypes):337 _spec_class = spec338 else:339 _spec_class = _get_class(spec)340 spec = dir(spec)341 __dict__ = self.__dict__342 __dict__['_spec_class'] = _spec_class343 __dict__['_spec_set'] = spec_set344 __dict__['_mock_methods'] = spec345 def __get_return_value(self):346 ret = self._mock_return_value347 if self._mock_delegate is not None:348 ret = self._mock_delegate.return_value349 if ret is DEFAULT:350 ret = self._get_child_mock(_new_parent=self, _new_name='()')351 self.return_value = ret352 return ret353 def __set_return_value(self, value):354 if self._mock_delegate is not None:355 self._mock_delegate.return_value = value356 else:357 self._mock_return_value = value358 _check_and_set_parent(self, value, None, '()')359 __return_value_doc = 'The value to be returned when the mock is called.'360 return_value = property(__get_return_value, __set_return_value, __return_value_doc)361 @property362 def __class__(self):363 if self._spec_class is None:364 return type(self)365 return self._spec_class366 called = _delegating_property('called')367 call_count = _delegating_property('call_count')368 call_args = _delegating_property('call_args')369 call_args_list = _delegating_property('call_args_list')370 mock_calls = _delegating_property('mock_calls')371 def __get_side_effect(self):372 sig = self._mock_delegate373 if sig is None:374 return self._mock_side_effect375 return sig.side_effect376 def __set_side_effect(self, value):377 value = _try_iter(value)378 sig = self._mock_delegate379 if sig is None:380 self._mock_side_effect = value381 else:382 sig.side_effect = value383 side_effect = property(__get_side_effect, __set_side_effect)384 def reset_mock(self):385 self.called = False386 self.call_args = None387 self.call_count = 0388 self.mock_calls = _CallList()389 self.call_args_list = _CallList()390 self.method_calls = _CallList()391 for child in self._mock_children.values():392 if isinstance(child, _SpecState):393 continue394 child.reset_mock()395 ret = self._mock_return_value396 if _is_instance_mock(ret) and ret is not self:397 ret.reset_mock()398 def configure_mock(self, **kwargs):399 for arg, val in sorted(kwargs.items(), key=lambda entry: entry[0].count('.')):400 args = arg.split('.')401 final = args.pop()402 obj = self403 for entry in args:404 obj = getattr(obj, entry)405 setattr(obj, final, val)406 def __getattr__(self, name):407 if name == '_mock_methods':408 raise AttributeError(name)409 elif self._mock_methods is not None:410 if name not in self._mock_methods or name in _all_magics:411 raise AttributeError('Mock object has no attribute %r' % name)412 elif _is_magic(name):413 raise AttributeError(name)414 result = self._mock_children.get(name)415 if result is _deleted:416 raise AttributeError(name)417 elif result is None:418 wraps = None419 if self._mock_wraps is not None:420 wraps = getattr(self._mock_wraps, name)421 result = self._get_child_mock(parent=self, name=name, wraps=wraps, _new_name=name, _new_parent=self)422 self._mock_children[name] = result423 elif isinstance(result, _SpecState):424 result = create_autospec(result.spec, result.spec_set, result.instance, result.parent, self._mock_children[name] = result426 return result427 def __repr__(self):428 _name_list = [self._mock_new_name]429 _parent = self._mock_new_parent430 last = self431 dot = '.'432 if _name_list == ['()']:433 dot = ''434 seen = set()435 while _parent is not None:436 last = _parent437 _name_list.append(_parent._mock_new_name + dot)438 dot = '.'439 if _parent._mock_new_name == '()':440 dot = ''441 _parent = _parent._mock_new_parent442 if id(_parent) in seen:443 break444 seen.add(id(_parent))445 _name_list = list(reversed(_name_list))446 _first = last._mock_name or 'mock'447 if len(_name_list) > 1:448 if _name_list[1] not in ('()', '().'):449 _first += '.'450 _name_list[0] = _first451 name = ''.join(_name_list)452 name_string = ''453 if name not in ('mock', 'mock.'):454 name_string = ' name=%r' % name455 spec_string = ''456 if self._spec_class is not None:457 spec_string = ' spec=%r'458 if self._spec_set:459 spec_string = ' spec_set=%r'460 spec_string = spec_string % self._spec_class.__name__461 return "<%s%s%s id='%s'>" % (type(self).__name__,462 name_string,463 spec_string,464 id(self))465 def __dir__(self):466 extras = self._mock_methods or []467 from_type = dir(type(self))468 from_dict = list(self.__dict__)469 if FILTER_DIR:470 from_type = [ e for e in from_type if not e.startswith('_') ]471 from_dict = [ e for e in from_dict if not e.startswith('_') or _is_magic(e) ]472 return sorted(set(extras + from_type + from_dict + list(self._mock_children)))473 def __setattr__(self, name, value):474 if name in _allowed_names:475 return object.__setattr__(self, name, value)476 if self._spec_set and self._mock_methods is not None and name not in self._mock_methods and name not in self.__dict__:477 raise AttributeError("Mock object has no attribute '%s'" % name)478 elif name in _unsupported_magics:479 msg = 'Attempting to set unsupported magic method %r.' % name480 raise AttributeError(msg)481 elif name in _all_magics:482 if self._mock_methods is not None and name not in self._mock_methods:483 raise AttributeError("Mock object has no attribute '%s'" % name)484 if not _is_instance_mock(value):485 setattr(type(self), name, _get_method(name, value))486 original = value487 value = lambda *args, **kw: original(self, *args, **kw)488 else:489 _check_and_set_parent(self, value, None, name)490 setattr(type(self), name, value)491 self._mock_children[name] = value492 else:493 if name == '__class__':494 self._spec_class = value495 return496 if _check_and_set_parent(self, value, name, name):497 self._mock_children[name] = value498 return object.__setattr__(self, name, value)499 def __delattr__(self, name):500 if name in _all_magics and name in type(self).__dict__:501 delattr(type(self), name)502 if name not in self.__dict__:503 return504 if name in self.__dict__:505 object.__delattr__(self, name)506 obj = self._mock_children.get(name, _missing)507 if obj is _deleted:508 raise AttributeError(name)509 if obj is not _missing:510 del self._mock_children[name]...

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