How to use _check_rsync method in autotest

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...148 return True149# "squash" selected sub packages to a single package. Also removes150# setuptools dependency when tarballed.151def do_squash(name):152 if not _check_rsync():153 print("Squash requires rsync tool to be installed.")154 return False155 if not os.path.isdir(PYCOPIA_SQUASH):156 os.makedirs(PYCOPIA_SQUASH)157 os.chdir(name)158 uname = os.uname()159 bin_dir = os.path.join("build", "lib.%s-%s-%s" % (uname[0].lower(), uname[4], sys.version[:3]))160 # e.g: build/lib.linux-x86_64-2.5/pycopia161 print("======== SQUASH", name, "to", PYCOPIA_SQUASH)162 try:163 if WEXITSTATUS(os.system("%s build" % (sys.executable,))) != 0:164 return False165 for pydir in ("build/lib", bin_dir):166 if os.path.isdir(pydir):167 cmd = "rsync -azvu %s/ %s" % (pydir, PYCOPIA_SQUASH)168 if WEXITSTATUS(os.system(cmd)) != 0:169 return False170 finally:171 os.chdir("..")172 _null_init(PYCOPIA_SQUASH)173 print("====================== END", name, "squashed into", PYCOPIA_SQUASH, "\n")174 return True175def _null_init(directory):176 open(os.path.join(directory, "pycopia", ""), "w").close()177def _check_rsync():178 return WEXITSTATUS(os.system(RSYNCCHECK)) == 0179def do_generic(name):180 pass181def get_svn_revision():182 import subprocess183 from xml.etree import ElementTree184 info = ElementTree.fromstring(subprocess.check_output("svn info --xml".split()))185 rev = info.find("entry").attrib["revision"]186 return int(rev)187def main(argv):188 try:189 cmd = argv[1]190 except IndexError:191 print(DOC)...

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...30@returns_exception31def _check_git():32 _assert_executable_exists('git')33@returns_exception34def _check_rsync():35 _assert_executable_exists('rsync')36@returns_exception37def _check_virtualbox():38 _assert_executable_exists('VBoxManage')39@returns_exception40def _check_docker_machine():41 _assert_executable_exists('docker-machine')42@returns_exception43def _check_docker():44 _assert_executable_exists('docker')45@returns_exception46def _check_docker_compose():47 _assert_executable_exists('docker-compose')48@returns_exception...

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