How to use _check_grubby_version method in autotest

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...591 if os.environ.has_key('BOOTTOOL_DEBUG_RUN'):592 self.debug_run = True593 else:594 self.debug_run = False595 self._check_grubby_version()596 self._set_bootloader()597 def _set_path(self, path=None):598 """599 Set grubby path.600 If path is not provided, check first if there's a built grubby,601 then look for the system grubby.602 :param path: Alternate grubby path.603 """604 if path is None:605 if os.path.exists(GRUBBY_DEFAULT_USER_PATH):606 self.path = GRUBBY_DEFAULT_USER_PATH607 else:608 self.path = GRUBBY_DEFAULT_SYSTEM_PATH609 else:610 self.path = path611 #612 # The following block contain utility functions that are used to build613 # most of these class methods, such as methods for running commands614 # and preparing grubby command line switches.615 #616 def _check_grubby_version(self):617 '''618 Checks the version of grubby in use and warns if it's not good enough619 '''620 current_version = self.get_grubby_version()621 if current_version is None:622 self.log.warn('Could not detect current grubby version. It may '623 'be that you are running an unsupported version '624 'of grubby')625 elif current_version < GRUBBY_REQ_VERSION:626 self.log.warn('version %s.%s being used is not guaranteed to '627 'work properly. Mininum required version is %s.%s.',628 current_version[0], current_version[1],629 GRUBBY_REQ_VERSION[0], GRUBBY_REQ_VERSION[1])630 def _run_get_output(self, arguments):...

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