How to use _convert_booleans method in autotest

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...130 raise ValueError131 return self.parser.getboolean(section, key)132 except ValueError:133 return self._filter_default(section)[key]134 def _convert_booleans(self, obj: t.Dict[str, t.Any]) -> t.Dict[str, t.Any]:135 return {s: {k: self._get_boolean(s, k) for k in obj[s]} for s in obj}136 @staticmethod137 def _filter_null(raw_dict: t.Dict[str, t.Any]) -> t.Dict[str, t.Any]:138 return {k: v for k, v in raw_dict.items() if v}139 def convert_proxy(self) -> t.Dict[str, t.Any]:140 """Convert ``ConfigParser`` into python friendly dictionary.141 :return: Dictionary object.142 """143 raw_dict = self._raw_dict()144 truthy = self._convert_null(raw_dict)145 obj = self._convert_booleans(truthy)146 return self._filter_null(obj)147class Config(Proxy):148 """Final config object suitable for running with python methods.149 Subclass the ``config.Proxy`` class to inherit the translated150 config object from ``ConfigParser`` -> ``Dict``.151 :param raw_config: The ``configparser.ConfigParser`` object.152 """153 def __init__(self, raw_config: RawConfig) -> None:154 super().__init__(raw_config)155 self.dict = self.convert_proxy()156 def _get_section(self, section: str) -> t.Dict[str, t.Any]:157 return self.dict[section]158 def get_key(self, section: str, key: str) -> str | None:159 """Get a key from the dictionary object in ``self``....

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...46 value = data[]47 if isinstance(value, dbmodels.Model):48 data[] = value._get_pk_val()49 @classmethod50 def _convert_booleans(cls, data):51 """52 Ensure BooleanFields actually get bool values. The Django MySQL53 backend returns ints for BooleanFields, which is almost always not54 a problem, but it can be annoying in certain situations.55 """56 for field in cls._meta.fields:57 if type(field) == dbmodels.BooleanField and in data:58 data[] = bool(data[])59 # TODO(showard) - is there a way to not have to do this?60 @classmethod61 def provide_default_values(cls, data):62 """\63 Provide default values for fields with default values which have64 nothing passed in....

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