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...29 os_dep.command(path)30 except ValueError:31 return False32 return True33def _client_system_wide_install(host):34 for path in SYSTEM_WIDE_PATHS:35 try:36'test -x %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))37 except Exception:38 return False39 return True40# For now, the only fully developed distro package is in Fedora/RHEL41_yum_install_cmd = 'yum -y install autotest-framework'42_yum_uninstall_cmd = 'yum -y remove autotest-framework'43INSTALL_CLIENT_CMD_MAPPING = {'Fedora': _yum_install_cmd,44 'RHEL': _yum_install_cmd}45UNINSTALL_CLIENT_CMD_MAPPING = {'Fedora': _yum_uninstall_cmd,46 'RHEL': _yum_uninstall_cmd}47class BaseAutotest(installable_object.InstallableObject):48 """49 This class represents the Autotest program.50 Autotest is used to run tests automatically and collect the results.51 It also supports profilers.52 Implementation details:53 This is a leaf class in an abstract class hierarchy, it must54 implement the unimplemented methods in parent classes.55 """56 def __init__(self, host=None):57 = host58 = False59 self.installed = False60 self.serverdir = utils.get_server_dir()61 self.os_vendor = client_utils.get_os_vendor()62 self.server_system_wide_install = _server_system_wide_install()63 super(BaseAutotest, self).__init__()64 install_in_tmpdir = False65 @classmethod66 def set_install_in_tmpdir(cls, flag):67 """68 Sets a flag that controls whether or not Autotest should by69 default be installed in a "standard" directory (e.g. /home/autotest) or70 a temporary directory.71 """72 cls.install_in_tmpdir = flag73 @classmethod74 def get_client_autodir_paths(cls, host):75 return settings.get_value('AUTOSERV', 'client_autodir_paths', type=list)76 @classmethod77 def get_installed_autodir(cls, host):78 """79 Find where the Autotest client is installed on the host.80 :return: an absolute path to an installed Autotest client root.81 :raise AutodirNotFoundError if no Autotest installation can be found.82 """83 autodir = host.get_autodir()84 if autodir:85 logging.debug('Using existing host autodir: %s', autodir)86 return autodir87 if not _server_system_wide_install():88 for path in Autotest.get_client_autodir_paths(host):89 try:90 autotest_binary = os.path.join(path, CLIENT_BINARY)91'test -x %s' % utils.sh_escape(autotest_binary))92'test -w %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))93 logging.debug('Found existing autodir at %s', path)94 return path95 except error.AutoservRunError:96 logging.debug('%s does not exist on %s', autotest_binary,97 host.hostname)98 else:99 for path in Autotest.get_client_autodir_paths(host):100'test -w %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))101 logging.debug('Found existing autodir at %s', path)102 host.autodir = path103 return path104 raise AutodirNotFoundError105 @classmethod106 def get_install_dir(cls, host):107 """108 Determines the location where autotest should be installed on109 host. If self.install_in_tmpdir is set, it will return a unique110 temporary directory that autotest can be installed in. Otherwise, looks111 for an existing installation to use; if none is found, looks for a112 usable directory in the global config client_autodir_paths.113 """114 try:115 install_dir = cls.get_installed_autodir(host)116 except AutodirNotFoundError:117 install_dir = cls._find_installable_dir(host)118 if cls.install_in_tmpdir:119 return host.get_tmp_dir(parent=install_dir)120 return install_dir121 @classmethod122 def _find_installable_dir(cls, host):123 client_autodir_paths = cls.get_client_autodir_paths(host)124 for path in client_autodir_paths:125 try:126'mkdir -p %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))127'test -w %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))128 return path129 except error.AutoservRunError:130 logging.debug('Failed to create %s', path)131 raise error.AutoservInstallError(132 'Unable to find a place to install Autotest; tried %s' %133 ', '.join(client_autodir_paths))134 def _create_test_output_dir(self, host, autodir):135 tmpdir = os.path.join(autodir, 'tmp')136 state_autodir = settings.get_value('COMMON', 'test_output_dir',137 default=tmpdir)138'mkdir -p %s' % utils.sh_escape(state_autodir))139 def get_fetch_location(self):140 repos = settings.get_value("PACKAGES", 'fetch_location', type=list,141 default=[])142 repos.reverse()143 return repos144 def install(self, host=None, autodir=None):145 self._install(host=host, autodir=autodir)146 def install_full_client(self, host=None, autodir=None):147 self._install(host=host, autodir=autodir, use_autoserv=False,148 use_packaging=False)149 def install_no_autoserv(self, host=None, autodir=None):150 self._install(host=host, autodir=autodir, use_autoserv=False)151 def _install_using_packaging(self, host, autodir):152 repos = self.get_fetch_location()153 if not repos:154 raise error.PackageInstallError("No repos to install an "155 "autotest client from")156 pkgmgr = packages.PackageManager(autodir, hostname=host.hostname,157 repo_urls=repos,158 do_locking=False,159,160 run_function_dargs=dict(timeout=600))161 # The packages dir is used to store all the packages that162 # are fetched on that client. (for the tests,deps etc.163 # too apart from the client)164 pkg_dir = os.path.join(autodir, 'packages')165 # clean up the autodir except for the packages directory166'cd %s && ls | grep -v "^packages$"'167 ' | xargs rm -rf && rm -rf .[^.]*' % autodir)168 pkgmgr.install_pkg('autotest', 'client', pkg_dir, autodir,169 preserve_install_dir=True)170 self._create_test_output_dir(host, autodir)171"Installation of autotest completed")172 self.installed = True173 def _install_using_send_file(self, host, autodir):174 dirs_to_exclude = set(["tests", "site_tests", "deps", "profilers"])175 light_files = [os.path.join(self.source_material, f)176 for f in os.listdir(self.source_material)177 if f not in dirs_to_exclude]178 # there should be one and only one grubby tarball179 grubby_glob = os.path.join(self.source_material,180 "deps/grubby/grubby-*.tar.bz2")181 grubby_tarball_paths = glob.glob(grubby_glob)182 if grubby_tarball_paths:183 grubby_tarball_path = grubby_tarball_paths[0]184 if os.path.exists(grubby_tarball_path):185 light_files.append(grubby_tarball_path)186 host.send_file(light_files, autodir, delete_dest=True)187 profilers_autodir = os.path.join(autodir, 'profilers')188 profilers_init = os.path.join(self.source_material, 'profilers',189 '')190"mkdir -p %s" % profilers_autodir)191 host.send_file(profilers_init, profilers_autodir, delete_dest=True)192 dirs_to_exclude.discard("profilers")193 # create empty dirs for all the stuff we excluded194 commands = []195 for path in dirs_to_exclude:196 abs_path = os.path.join(autodir, path)197 abs_path = utils.sh_escape(abs_path)198 commands.append("mkdir -p '%s'" % abs_path)199 commands.append("touch '%s'/" % abs_path)200';'.join(commands))201 def _install(self, host=None, autodir=None, use_autoserv=True,202 use_packaging=True):203 """204 Install autotest.205 :param host A Host instance on which autotest will be installed206 :param autodir Location on the remote host to install to207 :param use_autoserv Enable install modes that depend on the client208 running with the autoserv harness209 :param use_packaging Enable install modes that use the packaging system210 @exception AutoservError If it wasn't possible to install the client211 after trying all available methods212 """213 if not host:214 host = self.host215 if not self.get()217 host.wait_up(timeout=30)218 host.setup()219"Installing autotest on %s", host.hostname)220 if self.server_system_wide_install:221 msg_install = ("Autotest seems to be installed in the "222 "client on a system wide location, proceeding...")223"Verifying client package install")224 if _client_system_wide_install(host):225 self.installed = True227 return228 install_cmd = INSTALL_CLIENT_CMD_MAPPING.get(self.os_vendor, None)229 if install_cmd is not None:230 if _client_system_wide_install(host):233"Autotest seems to be installed in the "234 "client on a system wide location, proceeding...")235 self.installed = True236 return237 raise error.AutoservError("The autotest client package "238 "does not seem to be installed "239 "on %s" % host.hostname)240 # set up the autotest directory on the remote machine241 if not autodir:242 autodir = self.get_install_dir(host)243'Using installation dir %s', autodir)244 host.set_autodir(autodir)245'mkdir -p %s' % utils.sh_escape(autodir))246 # make sure there are no files in $AUTODIR/results247 results_path = os.path.join(autodir, 'results')248'rm -rf %s/*' % utils.sh_escape(results_path),249 ignore_status=True)250 # Fetch the autotest client from the nearest repository251 if use_packaging:252 try:253 self._install_using_packaging(host, autodir)254 self._create_test_output_dir(host, autodir)255"Installation of autotest completed")256 self.installed = True257 return258 except (error.PackageInstallError, error.AutoservRunError,259 SettingsError) as e:260"Could not install autotest using the packaging "261 "system: %s. Trying other methods", e)262 # try to install from file or directory263 if self.source_material:264 supports_autoserv_packaging = settings.get_value("PACKAGES",265 "serve_packages_from_autoserv",266 type=bool)267 # Copy autotest recursively268 if supports_autoserv_packaging and use_autoserv:269 self._install_using_send_file(host, autodir)270 else:271 host.send_file(self.source_material, autodir, delete_dest=True)272 self._create_test_output_dir(host, autodir)273"Installation of autotest completed")274 self.installed = True275 return276 raise error.AutoservError('Could not install autotest on '277 'target machine: %s' % def uninstall(self, host=None):279 """280 Uninstall (i.e. delete) autotest. Removes the autotest client install281 from the specified host.282 :params host a Host instance from which the client will be removed283 """284 if not self.installed:285 return286 if self.server_system_wide_install:287 uninstall_cmd = UNINSTALL_CLIENT_CMD_MAPPING.get(self.os_vendor,288 None)289 if uninstall_cmd is not None:290"Trying to uninstall autotest using distro "291 "provided package manager")292 return294 if not host:295 host = self.host296 autodir = host.get_autodir()297 if not autodir:298 return299 # perform the actual uninstall300"rm -rf %s" % utils.sh_escape(autodir), ignore_status=True)301 host.set_autodir(None)302 self.installed = False303 def get(self, location=None):304 if not location:305 location = os.path.join(self.serverdir, '../client')306 location = os.path.abspath(location)307 if not self.server_system_wide_install:308 # If there's stuff run on our client directory already, it309 # can cause problems. Try giving it a quick clean first.310 cwd = os.getcwd()311 os.chdir(location)312 try:313 utils.system('tools/make_clean', ignore_status=True)314 finally:315 os.chdir(cwd)316 super(BaseAutotest, self).get(location)317 = True318 def run(self, control_file, results_dir='.', host=None, timeout=None,319 tag=None, parallel_flag=False, background=False,320 client_disconnect_timeout=None):321 """322 Run an autotest job on the remote machine.323 :param control_file: An open file-like-obj of the control file.324 :param results_dir: A str path where the results should be stored325 on the local filesystem.326 :param host: A Host instance on which the control file should327 be run.328 :param timeout: Maximum number of seconds to wait for the run or None.329 :param tag: Tag name for the client side instance of autotest.330 :param parallel_flag: Flag set when multiple jobs are run at the331 same time.332 :param background: Indicates that the client should be launched as333 a background job; the code calling run will be responsible334 for monitoring the client and collecting the results.335 :param client_disconnect_timeout: Seconds to wait for the remote host336 to come back after a reboot. Defaults to the host setting for337 DEFAULT_REBOOT_TIMEOUT.338 :raise AutotestRunError: If there is a problem executing339 the control file.340 """341 host = self._get_host_and_setup(host)342 results_dir = os.path.abspath(results_dir)343 if client_disconnect_timeout is None:344 client_disconnect_timeout = host.DEFAULT_REBOOT_TIMEOUT345 if tag:346 results_dir = os.path.join(results_dir, tag)347 atrun = _Run(host, results_dir, tag, parallel_flag, background)348 self._do_run(control_file, results_dir, host, atrun, timeout,349 client_disconnect_timeout)350 def _get_host_and_setup(self, host):351 if not host:352 host = self.host353 if not self.installed:354 self.install(host)355 host.wait_up(timeout=30)356 return host357 def _do_run(self, control_file, results_dir, host, atrun, timeout,358 client_disconnect_timeout):359 try:360 atrun.verify_machine()361 except Exception:362 logging.error("Verify failed on %s. Reinstalling autotest",363 host.hostname)364 self.install(host)365 atrun.verify_machine()366 debug = os.path.join(results_dir, 'debug')367 try:368 os.makedirs(debug)369 except Exception:370 pass371 delete_file_list = [atrun.remote_control_file,372 atrun.remote_control_state,373 atrun.manual_control_file,374 atrun.manual_control_state]375 cmd = ';'.join('rm -f ' + control for control in delete_file_list)376, ignore_status=True)377 tmppath = utils.get(control_file)378 # build up the initialization prologue for the control file379 prologue_lines = []380 # Add the additional user arguments381 prologue_lines.append("args = %r\n" % self.job.args)382 # If the packaging system is being used, add the repository list.383 repos = None384 try:385 repos = self.get_fetch_location()386 pkgmgr = packages.PackageManager('autotest', hostname=host.hostname,387 repo_urls=repos)388 prologue_lines.append('job.add_repository(%s)\n' % repos)389 except SettingsError as e:390 # If repos is defined packaging is enabled so log the error391 if repos:392 logging.error(e)393 # on full-size installs, turn on any profilers the server is using394 if not atrun.background:395 running_profilers = host.job.profilers.add_log.iteritems()396 for profiler, (args, dargs) in running_profilers:397 call_args = [repr(profiler)]398 call_args += [repr(arg) for arg in args]399 call_args += ["%s=%r" % item for item in dargs.iteritems()]400 prologue_lines.append("job.profilers.add(%s)\n"401 % ", ".join(call_args))402 cfile = "".join(prologue_lines)403 cfile += open(tmppath).read()404 open(tmppath, "w").write(cfile)405 # Create and copy state file to remote_control_file + '.state'406 state_file = host.job.preprocess_client_state()407 host.send_file(state_file, atrun.remote_control_init_state)408 os.remove(state_file)409 # Copy control_file to remote_control_file on the host410 host.send_file(tmppath, atrun.remote_control_file)411 if os.path.abspath(tmppath) != os.path.abspath(control_file):412 os.remove(tmppath)413 atrun.execute_control(414 timeout=timeout,415 client_disconnect_timeout=client_disconnect_timeout)416 def run_timed_test(self, test_name, results_dir='.', host=None,417 timeout=None, *args, **dargs):418 """419 Assemble a tiny little control file to just run one test,420 and run it as an autotest client-side test421 """422 if not host:423 host = self.host424 if not self.installed:425 self.install(host)426 opts = ["%s=%s" % (o[0], repr(o[1])) for o in dargs.items()]427 cmd = ", ".join([repr(test_name)] + map(repr, args) + opts)428 control = "job.run_test(%s)\n" % cmd429, results_dir, host, timeout=timeout)430 def run_test(self, test_name, results_dir='.', host=None, *args, **dargs):431 self.run_timed_test(test_name, results_dir, host, timeout=None,432 *args, **dargs)433class _BaseRun(object):434 """435 Represents a run of autotest control file. This class maintains436 all the state necessary as an autotest control file is executed.437 It is not intended to be used directly, rather control files438 should be run using the run method in Autotest.439 """440 def __init__(self, host, results_dir, tag, parallel_flag, background):441 = host442 self.results_dir = results_dir443 self.env = host.env444 self.tag = tag445 self.parallel_flag = parallel_flag446 self.background = background447 self.server_system_wide_install = _server_system_wide_install()448 self.autodir = Autotest.get_installed_autodir( tmpdir = os.path.join(self.autodir, 'tmp')450 state_dir = settings.get_value('COMMON', 'test_output_dir',451 default=tmpdir)452 if self.server_system_wide_install:453 control = os.path.join(state_dir, 'control')454 else:455 control = os.path.join(self.autodir, 'control')456 if tag:457 control += '.' + tag458 self.manual_control_file = control459 self.manual_control_init_state = os.path.join(state_dir,460 os.path.basename(control) + ".init.state")461 self.manual_control_state = os.path.join(state_dir,462 os.path.basename(control) + ".state")463 self.remote_control_file = control + '.autoserv'464 self.remote_control_init_state = os.path.join(state_dir,465 os.path.basename(control) + ".autoserv.init.state")466 self.remote_control_state = os.path.join(state_dir,467 os.path.basename(control) + ".autoserv.state")468 logging.debug("Remote control file: %s", self.remote_control_file)469 logging.debug("Remote control init state: %s", self.remote_control_init_state)470 logging.debug("Remote control state: %s", self.remote_control_state)471 self.config_file = os.path.join(self.autodir, 'global_config.ini')472 def _verify_machine_system_wide(self):473 if not _client_system_wide_install( raise error.AutoservInstallError("Autotest does not appear "475 "to be installed")476 def _verify_machine_local(self):477 binary = os.path.join(self.autodir, CLIENT_BINARY)478 try:479'test -x %s' % binary)480 except Exception:481 raise error.AutoservInstallError("Autotest does not appear "482 "to be installed")483 def verify_machine(self):484 if self.server_system_wide_install:485 self._verify_machine_system_wide()486 else:487 self._verify_machine_local()...

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...54 if self.server_system_wide_install:55 msg_install = ("Caliper seems to be installed in the client on a system wide"56 " location, proceeding...")57"Verifying client package install")58# if _client_system_wide_install(host):59# self.installed = True61# return62#63# install_cmd = INSATLL_CLIENT_CMD_MAPPING.get(self.os_vendor, None)64# if install_cmd is not None:65# if _client_system_wide_install(host):68#"Caliper seems to be installed in the client on a system wide location")69# self.installed = True70# return71# raise error.ServError("The caliper client package does not seem to be installed on %s"72# % host.hostname)73# # set up the caliper directory on the remote machine74# if not autodir:75# autodir = self.get_install_dir(host)76#'Using installation dir %s', autodir)77# host.set_autodir(sutodir)78#'mkdir -p %s' % utils.sh_escape(autodir))79# 80# # make sure there are no files in $AUTODIR/results81# results_path = os.path.join(autodir, 'results')...

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