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...87 if (not os.path.exists(socket_path) or88 self._master_ssh_proc.poll() is not None):89 self.log.debug('Master ssh connection to %s is down.',90 self._settings.hostname)91 self._cleanup_master_ssh()92 if self._master_ssh_proc is None:93 # Create a shared socket in a temp location.94 self._master_ssh_tempdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(95 prefix='ssh-master')96 # Setup flags and options for running the master ssh97 # -N: Do not execute a remote command.98 # ControlMaster: Spawn a master connection.99 # ControlPath: The master connection socket path.100 extra_flags = {'-N': None}101 extra_options = {102 'ControlMaster': True,103 'ControlPath': self.socket_path,104 'BatchMode': True105 }106 # Construct the command and start it.107 master_cmd = self._formatter.format_ssh_local_command(108 self._settings,109 extra_flags=extra_flags,110 extra_options=extra_options)111'Starting master ssh connection.')112 self._master_ssh_proc = job.run_async(master_cmd)113 end_time = time.time() + timeout_seconds114 while time.time() < end_time:115 if os.path.exists(self.socket_path):116 break117 time.sleep(.2)118 else:119 self._cleanup_master_ssh()120 raise Error('Master ssh connection timed out.')121 def run(self,122 command,123 timeout=3600,124 ignore_status=False,125 env=None,126 io_encoding='utf-8',127 attempts=2):128 """Runs a remote command over ssh.129 Will ssh to a remote host and run a command. This method will130 block until the remote command is finished.131 Args:132 command: The command to execute over ssh. Can be either a string133 or a list.134 timeout: number seconds to wait for command to finish.135 ignore_status: bool True to ignore the exit code of the remote136 subprocess. Note that if you do ignore status codes,137 you should handle non-zero exit codes explicitly.138 env: dict environment variables to setup on the remote host.139 io_encoding: str unicode encoding of command output.140 attempts: Number of attempts before giving up on command failures.141 Returns:142 A job.Result containing the results of the ssh command.143 Raises:144 job.TimeoutError: When the remote command took to long to execute.145 Error: When the ssh connection failed to be created.146 CommandError: Ssh worked, but the command had an error executing.147 """148 if attempts == 0:149 return None150 if env is None:151 env = {}152 try:153 self.setup_master_ssh(self._settings.connect_timeout)154 except Error:155 self.log.warning('Failed to create master ssh connection, using '156 'normal ssh connection.')157 extra_options = {'BatchMode': True}158 if self._master_ssh_proc:159 extra_options['ControlPath'] = self.socket_path160 identifier = str(uuid.uuid4())161 full_command = 'echo "CONNECTED: %s"; %s' % (identifier, command)162 terminal_command = self._formatter.format_command(163 full_command, env, self._settings, extra_options=extra_options)164 dns_retry_count = 2165 while True:166 result = terminal_command, ignore_status=True, timeout=timeout)168 output = result.stdout169 # Check for a connected message to prevent false negatives.170 valid_connection = '^CONNECTED: %s' % identifier, output, flags=re.MULTILINE)172 if valid_connection:173 # Remove the first line that contains the connect message.174 line_index = output.find('\n')175 real_output = output[line_index + 1:].encode(result._encoding)176 result = job.Result(177 command=result.command,178 stdout=real_output,179 stderr=result._raw_stderr,180 exit_status=result.exit_status,181 duration=result.duration,182 did_timeout=result.did_timeout,183 encoding=result._encoding)184 if result.exit_status and not ignore_status:185 raise job.Error(result)186 return result187 error_string = result.stderr188 had_dns_failure = (result.exit_status == 255 and r'^ssh: .*: Name or service not known',190 error_string,191 flags=re.MULTILINE))192 if had_dns_failure:193 dns_retry_count -= 1194 if not dns_retry_count:195 raise Error('DNS failed to find host.', result)196 self.log.debug('Failed to connect to host, retrying...')197 else:198 break199 had_timeout = r'^ssh: connect to host .* port .*: '201 r'Connection timed out\r$',202 error_string,203 flags=re.MULTILINE)204 if had_timeout:205 raise Error('Ssh timed out.', result)206 permission_denied = 'Permission denied' in error_string207 if permission_denied:208 raise Error('Permission denied.', result)209 unknown_host = r'ssh: Could not resolve hostname .*: '211 r'Name or service not known',212 error_string,213 flags=re.MULTILINE)214 if unknown_host:215 raise Error('Unknown host.', result)216 self.log.error('An unknown error has occurred. Job result: %s' % result)217 ping_output = 'ping %s -c 3 -w 1' % self._settings.hostname, ignore_status=True)219 self.log.error('Ping result: %s' % ping_output)220 if attempts > 1:221 self._cleanup_master_ssh()222, timeout, ignore_status, env, io_encoding,223 attempts - 1)224 raise Error('The job failed for unknown reasons.', result)225 def run_async(self, command, env=None):226 """Starts up a background command over ssh.227 Will ssh to a remote host and startup a command. This method will228 block until there is confirmation that the remote command has started.229 Args:230 command: The command to execute over ssh. Can be either a string231 or a list.232 env: A dictonary of environment variables to setup on the remote233 host.234 Returns:235 The result of the command to launch the background job.236 Raises:237 CmdTimeoutError: When the remote command took to long to execute.238 SshTimeoutError: When the connection took to long to established.239 SshPermissionDeniedError: When permission is not allowed on the240 remote host.241 """242 command = '(%s) < /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1 & echo -n $!' % command243 result =, env=env)244 return result245 def close(self):246 """Clean up open connections to remote host."""247 self._cleanup_master_ssh()248 while self._tunnels:249 self.close_ssh_tunnel(self._tunnels[0].local_port)250 def _cleanup_master_ssh(self):251 """252 Release all resources (process, temporary directory) used by an active253 master SSH connection.254 """255 # If a master SSH connection is running, kill it.256 if self._master_ssh_proc is not None:257 self.log.debug('Nuking master_ssh_job.')258 self._master_ssh_proc.kill()259 self._master_ssh_proc.wait()260 self._master_ssh_proc = None261 # Remove the temporary directory for the master SSH socket.262 if self._master_ssh_tempdir is not None:263 self.log.debug('Cleaning master_ssh_tempdir.')264 shutil.rmtree(self._master_ssh_tempdir)...

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